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ON A COLLISON COURSE WITH EARTH - Billy Meier and Michael Horn Explain Apophis aka The Red Meteor

The Russians are already on the move to prevent a coming disaster. Will the US follow or lag behind? I hope they follow, but it is up to every citizen to take action...this is not a 'don't ask, don't tell' situation.

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Meteor Apophis a ?
Well ! at least You are warning us Sweet Lea. Lovely Great Girl,that You Truly are :):):).
- 2029 will seem too far ,for close -minded people ,who can't realize that for such an cosmic event takes decades in advance to divert a cosmic body.
..They rather would build some nice mansion houses near Black Sea,than spend any money on checking Meteor. ...:):):) ahahha. ..Excuse me for the joke, just that came to me knowing how usually people think. Selfishly & Materialistically.
..but Hopfully Humanity Wakes Up and Take This Anomaly Very Seriously,Cause it Seems Very Dangerous. ..Love Lea.
I don't believe for a moment that Russia would invest millions in this project for no reason, or especially because of Billy's prediction. They know what's coming, and they're at least making attempts. No one seems to get the fact that this would be the ideal moment for the global elite to get rid of more people on this planet. They didn't have the military industrial complex build the underground complexes, (cities) around the world for them for nothing. A one in 50 thou chance even, or 1 in 500 thou may be a long shot; however, the information regarding the accuracy of Billy's predictions is 99.9% on each one, which are documented in the Library of Congress. Isn't it better to be safe than sorry? No offense, but you actually sound like someone from NASA. At least the Russian Space Agency knows how to tell people the truth. That's more than I could ever say about NASA or the US giving any disclosure about anything. When we face the facts, people here are kept in the dark because that's exactly where they want us. This is what NASA stated, AFTER the AP wire release re: Russia. And get a load of those dates....February, 'selected photos' will be shown to the public...Yeah....after they airbrush the heck out of them. Then not much till 2012, and we already know those predictions. Here's the link for Michael's Press Release.

The Picture Shows 3,000 Stars In The Carina Constellation

NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, has captured its first look at the starry sky that it will soon begin surveying in infrared light.

NASA Photo

Launched on Dec. 14, WISE will scan the entire sky for millions of hidden objects, including asteroids, "failed" stars and powerful galaxies. WISE data will serve as navigation charts for other missions such as NASA's Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes, pointing them to the most interesting targets WISE finds.

A new WISE infrared image was taken shortly after the space telescope's cover was removed, exposing the instrument's detectors to starlight for the first time. The picture shows 3,000 stars in the Carina constellation.

The image covers a patch of sky about three times larger than the full moon. The patch was selected because it does not contain any unusually bright objects, which could damage instrument detectors if observed for too long. The picture was taken while the spacecraft was staring at a fixed patch of sky and is being used to calibrate the spacecraft's pointing system.

When the WISE survey begins, the spacecraft will scan the sky continuously as it circles the globe, while an internal scan mirror counteracts its motion. This allows WISE to take "freeze-frame" snapshots every 11 seconds, resulting in millions of images of the entire sky.

"Right now, we are busy matching the rate of the scan mirror to the rate of the spacecraft, so we will capture sharp pictures as our telescope sweeps across the sky," said William Irace, the mission's project manager at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA.

To sense the infrared glow of stars and galaxies, the WISE spacecraft cannot give off any detectable infrared light of its own. This is accomplished by chilling the telescope and detectors to ultra-cold temperatures. The coldest of WISE's detectors will operate at less than 8 Kelvin, or minus 445 Fahrenheit.

The first sky survey will be complete in six months, followed by a second scan of one-half of the sky lasting three months. The WISE mission ends when the frozen hydrogen that keeps the instrument cold evaporates away, an event expected to occur in October 2010.

Preliminary survey images are expected to be released six months later, in April 2011, with the final atlas and catalog coming after another 11 months in March 2012. Selected images will be released to the public beginning in February 2010.
hmm, i don't think anything in space, like a meteor will have any potential to cause disaster on earth. i say this cos as we are under Sirian protection, nothing like that would be allowed to harm the earth. i heard that already they have moved or destroyed at least a few incoming large rocks. But i guess this is a case of trusting in our friends up their, which of course i do, but im sure there are still many out there who would struggle with this idea, and chose to fear instead.
how do you know we are under Sirian protection? :) :) Lemme see where you saw your news from!
(because they're the same as what i've got!)

Bishop said:
hmm, i don't think anything in space, like a meteor will have any potential to cause disaster on earth. i say this cos as we are under Sirian protection, nothing like that would be allowed to harm the earth. i heard that already they have moved or destroyed at least a few incoming large rocks. But i guess this is a case of trusting in our friends up their, which of course i do, but im sure there are still many out there who would struggle with this idea, and chose to fear instead.
hmm unfortunately i dont keep my info sources, if i did it would be quite an archive by now! my beliefs are derived from years of research, that's all i can say rly.
In all due respect, that's the downside of too often tell a lie ... as you might once tell the truth, then no one believes you !!
I do not think there is so much harmony and mutual cooperation among scientists on Earth to the obstruction of any danger as an approaching meteor, to destroy it before it reaches the Earth ...
But it is like Bishop says ... I have more faith in our brothers out in space I trust our Federation of Light ... Earth has too much value on the balance in our solar system ...

Always in Gratitude *L*
Ya, I am not sure what to think about this. I have watched a lot of stuff by this guy. One minute he talks about ascending and the next he talks about destruction. Could be more government propaganda to scare us. Not really sure.
To All....Well they don't see the run-by of the Red Meteor until 2029 and then again in 2036. The intention of Russia is to divert its path well before it reaches our solar system so it will not be an issue.

Now, Michael had said that the info was from Billy's information that has been archived and registered with the Library of Congress. And...according to the information he gave, with discussions with the Plejaren, they are not allowed to interfere or divert it. If the federation of light as people believe in (I do not, of course) decides to divert it, then they are working against Creation, for those who believe that our pure energy source created us. Since religion does not enter the picture, nor a belief system, it is facts where facts belong without intervention except for the people of earth. And according the the Plejaren, the people OF earth must do something.

To me, I'm now looking at this from an informational standpoint. It's just obvious that the Russians are willing to 'tell all' and that NASA is hiding things as is their usual. NASA has lied through their teeth too many times, and withheld information the public regarding the truth of these missions. To our government, EVERYTHING is top secret. To other government, they share the truth with their people. But, if people look at this in a different way as they do with science or even the Olympic games, 'the people' come together without borders or boundaries. This is how it should be for everything, and that includes hazzards that approach the Earth.

It's just nice to know that there are people out there willing to give 'fair warning' and even if the meteor passes closely by, it could create havoc. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say. The fact that we're being told by SOMEONE should make us feel better as the oneness of humanity is beginning to reveal itself when it comes to continuing life. But that's my take on things.
I will not live my life in fear of catastrophe. Everything will be appropriate and alright whether I am dead or alive.
No one said anyone has to live their life in fear of's not about that. It's about obtaining truthful information, instead of walking around without knowledge that there could be impending danger. If there was a lose brick in the wall and it was about to fall on you, and someone didn't tell you to be careful and to watch out for that brick, and then it hit you wouldn't you feel that the person who knew about it was wrong for not telling you about it? Or if there's a mack truck coming and you don't see, and someone doesn't yell, "WATCH OUT!" and just let the truck hit you, would your family appreciate the fact that someone saw it coming and didn't say anything and just let the truck hit you?

Forewarned is forearmed. It's not about scaring's about information for the future. It's not like it's gonna happen tomorrow.
Here's a good analogy of the situation that I just happened to get today, from Neal Donald Walsh, writer of "Conversations With God"

On this day of your life, dear friend, I believe God wants you to know...

.......that positive thinking does not mean turning into an ostrich.

Burying your head in the sand in the name of "staying positive" is not a good strategy. Wearing blinders

rather than looking right at what's going on right now is not the way to create your vision for tomorrow.

Sculptors have to look at the block and begin cutting parts of it away before their vision emerges in the

marble. Look directly at the block if you want to create the art.

Love, Your Friend....
Absolutely! That's the only reason I published that information on the Chronicle. It's all about just 'knowing and filing it for future reference.' It is nice to know that other countries will at least say something. NASA and gov has not spoken a word about it..not even close. There is no such thing as 'top secret' when it comes to saving our fellow mankind. We are all one and loving each other enough to tell the truth is just part of it. :>) Thanks paTricia.

paTricia T. said:
Your last two comments were very well said Lea Anna. There is a difference between informing and scaring. For example, I don't tell my children there are creepy people in the world to scare them, I do so to inform them so they know what to do to keep safe.
Thank you for clearing that very important point up for people. This site is about information, not scare tactics.

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