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Hello all - I am new to this site but the burning desire to know more about this life, world and universe are not new in my life.  I have always been interested in the unexplained, always knew there is more to our - for lack of a better word - self - and the universe is simply awe inspiring.  I look forward to learning from this site as well as perhaps adding to it as well.  I recently became interested in remote viewing - I'm currently taking a course called the Gold Standard offered by Stephan Schwartz.  I am open to advise or information anyone can impart.  

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thank you very much karmala and patriciat. I agree - there is so much about us as a race and the earth as well as the vastness of the universe that is so interesting - I have always dabbled in reading here and there, trying to find out about God, going from church to church than I ended up in a Unitarian church and after reading much of that material felt like I finally found something that made sense in that respect - life after death, reincarnation, etc. Now that I'm retired I am trying to learn one thing, then something else goes off that and I delve into that buying one book after another on different subjects. Right now I have put my full attention on RV and want to learn that. I feel it would give me a better understanding of everything - help my psi abilities (we all have) and improve my spirituality. While studying that I learned about ley lines of the earth. Never heard of them but I watch a lot of you tube and learn a lot from there. Sorry, sometimes it's hard to self edit but I wanted to thank everyone for the opportunity to talk with like minded people.

paTricia T. said:
nicely said Kamala. In a world that is constantly changing...we are all newbies in some way Allen. Welcome to SOE !
Welcome to SoE, Alan!
I'm sure you'll find lots of great info here.
Welcome to our little corner of the 'net. There's a surprising smattering of views, skills, knowledge and ideas between the members here, and it's an interesting place to plumb the depths of mystery.

I'm looking forward to see how you progress with the remote viewing. It's not something I've ever been any good at, trying hard to make sense of the messages and symbols that get thrown my way on a nearly daily basis to start looking for even more things to baffle me ;)

So yes, in short, welcome :)
Simmy, Ullan, thanks so much, I look forward to learning from this community. As for my progress with RV - I've had some pretty good success with it, I just have to get back in the habit of meditating every day and I understand that will help. I've done four targets and was only off on one - the others I got most of the target. What's interesting is I seem to pick up easily on natural things such as clouds and trees and with a pyramid in Mexico I saw that as a cloud with a wide sun ray coming down - when I looked at the picture it was very close to the pyramid. I've watched several videos, class room settings and the old timers giving speeches but no one has said if you close your eyes initially to get the first glimpse or if you keep your eyes open throughout. I closed my eyes when I did my four test Rv's. thanks again, all

Simmy said:
Welcome to SoE, Alan!
I'm sure you'll find lots of great info here.
Simone, LOL, retirement is not all that it's cracked up to be - there's the part where it seems like the movie Ground Hog day but there is also a feeling of freedom and what do I do today. I have two golden retriever girls who keep me company and they demand a lot of attention so my RV practice is not what it should be - but - I am in the middle of the Gold Standard course and I find myself straying to find other videos to watch that are more like a class room setting. Not to say the course isn't but.....anyway on my first four tries...five now I hit on four of them. Not everything but much of what was in the photograph. As I understand it we all have this ability and if it really gets you all you need is practice. Some are better and get it quicker than others but I find it fascinating that you can be given a number and just from a random number identify the place or thing. What does that say about our minds and about life in general. That's what I'm finding from RV as promised is that we begin to learn and understand more about ourselves and the very fabric of this thing called life. It's just mind blowing to me. You can do it yourself without a second or third person. There is a website where RVers go to get random numbers then they send you an email with a photo of what you were suppose to find. pretty cool.

Simone said:
Hi Alan, welcome to SOE, this is a great place for all the 'awe inspiring' things you mentioned in your post. I did a Psi test that included RV and it was not one of my talents, so I can't really help you there, sorry. I'm looking forward to any info you might have to share on what you learn about the 'Gold Standard'. I do think we all have some latent talents that we could explore and improve on... so much to do, so little time... it's great that you are retired and in a position to be able to explore around like you are, lucky you! Anyway, please do share with us your experiences with RV, sounds exciting! If you need any guinea pigs to verify your RV experiences, let us know!

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