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I used to be the one that said - "if Oprah says it's so, then it is so." I still believe that. She is a lightworker big time. Has anyone else on this forum experienced the entire Eckhart Tolle webinars she broadcasted this spring? I listened to every single one of them and read both of his books within two days. Many people said it took them weeks to get through "The Power of Now" and "A New Earth". I bought them both and could not put them down. They resonated with me at the time. I have moved on though. They were the catalyst for my path this year which brought me to Brad and Blossom and the rocket path to ascension. Anyway - I think Oprah needs to find this site and see what we are talking about. This site contains the coolest souls on our planet. Someone - please someone - who has any means about them - let Oprah know what we are doing here. This site is the Saviors of the Earth. That says it all. She is all about saving. If there is anyone monitoring this site anonousmly who is watching what we are doing here - you know we are saviours. Tell Oprah. She will spread the word and our work which is our mission.

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no - first contact may not happen soon enough. the world needs to wake up and Oprah is good at that. I found the movie the SECRET a year before Oprah did. I am on the internet too much I am afraid (LOL)....but when she found it, it validated me and what I was doing. I had already turned my friends and family on to the movie by the time Oprah found it and by then I had moved on to other things. The movie was almost elementary to me. Oprah needs to grow as well and she needs to find this site. this is the most advanced lightworker site I know of - and believe me - I know the spiritual internet.
I do not mean to sound superior...please no one take it that way. There are way superior souls on this forum than me....and I could name them..but they know who they are. I find myself wishing I knew as much as they do at their young age. I have an Indigo child who enlightened me. She has been with me for 20 years now and she got through to me after our tragedy -Hurricane Katrina - which took everything. I woke up. Everything changed after that. I hope the earthquakes do not happen this week. Believe me - until you have experienced a huge natural disaster, you just don't know how much you depend on God - or your higher self - which is the same.
I'm sure Oprah will play a huge role in the coming age. There is no question that she is of the highest light. :)
I think so too. I really do. She is from my home state - Mississippi. That has nothing at all to do with how I feel about her. I used to think she was a ditz. But she has grown along with the spiritual movement of the planet and I started to like her when she found the Secret Movie and then Eckhart. She is trying very hard within her boundaries to make it known that she is a lightworker without pissing off her network. I work for broadcast television and I totally understand the restrictions (the illuminati) she has to work around. She is an angel working for our higher good. Let's all pray Oprah finds our Saviors of Earth site. Let's pray she finds enough content here to make us known. Let's all give it up for good content -p no whining allowed.....OK?
I agree, there is just not enough evidence! No one needs to look like a joke. Everything will start taking place in due time and I,m sure we will all play our parts!!
do not downplay Brad. Look at what he has done. Look at the community he has built. It has never been done before. A forum of lightworkers? Please. This forum rocks. Oprahs would love this. As long as we do not whine. As long as we talk about the perks of ascenson. As you ascend, you will know what I mean. Brad knows and he can hold his own when Oprah interviews him.
it is all about what he is given to know and to share. haven't you noticed?
and by the way, Brad is no ordinary guy. not at all.
has anyone who has responded to this post actually seen Oprah in action when she is on her spiritual soapbox? come on!!!. She is actually begging for more content. That is my point. She is begging for more.
Dude brad needs to get on Oprah that would be great, even if no one takes us seriously it would finally give me a reason to watch tv
no offense, but slowwwww downnnnnn...
even jesus was an "ordinary guy", and he didn't want anyone to think otherwise. brad, like any of us, is simply a conduit for the divine. how he expresses it is his own unique way, and i'm by no means demeaning that.

being a big music head who's in the studio a lot, i like to see the hardware effects processors as an analog to our bringing in light in our own unique ways. when you send a sound signal through, say, a compressor or reverb, it colors the sound whether or not you purposely "effect" the sound. this is because it has it's own unique electrical signature it adds that gives the original sound the subtle flavor of the hardware, just as we humans each add our unique color/flavor to the universal signal of light & love that flows through everyone's "hardware". :]
if that makes sense to you, hello fellow audiophile!

Jen said:
and by the way, Brad is no ordinary guy. not at all.
If we need it and time allows me, I can translate material to my native language Spanish and probably other people can do the same to their languages...

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