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Billy Preston – nothing from nothing

First, let's get one thing straightened out about nothing, it doesn't exist. There is no nothing, there is no no, only yes. Nothing in Creation says no to Being, and there is no nothing in Creation. You can't find any nothing. Everywhere you look, Something Is. So why is there even a word for it? Because Humanity is still under the thrall of nothing.

Many religions start from nothing. Nothing was supposedly all there was, and then God came along and created Everything out of nothing. Of course, if there was originally nothing, what's God doing there? Is God nothing? If God's not nothing, then there was Something in the beginning, which is of course the Truth of the matter. Creation, Everything, Oneness, flows from God, not nothing. And this means that Everything Is God. When people believe that Creation came from nothing, it's easy to sell them the lie that God is somewhere separate and outside. If God is Creation, then Everything in Creation must be God.

Religion is based on nothing, society is based on nothing, most “education” is based on nothing, most businesses are based on nothing, most jobs are based on nothing. They aren't gonna last, nothing goes nowhere. You're just dumping Energy into a black hole, which is where most of Humanity is stuck at the moment. They think their nothing is something, and they keep the illusion going by ignoring the obvious. Ignorance is nothing. In a Universe of Everything the only way to believe in nothing is to ignore the Present. Everything is Here in the Present, nothing exists in the past or the future.

What is nothing? ignorance. What is ignorance? stupidity. What's stupidity? illusion. What's illusion? nothing. There's no reference points to nothing in Reality. You can't understand nothing, you can't know nothing. You can't know ignorance, because simply paying attention to it makes it disappear. It's simply foolish, nothing isn't wrong, or evil, or bad, though the thought of wrong, evil, or bad comes from nothing. The Thought of Love is Everything.

Will & Desi, Mother & Father God, and the Family of Light

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great food for thought.
Thanks Will!

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