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New Website on Our Family from the Stars (And Conversation With Nomar The Arcturian)

Conversation with Nomar the Arcturian

<image>Luisa Vasconcellos, who does so much work translating SaLuSa, posting Wanderer, and coordinating global translation efforts [NFWes - She has worked on translating messages through me as well], announces a new blogsite, Our Family of the Stars at

She’s bringing together accounts of Arcturians, Lyrans, Pleiadians and the other races who’ve birthed the human race on Earth. Who’s next? Did I hear someone say TV?

Arcturians speak for themselves

Conversations with Nomar

- May, 2006

Nomar: Yes, hello. My name is Nomar and I am from Arcturi which is a planet in the Arcturus system in Bootes. And my species is a member of the council, which you call in your vernacular the Federation, similar to you federation of planets in your Star Trek series. It is not that far out of the realm of possibility. In fact your science fiction is based off of it. All intended to encode, to remind and also to distract, to feed an image to people so they do not remember the Galactic Federation.

It is my pleasure and my honor to have the opportunity to speak with you. To give you a bit of background on the Federation there are approximately 183 species who participate. When we say species that means that there may be multiple planets that have the same species so it is far more than 183 worlds. We are but one species. To describe ourselves we have the genetic lineage similar to your bird with feathers and beaks, and we are bipeds. So we would be somewhat of a hybrid to you. My species has inhabited Earth for a short while, thinking of it as a vacation spot. It was a beautiful place to journey, but we rarely go as we have taken on the role of observer due to the current state of affairs.

Question: Could you please tell us more about the Galactic Federation.

Nomar: I have a great deal more to tell you about the roll of the Federation, why it was created and my perspective. There are many different truths as you will learn as a multidimensional being; truth is perception. It is neither light nor dark. It simply is. It is experience. It is encoding. Millennia 3 ago during the Great Wars in the Orion system the Galactic Federation was created to maintain peace in the free will zones.

There was a great deal of time jumping and a great deal of unauthorized creation that jeopardized the stability of the fabric of the galaxy by those whose curiosity and interest had exceeded their spiritual development. The Federation was created to, for lack of a better term, police the time jumping and the destruction of the basic elements. If measures had not been taken, all that had been created would be destroyed and unfortunately, the experiment could not be allowed to go that far.

Understand it is important for those to have free will. However there are limits that the original creators are willing to allow freedom and experience to go; to completely destruct and destroy a galaxy was a limitation. There were too many species, too many beings involved at that point so lines and boundaries were drawn. So the Galactic Federation was formed. Initially it was a gathering of 53 planets, a total of 6 species. It was the Andaaries, the Lemurians, the Orians, the Sirians, and the Arcturans. Understand that your Lemurians were Lyran descendants. And it was their predecessors, their ancestors who created the Galactic Federation. Do you have any questions, Brian?

Question: Yes. You mentioned the original creators. I was wondering if you could talk to us a little bit about that?

Nomar: To some very small extent as it is not our main focus, but for your own personal information we will provide it here. As consciousness split itself, it was necessary for consciousness to be split within 12 beings to hold a resonance for the universe. These 12 beings created the basic building blocks that have allowed worlds to unfold. They maintain the integrity of the system ensuring that the fabric is not ripped, torn or shred, that things run smoothly within the boundaries of their creation. Your “Matrix” is not far off the mark. Computers are simply a reflection of you. Not the other way around.

Question: So you’d like to focus on the Galactic Federation?

Nomar: Yes.

Question: You said initially it comprised 53 different planets?
Nomar: Yes.
Question: And 6 species? So in this current time continuum how many planets are currently participating?

Nomar: As we stated there are 183 species. The number of planets goes into the thousands.

Question: I see, so all those species have a representative that sit on the Galactic Federation, on the Galactic Council?
Nomar: Yes, they have multiple species, depending on the planets, the number of planets that each species represents. Almost as your states, your larger states, have more representatives. Interestingly enough it is very similar; you are reflecting that structure within your government.

Question: And where do they meet, and how often do they meet?

Nomar: Generally we meet off world in neutral zones, on ships. But there is one planet that is your equivalent of the UN headquarters. Your Galactic Federation Headquarters.

Question: And what would a typical meeting consist of? What would the agenda be?

Nomar: To discuss squabbles. To mediate decisions, to mediate conflict.

Question: And what are they currently overseeing with regards to Earth?

Nomar: What boundaries were set up to maintain the integrity of the planet without stunting the free will, choice, growth, experience of those involved.

Question: And do we as humans from Earth have a representative that sits on the Galactic Federation?

Nomar: Yes, your higher consciousness.

Question: All of us as humans? Or just one individual?

Nomar: No. There are approximately 300 humans whose higher consciousness sit in meetings. However, not all are human. They may also be beings who spend most of their time off world so they will represent another world as their higher consciousness, another aspect of themselves.

Question: And the beings that are human that sit on the council, are they known to us? Would we recognize them? Are they…is their identity hidden from us?

Nomar: You would know them on a soul level from your interaction, you personally. But would most people recognize them if they were to meet them on the street? No.

Question: So it is not someone, a celebrity, or someone famous that is known to the masses?

Nomar: Not always. Occasionally.

Question: Is there anyone in particular that you could tell us about, that we might recognize the name?

Nomar: Your Hillary Clinton sits on the Council as one from the Orion system. Earth would not be considered her home world. Her multidimensional self would choose to align with the Orion energies.

Question: Is that a reptilian energy?

Nomar: Not wholly. But, her energies are very similar, more Draconian in nature. Understand that the war between the Draconians and the Orians and the Sirians and the lizards has been ongoing for centuries.

Question: OK. Why? It just seems like people would be more spiritually evolved.

Nomar: Not always. Their thrust has been for real estate. They are both species whose drive is very base in nature. It was never a spiritual quest for them. Their souls did not wish to experience the spiritual. They wanted to delve very deeply into the physical and that is where they have lost themselves. And that is where they are coming around to again. It is almost as if an addict has to hit bottom. So must the reptilians before they can remember the other aspects of themselves. They must explore the deepest darkest parts.

Nomar: So it is important for you to understand as multidimensional beings, these other lifetimes do impact you and you do impact other lifetimes. That will be the greatest understanding, the greatest leap, the greatest concept for linear thinking beings to wrap their minds around.
Question: Do you have any tools that you wish to impart that would help us to better understand how the holographic universe works? And how multidimensional beings exist in multiple time and space, place?
Nomar: First, let me say that it is a slow process to understanding that you are multidimensional, because it would literally be a shock to your system. Because this sector of the universe was designed to create that duality, to have those experiences that you are not multidimensional. So, it is a very slow process coming around to this realization. As you are finding over the last ten years you have slowly incorporated that notion into your perception of reality. Yet, if you were to be thrust into a higher dimension where time and space did not exist it would most stressful for you at this time. That is to say, when you are dreaming you are out of your body. But if you were to be in your “physical body” and to experience this it would be a shock to your system. You are used to doing it without your body.
So in preparation, understanding and remembering history will be a wonderful tool because it is going to align your crystalline structure to a point where you can handle being in another dimensions because you have restructured your being to resonate at a higher frequency. It would be like overloading a circuit with too much power.
Question: Could you comment on the crystalline circuitry?

Nomar: Yes, what would you like to know about it?

Question: How you can describe it in our bodies?

Nomar: You have markers within your DNA. When those markers have been flipped on the crystalline structure appears in your energetic body. There are connecting points within your physical structure that anchor just as your chakras are anchored between your physical and etheric body. So, it is not necessarily your physical body that is changing completely to the crystalline structure. It is your energetic body which is aligning. Think of it as laying cable for your phone line. It is the crystalline cable that will accept the new energies that are being offered. And your physical body will be plugged in through certain power points. These points lie within the meridians. Primarily on your pineal gland, your thymus, your pituitary, all on the glandular system.

Question: Is there anything we can do to enhance this?
Nomar: It is automatic as you raise your vibration, as you are working within the frequency of love. The human coding at this time is such that the points are activated when you are working through compassion, through the frequency of love.

So, as I was saying about our history…we have had a great many wars. Some of which were not of our initial seeking on a conscious level. There are those who will tell you that the Orions or the Sirians were the starters of these great wars, but in essence because of our boredom with a lifestyle that did not include great diversity we chose to bring these situations in. We felt ourselves drawn to those who were the complete opposite.

There were those among us who wished to explore that part of their being and that is why they settle with Earth. Earth was rich with diversity. Our strength lies in tone and mathematics and the creation of matter. But there were those who were also interested in the polar opposite of destruction, to disassemble. And Earth was the perfect experience of polarity. There were other species here on the planet at the time.

The Lyrans were here, the Numerian, the Larkitans, the Numaari, and the Alarins. Many of these species you have not heard of or are most likely not familiar with as their lessons do not resonate with those you are currently working on. So our people found themselves struggling with the desire to expand and explore. Within our own world there were those who were creating and those who wanted to explore the notion of deconstruction. It was a fascinating topic and one of heated debate. This created the first notion of polarity within our system. Those who wished to deconstruct were forced to leave our world. Earth was a perfect settlement. Prior to leaving there was great strife and fighting. Something that was foreign to our people. It was the first time in our history.

There were those who departed for Earth who found while Earth was a beautiful place their homeworld was were they wanted to be. Great war and strife continued after their departure as they wished to reclaim what was theirs (our homeworld). With this strife came the destruction of a great deal of our planet. Our world is now split in two. Much like you imagine your yin/yang symbol we have those of the puritan, constructive portion of our planet and the dark side, the deconstructionist.

They play their role of helping to break down so things can be rebuilt. We have come to understand that both parts are necessary. And this is the lesson that we bring with us, understanding that light and dark are both necessary. That they are both part of creation. And it will be the combining of the two that will make you whole.
Question: Could you comment on ways of combining the two to create the whole?

Nomar: Compassion. Understanding that Earth was created with both in mind. You could not have one without the other. You could not have male without female. You could not have light without dark. You can not have one extreme without the other.

Question:Thank you for coming to talk to us. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us now?

Question: Are you a ninth dimensional being?
Nomar: Yes, understand that when you move beyond the limitation of time and space, moving through dimensions you are not necessarily limited to one or the other. Think of them as…layers…floor on a high rise. You may go to whatever floor you choose and whichever room you choose. And each one of those has its own set of circumstances. Each room looks different. You have different house rules. If you can think of it that way, that is what dimensions are like.
Question: So your body is set up so that it can withstand the frequency change in a dimensional shift?
Nomar: Within certain dimensions, yes. If you reside on the ninth dimension, it is not as difficult for you to move into the sixth dimension. It is simply a different set of rules for each dimension. One dimension may be set up with sound. Another may be set up with the paradigm of symbols and geometry.
Question: And do you grow up with an understanding of the difference between the dimensions or is that something that is taught to you?
Nomar: It is inherent knowledge. Because we understand that we are all connected. We understand and remember the true nature of the universe whereas you have forgotten it. It is difficult to describe what the dimensions are like because you do not necessarily have the terms to comprehend all of the notions. But you are getting there. You are remembering. The rest of you remembers. It would be as if your little toe forgot that it was part of your body. But the rest of your body knows that the toe is a part of it.

We hope that assists.

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