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When are we going to wake up & realize that you don't have to be Semitic to be a Jew or a don't have to be a Jew to be a don't have to be a Roman Catholic to be a Jesuit or a Knight of don't have to be "white" to be a racist or a Caucasian to be a Freemason...and you don't have to go to Yale to belong to 'Skull & Bones'...

To me personally, the following Video is profoundly sad as it forces us to realize exactly what 'Skull & Bones' really is & how utterly deceived we've been, especially when you see who produced this Video...
Obama a Member of 'Skull & Bones'

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pure satanic signes. ... or I love you satan.
.............bad sign language indeed. so ugly.
...those who killed more than a million in front of our eyes recently, and still doing it.
i use the \m/ sign whenever i take photos in a rocker-like setting..
SS = Skull n Bones = Cia
The Turkish mafia has even this gesture of Skull and Bones ...
Time will tell ... in the message or Mathew, there was a request for Obama to give space to do his thing and to send him a lot of Light ... if you see this video, well then there are again doubts about Obama...
One thing is very very sure, I do not doub myself and what the outcome may gonna be about Obama, We the People of Planet Earth Will Go into The Golden Age :)))
And no skull or bones is gonna stop that ...

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