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Okay, so google news reports new galaxy with four planets... the image shows the exact shape.. Now, i of course can't remember the video, but I just watched something recently where someone takes you through space and points at images, some round and some tubular, what looks like light ships, some red, blue and yellow.. Can anyone tell me where that video is I watched and how to access? thanks... sih

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I second this post. You got me interested. now I'll start looking myself. Any other info you could give?
Well I can't seem to find much but I'll keep my eye open. I Know it is not uncommon for us to find lone massive planets... or failed stars drifting between galaxies, But I've never heard of us actually being able to see planets in another galaxy unless I guess they were huge stars being effected by huge planets at massive distances from their stars. Currently we judge the existence of planets by loking for a gravitational effect on the star it orbits. That's how we've deducted the existence of well over 200 planets orbiting other stars now. Only a handful are even remotely earth sized, but a new satellite going up early 2009 will help us look more sensitively towards these stars and many more and it should be able to detect any earth sized or larger planets at least I know in our local 500 light year range. I think it may even be able to peer farther. Don't quote me on it, but look it up, it really interesting in my eyes.
wELL... our dear Bishop, that's the video I originally saw... It hit mainstream news however in the discovery of some weird orb or galactic shape shift ship.... check it out... very cool..

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