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Obama the Pawn, Controlled by the Queen, Castle (Illuminati), and Bishop (read: Pope) and Knights

After thinking about the debate on whether Obama is a good guy or really a wolf in sheep's clothing, these are my thoughts, and I'd like to read yours:

1) It's irrelevant. What can he ever really do for you or anyone, that REALLY MATTERS, that you can't, or should not, or NEED TO, do for yourself.

2) The United States is like the ultimate multinational corporation, with the share holders making the decisions about who will be the CEO. If they feel a particular figurehead, which is what Obama is, he has no REAL power, as no president really did, except for maybe Bush Sr., will inspire confidence so their stock value goes up, they will place him in that position.

3) Do you really believe that if Obama was the savior, or force of nature that people like Wilcock say he is, in terms of playing footsie with the Illuminati to prevail with a benevolent outcome ultimately, at the Illuminati's expense, he couldn't or wouldn't be taken out, a' la JFK in a nano second? It's called firing the CEO, Illuminati style.

4) There has been a monument MK Ultra-like propaganda machine to create the persona that would allow people to give their personal power away to Obama the Savior. My position is, I don't want to think about Obama or the government. I'll be my own Obama, that person that resurects my life and personal economy. If every one thought that way, we wouldn't need any bailouts...we wouldn't need Obama.

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Once again, I say, good besimi. Your consistancy and energy is amazing.

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