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so confusing, this whole scenario ...

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Honestly, it's impossible to tell, in my opinion.
My advice: Just wait and see.If something does indeed happen to Obama, well...we'll just see how things go from there.
I honestly am a little innately leary about anything related to the rapture...but again.
Just keep living life the way you would be...and if something happens, then we will act. No point getting tense over what ifs and could-bes.
Hahahaha really this is a pure fundamentalist christians fear base prediction and i am sick of these really !
Every thing will be just fine tomorrow this prediction is from a time line that failed to manifest
It's just another Religious scare Tactic, I've seen way too many i remember in 2000 was supposed to be the Rapture then 2003 then 2007 now 2009. Sorry but i don't buy it. I do believe somthing is definitely going to happen with 2012 and a shift in Consciousness, full awakening, and Ascension will happen. The entire Planet will go through this shift in frequencies. I see alot of positive changes occuring in 2009 and i'm not even psychic yet.

I'm so upset with ministers and preachers that preach doom and Gloom, raptures and hell and so much more to the public. It is so disturbing, i hope soon this will all change and all the religious folks will wake up from following a history book. I do believe in very highly evolved spiritual teachers that are here to help us through the Ascension and Jesus was one of them 2000 years ago, and that is not even his real name.

So don't listen to this Article at all, Follow your feelings and your own intuition. Which i'm still working on myself

I know one prediction that is very real and that is Ufo Disclosure and First Contact happening a year later
i could think of a couple of pros if the prediction was accurate.
but it seems like its a no go for this timeline :)
Ok you where sort of right, the clock hit 12 noon and he hadn't taken the oath yet and by our constitution he became president with out taking the oath or being sworn in to office, however he took the oath and was sworn in 15 minutes later.
Well He did become our 44th President who was well protected because there were a few threats against his life according to Yahoo this morning. Now we shall see what he will do.
this is total bs i really have no concern or interest in these christian fundamental groups....the guy was probably on a bad acid trip.....see this is why i dont consider myself to be any religion thier all nuts!!.....except for maybe buhdism and a few others thier all about control....i had cousin of mine who was jehova and was excommunicated from his family for falling in love with and marrying a christian girl...parents have spoken to him in 18yrs.....what kind of god would make a command like that....this stuff makes me angry so im gonna go grab my singing bowls and get rid of this shit.....jeeez....

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