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OK .. go to this article.i saw this on my local news tonight and had to google it.. found this article.. what do you think or how do you think this piano got there?


NORTH MIAMI, Fla. — From the shore, it looks like an oddly shaped buoy. But as residents here have discovered on closer inspection, it is in fact a grand piano perched upright on a narrow sand bar in Biscayne Bay — a sight that has inspired wordsmiths to compete to name South Florida’s newest curiosity (“piano bar” seems to have won).

The more relevant question, of course, is who might have left the 650-pound piano atop the highest point of the sand bar, about 200 yards from shore, and why.

“Maybe it was used for a models’ shoot,” theorized Mark Alan Leszczynski, president of Piano Showcase in Fort Lauderdale. “Or maybe this was something some bitter divorced person would do — take your ex-husband’s prized piano and dump it on a sand bar.”

The piano in the bay has quickly established itself as another confounding South Florida mystery, like the bicycles, all painted the same shade of bright blue, that were turning up, without explanation, all over Fort Lauderdale.

The grand piano, estimated to be worth $4,000 new (and dry), was barely visible from land on Tuesday. The tourists seen sidling up to it were mostly prancing seagulls, and the occasional boater.

And unless the piano proves to be a danger to wildlife or boaters, officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the North Miami Police Department’s marine patrol say they will not haul it away.

Even the authorities have refused to hazard a guess about its provenance, although the early consensus has settled on a prank intended to attract media attention.

“We have a real mystery,” said Jorge Pino, a spokesman for the wildlife commission. “Whoever did this, if it was indeed a prank, they have achieved exactly what they wanted, which is the notoriety and the attention we are giving this story. I’ve been a law enforcement officer for 23 years, and I’ve never seen a piano upright in the water. It’s unusual, extremely unusual.”

Mr. Pino said officials who routinely patrolled that stretch of Biscayne Bay did not notice the piano until after a Miami Herald photographer snapped a picture of it last week. The piano is apparently safe from Biscayne Bay’s high tide, which reaches only its legs.

The Miami New Times offered a list of 10 possible explanations. Among them, “A Calvin Klein perfume commercial ran out of money mid-shoot.”

Another theory is the piano is a well-timed publicity stunt for the New World Symphony, a Miami Beach conservatory that opened its new campus on Tuesday. But a spokesman laughed off that idea.

Some locals recalled that a few years ago, a concert grand, used for a youth concert, had fallen off a barge into the waters off Key Biscayne. But Mr. Leszczynski said, “The odds of that piano washing up are pretty long.”

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I just read this article on the Daily Mail (UK).

I don't know how it got there, but I think it looks beautiful.

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This is a stunt by a young man. He wants to be admitted to the art school (^L^) I hope for him he does ...

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