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Oil spill hits Louisiana and is covered up.

The oil spill hits the US.  The media are not allowed to take pictures.

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This is getting hard for me personally and I know for all earth healers everywhere. On a human level something is telling me they are not going to “fix the leak” until they can find a way to fix it so they can harvest the rest of the oil to sell. No way are we going to let them drill there again. So they would rather let it leak until they have a new pump station in place and a way to harvest the oil that is left. On a spiritual level I want to help and I want this to stop but I am having a feeling this is the beginning of the process that we all knew was coming. Look at the giant hole in Guatemala City, the storms and the quakes. I am not an alarmist. I am trying to follow my faith that everything really is ok. That this is all part of the “plan” . But Oh my goodness! The longer this goes on the more drained I am feeling and a sense of panic is creeping up on me. Not to mention my heart is breaking for Mother and the animals. I am sending energy and healing thoughts. I am sending golden light to the area. I am picturing the oil staying in the area of the bowl it is in. Not gushing all over the ocean and beaches. I am seeing the hole plugged and this being over. At this point the disaster is already beyond anything we have ever dreamed of. Join me in sending energy and healing to Mother Earth. Knowing that everything is perfect and it will all turn out ok. Thank you.

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