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hello, do numbers like $97.79 or 65.56 mean anything? I am a cashier and i keep noticing numbers like this. where the doller amount is reversed in the cents.

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After years of seeing I keep seeing 12:12 all the time...I wonder why..
Thats strange.
Iv had the same thing recently.
Iv also had 1:23 ... 3:21 quite a lot ... this ones strange - as the feeling i get when i see the synchonity feels like a building up for 1:23 and building down 3:21 ... (?)

Anyways, whenever i get the 12:12 one, i seem to start thinking about my evolution, and what i need to do.
It sorta gives me the feeling that im not sure how long i have to complete my mission, but it feels good in a way.

Love to you all, keep it open, intimate and flowing.

Simmy said:
After years of seeing I keep seeing 12:12 all the time...I wonder why..
I've heard a lot about these coincidences from other people with 11:11 etc.....but my # is 252 ....It is the # that kept showing up for my boyfriend in his life....and every time I would try to end my relationship with him I would see it EVERYWHERE and it would remind me of him..and we'd end up communicating and back together....well finally after 5 1/2 years of long distance and trying to end it......we got over all the fears and moved in it's pretty every issue has dissolved....So maybe YOUR numbers are a special message to YOU personally.......
Yes they do mean something. I keep noticing number combinations like 333, 1717 and 2112. They are messages from angels & acended masters. To find out what they mean look at this link:

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