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Obama Orders CIA To Disappear His “Love Child” After Mother Assassinated !!

October 16, 2013

Obama Orders CIA To Disappear His “Love Child” After Mother Assassinated

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An extremely troubling report circulating in the Kremlin today states that intelligence assests with the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) have been informed by their sources within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that President Barack Obama has ordered them to “disappear” his “love child,” 14-month-old Erica Francis, whose mother, Miriam Carey, was assassinated on 3 October and whose brutal death was cheered by the US Congress.

As we had previously reported on in our report Mother Of Obama “Love Child” Gunned Down By Elite Hit Squad, Obama first met Ms Carey on 18 May 2011 when he traveled to New London, Connecticut to address the graduating class of the US Coast Guard Academy, and while aboard Air Force One was treated by her then employer for an minor emergency dental issue, and former high-ranking US Naval officer, Dr. Brian Evans of Advanced Periodontics located in Hamden, Connecticut.

The previous GRU report on Ms Carey further noted that her meeting with Obama culminated in a girl child being born in August 2012, and which it appears the President attempted to have her abort, but which Ms Carey refused to do because of her Christian beliefs.

This new GRU report states that a CIA operative, and believed to be close friend to Obama, Eric Francis, was assigned as her “monitor” and “conduit” to the President through a Connecticut shell company named HOOD CT whose location is listed as a P.O Box and whose only email contact is listed as

This GRU report states that the establishment of CIA shell companies like HOOD CT is a common practice within that spy agency and allows their agents to receive vast sums of money through un-reportable US government purchases to support their operations, and in the case of email allows these communications to escape the scrutiny of “prying eyes.”

In this particular case, this report continues, HOOD CT was established by the CIA to funnel money to Ms Carey while the email address was her way to contact Obama, and the only means he used to contact her.

As to the mysterious CIA agent Eric Francis, this GRU report says, he was first acquainted with Obama in the 1980’s and was responsible for obtaining for the President a US Social Security Card from Connecticut even though Obama had never lived in that State.

In US media accounts of CIA agent Francis, this report says, his age has been listed as 52 and 54, and he was the only source to the American media of Ms Carey having mental issues and believing Obama was spying on her.”

Aside from CIA agent Francis owing HOOD CT, this report continues, he was also the purported owner of a bar named Hartford Blueprint and a founding member of the West Indian Social Club, with both of these enterprises being located in Hartford, Connecticut.

GRU analysis of the Hartford Blueprint and West Indian Social Club shows that the former does not exist, and that the latter has recently closed down its website for “construction,” but as recently as this past November held an “Election Night Celebration!” for Obama.

Most curious to note, this report says, was that Obama’s secret police forces, after they had gunned down Ms Carey, refused to allow her family (mother, grandmother, sisters) to see the baby Erica they had all helped raise, and, instead, gave custody of this child to CIA agent Francis.

Ms Carey’s sister, Valerie, in protesting the handing over of the baby Erica to CIA agent Francis noted in a document filed in a Connecticut Court that: “The alleged father has not been present in Erica Francis’ life phy...

The Carey family’s attorney, Eric Sanders, further called Miriam Carey an innocent victim and said the police report contradicts much of what was originally reported in the days following Carey's death, including reports that she had rammed security gates and hit an officer. “She didn't run anybody over and she certainly didn't crash into no... Sanders said in an interview last Friday.

Shockingly, this GRU report says, Attorney Sanders was arrested earlier today under “trumped up charges” for his defiance of the Obama regime due to his not telling the propaganda version of events surrounding Ms Carey’s assassination and releasing to the press the truthful information contained in what are called Top Secret reports.

Even more shocking, this report concludes, Stamford Superior Court Judge Jane Emons this past Friday denied Ms Carey’s family emergency plea for access to the baby Erica leaving this young child in the custody of her mysterious, and non-supportive supposed father, CIA agent Francis.

And as Miriam Carey was laid to rest yesterday by her family and friends, one can only wonder if the same fate will befall baby Erica, whose mother was stolen from her by assassins, and whose life is now shrouded in mystery…a black hole made even more dangerous due to her real father, Obama, and his media lapdogs determined to keep him from falling no matter how many innocent lives may be lost.

October 16, 2013 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]

US Marshals Arrest Lawyer for DC Crash Mom

Eric Sanders with Family of Miriam Carey

Eric Sanders (R) stands with the family of Miriam Carey while they address media outside a home in Bedford-Stuyvesant on...

October 15, 2013

NEW YORK — U.S. Marshals armed with a warrant have arrested the prominent New York lawyer who represents the family of Miriam Carey, the Connecticut woman shot and killed in Washington, D.C. after she tried to crash her car through a White House gate, DNAinfo New York has learned.

Eric Sanders, a civil rights attorney best known for suing the NYPD, was arrested outside his house in Melville, L.I., Tuesday morning after Federal Bankruptcy Judge Dorothy Eisenberg issued a warrant last week. Eisenberg was furious that Sanders had flouted her authority for months — dragging his feet in court, failing to show up for hearings and ignoring her requests for documents, according to court documents.

Sanders surrendered without incident, sources said.

The final straw was when Sanders failed to pay $181,666 to several people who recently won settlements against him, including a lawyer in his firm who was fired because she got pregnant, according to court documents.

Sanders was processed at the federal courthouse in Central Islip before being transferred to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park, where he will remain until Judge Eisenberg chooses to see him or he clears up his debts, sources said.

"He will sit there until she wants to talk to him or he pays his debt," a source said.

Sanders' office did not immediately return a call for comment.

The arrest came shortly after Sanders appeared with Carey's family at her wake in Brooklyn on Monday night, where he once again criticized cops and federal officers in Washington, D.C. for killing the troubled 34-year-old Stamford, Conn. woman.

U.S. Marshals considered arresting Sanders at the wake on Monday, but "wanted to prevent having a spectacle" and did not want to disrespect the family, sources said.

Sanders and Carey's family have argued that the dental hygienist suffered from postpartum depression and was unarmed when she led cops on a wild chase with her young daughter in her car.

"They blew it," Sanders said of the D.C. police and federal officers involved in Carey's death.

Judge Eisenberg, who works in Long Island's Eastern District bankruptcy court, ordered Sanders' arrest Oct. 7, saying she was "holding [Sanders] in civil contempt for his willful failure to comply with this Court's Turnover order."

She added that she wanted Sanders "incarcerated in a federal facility until such time as [Sanders] has purged said contempt by paying."

Sanders will be locked up until he not only satisfies the debt, but also forks over legal fees, expenses and interest. In addition, he'll have to pay $1,000 for each day he spends in jail, the judge wrote.

Sources said the arrest order was almost unprecedented.

”It is almost unheard of for a judge in bankruptcy court to order someone’s arrest,” a source said. “The judge obviously has had it with him, and decided enough was enough.”

Sanders made a career — along with his former law partner Jeffrey Goldberg — suing city agencies, particularly the NYPD.  Most of his cases involved officers claiming they were victims of sexual harassment, discrimination or verbal abuse by police brass or fellow officers.

The lawyers were known for alerting pet reporters to their court filings against the city — along with demands for exorbitant damages. Most cases, however, ended out of public glare with nuisance settlements which the city felt was less expensive than litigation.

Ironically, Sanders and Goldberg split a few years ago after their firm lost the discrimination case to a female attorney who claimed she was fired because she had gotten pregnant.

Sanders, who is married with a child, and is also a retired NYPD officer, stood with the Carey family, including Valarie Carey, a retired NYPD sergeant, at a Brooklyn funeral home on Monday.

Last Friday, Sanders was on his usual rounds inside NYPD headquarters attending to legal matters involving a city officer, sources said.

Sources said Sanders' arrest will likely lead to a disciplinary hearing, which could jeopardize his license to practice.

Monday, October 7, 2013

D.C. Police Shooting:Miriam Carey Sisters Dispute Eric Francis' Barack Obama Story

The two sisters of Miriam Carey, who was killed Thursday with her 13-month-old child in her car, disputed the accounts of officials and their sister's one-time boyfriend that she was under the delusion that President Barack Obama was communicating with her. - Huffington Post 

  Eric Francis' expensive Porsche Cayenne SUV :

 Brooklyn neighbors said the disturbed mom frequently visited and always wore hospital scrubs, even though she got fired from her job last year.

 They said Carey sometimes came with a mystery man in an expensive Porsche Cayenne SUV who they assumed was Erica’s dad.

And at 52 Eric Francis is close to Obama's age and Obama went to school at Harvard in Connecticut......
  1. New York Daily News ‎- 2 days ago
    Miriam Carey had her 19-month-old daughter, Erica, in the car when police ... were supposed to visit them in Brooklyn this weekend, the sisters said. ... Carey was so delusional that her boyfriend, Eric Francis, 54, sicced the ...

    Los Angeles Times ‎- 2 days ago

    Miriam Carey's declining mental stability, the sources said, ... Stamford, Conn., apartment found an envelope with a white powder... of Carey's boyfriend, Eric Francis, talked about seeing Carey's car a lot in the neighborhood.

    Family members say Stamford woman shot in DC wasn't delusional

    WFSB-3 hours ago

    The child's father is Hartford Bluprint bar and restaurant owner Eric Francis. According to reports, Francis called Stamford police in 2012, and ...

Remember that although Miriam Carey lived in apartment in Stamford the high living boyfriend allegedly has his 'kitchen hoods' sales operation operating out of  Hartford altough only a P.O. Box is listed as an address.
In light of statement below from Miriam's sisters it would appear that the ONLY source for the claim that Miriam believed 'President Obama was stalking her' would be the boyfriend and rumored father of her child ERIC FRANCIS HIMSELF. And the only person wo could have placed her name on his 'hood company' would definitely only be Eric Francis himself.So far the sisters and everyone else have been silent on this and only mention her former  employment as a dental assistent.Why ?
And this is where Harvard is locted and Eric Francis appears to be of the approximate age of Obama whereas Miriam is or was only  34.So there is indee a possibility that Obama and Eric Francis may know each other,particularly considering that Eric Francis gave to one of Barack Obama's favorite causes which is a fund for young African American Trayvon Martin who was shot by Zimmerman in Florida that has been the cause of much emotion in both racial as well as anti-gun politics that Obama has been so much involved with in using Sandy Hook,Newtown to push laws related to gun control while the mass media of course remains silent about all those HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS hollow point bullets that Obama and Janet Napolitano bought without explanation and at huge cost to an already bloated U.S.military war budget as it is.And on top of that those hollow point bullets weren't for war because they are a violation of international conventions in foreign wars and can only be used in the U.S. against people like Miriam Carey or you and me !

As you will see below Eric Francis also put out an ad in craigslist for a bartender even though he only claims to run a 'kitchen hoods' business that as far as I can tell has no localizable address although such a business should require a large storage area ! 'Kitch hoods' indeed.Ha.And yet he drives a fancy car as did Miriam Carey even though she was allegedly unemployed except for the fact that as you can see below she is listed as a Sales Manager in Eric Francis' 'hood' business.Hmmm,and that reminds me just what was that 'white powder' found in Miriam's apartment that was supposed to be for Eric ?

The two sisters of Miriam Carey, who was killed Thursday with her 13-month-old child in her car, disputed the accounts of officials and their sister's one-time boyfriend that she was under the delusion that President Barack Obama was communicating with her. - Huffington Post

Report: Miriam Carey Thought President Obama Was Stalking Her

CBS Local-Oct 5, 2013
LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC/AP) — The woman killed by police after leading authorities on a chase that ended with gunfire on Capitol Hill had been ...

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