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The new pricing for NING networks can be found here:

So where to from here?

We have some time, firstly let's follow a path of elimination of the major choices.

1 - Stay at NING (roughly $200 per year), not sure about price indexing ?

2 - Move (using the automated content exporter when it becomes available) to a FREE newtork hosting service or cheaper alternative?

Kind Regards,

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I second that !! LOL

Simmy said:
What can I say?
A huge THANK YOU SO MUCH for a start! Such an unselfish gesture!!
I'm forever grateful and please, don't hesitate in asking for my help when needed.

Love, light and gratitude.

Tony said:
No, never felt better in saying NO :-) :-)
Thank you for the offer Simmy but the first year is covered, if we do come up short for bandwith or space then we will have to expand to the full blown plan and will definitely revisit the situation. We will be fine the first year and there is plenty of time to look to the future.

Simmy said:
Dear Tony and Besimi,

This is so generous of you! Thank you so much for your dedication to this site and all it represents to us. I'm really grateful! But...I still want to help you guys financially. Please, could you send me a paypal account or something?

Love, light and gratitude.

Tony said:
Thanks for the offer Besimi.

To all: Thank you for your thoughts, suggestions and offers.
A decision has been made.
The first year subscription will be picked up by myself. If we need to upgrade then we can always revisit this subject.

In oneness,

Besimi said:
Tony , ..You just let me know ( if you find out first) ,when is time to pay, and where ,how.
I will charge my Debit card, for Ning Plus. ..if we need to upgrade later,as you mentioned earlier,we will do that too.
..................... :):):) Sweet love.
Great News! Thanks Tony and Besimi. Like Simmy, I wouldn't mind contributing when needed.

In Love & Light,

I already closed my ning down and I think a lot of us are going to do that. If SOE could stay open that would be great. Just let me know where we are moving too. I would HATE to loose contact with all you guys. I am on FACEBOOK Brenda Watts Salem Oregon.
Thank you Tony & Besimi
Love always
=> iIs there a way we can donate (giving is receiving)?
In gratitude for ALL that is
Cyril (GPL)
So essentially about 16/20 dollars a month to stay here? An option would be to put up a donate button on via paypal on the front page. 4 people donating 5 dollars a piece would cover the costs. I think that you'd get enough donations to cover the cost of staying with ning - just a thought. :) Namaste' and whatever you choose to do, I'll be right there supporting you.

btw - glad you are here now - because i'm with my family now! given an option to donate - i'll be the first one to push the button.
We are now NING PLUS.....

Thank you to all and for the offers made, it is my honor and pleasure to ensure continuation. If need be we can revisit this subject next year.

In oneness,
Dear Tony,


Please let us know when/how we can help (now or in the future).

♥ Lots of love ♥

Tony said:
We are now NING PLUS.....

Thank you to all and for the offers made, it is my honor and pleasure to ensure continuation. If need be we can revisit this subject next year.

In oneness,
we love you tony.. let us know next year or anytime in between if any help is needed with money.. especaillyfor us admin be honored to help when ever you call for it
The fee for SoE NING 2011-20112 shall for reasons known only to myself :-) be prolonged, offers for donations although highly appreciated will not be accepted. We can revisit the matter in 2012-2013 or if needed sooner should NING once again change their policy on pricing.

My offer to help stands forever, but I respect your reasons dearest Tony.

Please let me know whenever I can help ok? Meanwhile...THANK YOU SO MUCH for 'keeping us going'!!!!

I hope you're now fully recovered and doing well.

Love, xx

Thank you ,Tony ..You're an angel !! I also am willing to contribute ,if and when the need arises !! A thank you ,to you too, Besimi...You guys are awesome !! Would hate to lose this site , some of the best folks around !!      Love ya'll

Thank you tony for keeping this free.  I will help when i can but I thank you all for keeping us together, for free!

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