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Dear Light Workers,

All these days i've tried different combinations to create a better file than the one I already released but nothing seemed to work better than the first one I created, so I quit trying and let it be.

Last evening there was this very very strong intuition that there is more to the frequencies and that I should try and do something and it could probably be a code of some sort which we should easily understand and I took a paper and wrote down the frequencies and the CODE emerged! you know at times like these when you take a pen and a paper, information just emerges! well this was one of those!

While you download the file given in the link below, you might want to check out the CODE for more Solfeggio Frequencies.


Original Solfeggio Frequencies:

396 3+9+6=18 >1+8=9 Totals to 9!
difference 21 Adding 2+1=3 a solfeggio number! by difference I mean 417-396= 21 !

417 4+1+7=12 > 1+2=3 Totals to 3!
difference 111 Adding 1+1+1=3 a solfeggio number!

528 5+2+8=15 > 1+5=6 Totals to 6!
difference 111 Adding 1+1+1=3 a solfeggio number!

639 6+3+9=18 > 1+8=9 Totals to 9!
difference 102 Adding 1+0+2=3 a solfeggio number!

741 7+4+1=12 > 1+2=3 Totals to 3!
difference 111 Adding 1+1+1=3 a solfeggio number!

852 8+5+2=15 > 1+5=6 Totals to 6!
difference 111 Adding 1+1+1=3 a solfeggio number!

Now all the numbers like we knew previously, total to 3 or 6 or 9 but look at the way they follow 3>6>9>3>6>9>.... these are for us to check if we are getting them right! youll understand what i mean when you read ahead..

Now look at the differences of the two nearest frequencies they are either 21 or 111 or 102 !! and all these three add up to 3! Interesting! you might say, SO?? now look at this as the KEY / CODE!! and you can find out the other frequencies!! I'll tell you how:

Simple Rule used here is you cannot use a '0' in the last two digits of the Frequency! why? I dont know.. this is based on what is deduced from previously known original Solfeggio Frequencies differences! See below to understand:

1. Why did they use 21?

Ans: Adding 111 to 396 gives you 507! ... '0' in the last two digits of freq!

2. Why did they use 102?

Ans: Adding 111 to 639 gives you 750! and if you add 21 you get 660! ... '0' in the last two digits of both these additions so use the third and you get the next freq!

So, not getting a zero when adding with 111 is ok but when you get a zero use 21 or 102! - This is the code folks!

Why do we need the code when we already have the frequencies?

Well, I dont think we were given all the frequencies needed to reach out potential ! The given Frequencies reveal the code as well as set you free from the present bonds in the 3-D but to get to something well beyond this we need to try the rest of the frequencies which come into picture using the code!

Lets take

Subtract '111' from the above and you have:

285 2+8+5=15 > 1+5=6
Subtract '111' from the above and you have:

174 1+7+4=12 > 1+2=3
Subtract '111' from the above and you have:

63 6+3 = 9

Even these follow the 3>6>9>3>6>... code previously noticed!

Now the last Solfeggio Frequency being

852 8+5+2=15 > 1+5=6, so the next one should total to 9!

So, lets add '111' to the above! (852+111)

963 9+6+3=18 > 1+8=9 Bingo! we have 9!

So all the NEW frequencies above have been deduced from either subtracting or adding 111 ONLY! to the original Solfeggio Scale! and we have these additional frequencies!

Now are the totals of each Solfeggio Frequency saying some thing to us?? probably!

My deduction is that it is the time we should listen to each of them when we are listening to the complete scale! so lets just add a zero to the number and count them as the seconds we need to listen to each of these frequencies one after another.

Now the frequencies after 963 would be 1074, 1185, 1296 by adding '111'

now if you add 111 to 1296 its 1407! an 0 in the last two digits of the freq!! and if we add 102 to 1296 its 1398 but the next 111 addition is 1509! so 0 again! So, now we try adding 21!

and the next two additions of 111 get 1428 and 1539! and addition of 111 here gets a 0 again and you add 102 here as addition of 21 gives a 0 aswell... and its 111 till the same prob arises again ...this goes on to infinity!

and we have the simple CODE to reach infinity! :)

For starters lets just use the first TEN Frequencies including the original six! They Would be:

63, 174, 285, 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852 and 963.


These are with the timings based on their totals like I described above.

I have just listened to it twice and it seemed to work.. so lets see if this works for those people who were not receptive to the previous file.

Please do let me know what you think of this new file!

Love & Light,
Ravi Raju

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Ravi I thought this may be of interest to you very exciting tool that works instantly
Thanks for the info Jim!

Namaste, L&L, R.

JIM4HOPE said:
Ravi I thought this may be of interest to you very exciting tool that works instantly
Ravi, you really nailed, it really makes sense your deduction, I try to understand the first time and I couldn’t get it, It was until now that I guess I was a little more relax, and yes, you are right, it is the code, congratulations, and thank you for sharing your productive and creative work
Love and light for you my brother


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