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Welcome to my world, welcome to planet Earth...

it's just ridiculous. On FB all are posting RIP-stuff and how bad this is. Come on.....

So true...

trudy, whitney was a talented singer, no doubt about that.

gerd, i wasn't aware of that kind of reactions on facebook, i don't use facebook.

simmy, i wish our world was more in balance.

patricia, thanks for sharing whitney's other great things.

bless you all :)

insane world we live in, red fox. i remember james.

as a mother of one and an empath, when it comes to children, it's hard to confront myself with such horror.

i'm thinking of james, his and culprits' parents. no need to tell it must have been hell for them and still must be for the parents. how could they ever cope?

in memory of james.


r.i.p. animal protectors and those millions with no name

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