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No connection took place today ... so I decided to open up 'The Bridge' and see what extract it presented to offer you. The Federation of Light
No connection took place today ... so I decided to open up 'The Bridge' and see what extract it presented to offer you. Here it is..

Much has been taking place within your world at this time. Many of you are discussing possibilities of why one is feeling
as they do. You talk of the pull of your moon. You talk of energies that are disrupting the aura. You talk of sightings that have been seen in your skies. All of which are to do with the upheaval and the changes that one is feeling within the self. How many of you actually realise the intensity of what is going on for you at this time? You cannot, and yet on another level, within this level, you are aware that things are taking place that you are not able to explain. Your world is undergoing vast changes that are unseen to the human eye at this point. So much is occurring on a level that will lead you into this new world. It is happening as we speak. Do you care as to what may take place? Of course you do. Yet, you are unable to understand it, therefore one’s attitude occasionally switches to that of not caring, as it all seems too BIG for you to grasp and indeed it is. But little by little you shall accept new things. New understandings. The time frame for thephenomenal change has been altered. We are hoping that, due to the Light that is lifting your world at this time, and the souls who are waking up, this new world that is to come will be experienced sooner than we had calculated.
What you need to know is that there is a certain level of vibration that allows your world to be. It keeps ‘matter’ together.It allows you to function, to breathe. It allows all things to exist within your earth. What is taking place is the raising of this vibrational energy. It has to be done within a rate that is suitable for you to adapt. The changes in your body must adapt also. That is why many of you are experiencing ailments. On the one hand there are some of you that indeed are not well, shall we say. On the other hand, for many, these are not ailments at all, but a change within your physicality that shall enable you to move up with the new vibration as it comes into play. This cannot be done overnight. It would blow you all away. It has to be a gradual process. But as we move further into the Light and Love of a new vibration, all things must do the same. That shift is an enormous task.
Imagine your world, as it is now. Then try to imagine that every living thing within it is to be moved up to this next
level of vibration. It cannot be that little portions at a time move up, for that would completely imbalance the earth. It
has to be that all things are in preparation, ready for the off! Higher energies are now intermingling with earth energies.
The speed of the vibration in which you live is quickening. Hence why your days are at the end sometimes before you have eaten breakfast! By meditating you can allow the soul to blend with a different vibration in preparation for this change.
Understand this … this cannot take place unless the level of Light and Love rises upon your planet. That is what allows the change. That is what speeds up the vibration. More and more of your race are beginning to understand this. There is nowhere else to turn. There is no magic potion that will stop your wars and your greed and your jealousy. There is no wand to be waved to rid your world of all that is of darker nature. But … there is coming into play the understanding of what Love and Light can do! We, in other realms are eager to assist. But ultimately it is the doing of your earth beings that can make this happen. Keep on listening to the Truth in your heart. You can hear it more strongly now than ever before. It is telling you what to do. It is telling you where to go. It is telling you how to conduct your daily lives. Do not fight against it my warriors. Go with it. You know it
makes sense.
But may I say regarding that, if you falter now and then, if you have a day that is not to your liking, do not beat yourself up as you earthlings tend to do. For you are then undoing all the good work you have done by destroying the energies that you have built up on the good days. Just accept that this is how it is, and tomorrow, all being well, will be a better day. It is merely the self creation of destroying the soul, of telling the self it is not good enough, that allows the negative forces to have their power. Do not give in to these forces. They are man-made and have no place within the soul in its Truth.
Again, before I take my leave I wish to reiterate the importance of taking time to meditate. This has been our message
throughout. And yet your days are so busy doing this and that; you forget to find the time. If I ruled the world I would make it compulsory for all souls to meditate daily. That is how your world will become Light. That is how it will slip into the new vibration, because all souls would be in touch with their Higher selves and quite simply … KNOW what
to do.
Thank you for your time.

For more channelings please go to The Federation of Light group

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i wish to know what to do.
thank you for this post. it was timely for me :)
For me it is still a daily struggle within the lower vibrations around me and it is so true that people should meditate on a daily base.....
At this moment I read a book written by Sharon McErlane titled The Grandmothers speak....

_at one day she was walking with her dog on the Pacific Coast Highway when out of nowhere 12 women appear for her_
_and they tell here that the world is in dominance of way too much Yang and that the woman must find their own strenght again to bring more Yin into motherearth_

Behind in the book stand several meditations defined to reach your higher conscience shaping.....I can recommend you all Saviors of Earth :)
I have been struggling with the low vibes my self. Trying to keep positive and sometimes I feel like I cannot go any further and wished I was in a temple in Tibet... that's always been my dream... but today after soooo much negativity I had one of the best days in along time. I went to this street painting Festival and met this wonderful woman, that was teaching the art of poi a South Pacifc dance wich I have been wanting to learn for a long time. It turned out me and this person had so much in comon about spiritualuty, food, meditation and so much more.
It was so intense the energies that I ended up helping her with her stand and people tought we were old friends which we probably are from a past life. This event today shifted my vibrations and showed me again the power of synchronicity and how we are all connected even total stranger today were attracted to our energies just by been happy and worry free...the power of positivity is so amazing if iwe could just feel like that everyday this planet would be war free.
L&L Kerrie
Beautiful! People do so much "trying", they sometimes forget to BE. We forget that love & acceptance allows all resistance to slip away, pointing us in the very direction we need to be. Love & Light is effortless... when we feel as though we are putting up a fight, we're most likely trying to force something that isn't meant to be. Thanks for sharing this! :)

Thank you for the post! It was a good reminder to get back to my daily meditations. Namaste.

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