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Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn - from the website:



Beloved Family of Light, as you moved through the Energies of the New Year in July and the Lion's Gate in August, you experienced an acceleration of your Light Body as you prepared for a New Cycle of Evolution, Change and Growth, in preparation for the major stargate transits of 2010, 2011 and 2012. This created intense pressure for Inner Shifts and Changes, which were in turn reflected by sudden and abrupt shifts and changes in the Outer Reality that were experienced as Earth Changes and personal Life Changes.

Many of you may have experienced the termination of relationships or felt the need to move to another area or change to a new form of work. These shifts may have been made under high pressure and very quickly, or you may be feeling within you the need to make such changes in the next two months as you advance towards the 10/10/10, the first of the major stargates.

Beloved Ones, these deep changes are a reflection of fundamental shifts in your Reality as you become acclimated to living in the Fifth Dimension, and experiencing yourself as a Multi-Dimensional Being of Light in a Material or Physical Body. New choices are being made by your Higher Consciousness in the Higher Dimensions of Light and these choices are opening new avenues of Service, Experience and Evolutionary Growth, and so you are being moved to the Inner and Outer Spaces where you will be best situated to carry out these new tasks.


How you respond to these changes is important, for it will determine the nature of your experiences in the coming Cycle of Time and Space. If you do not follow the urgings of the Higher Voice, or if you resist the need for change, then life may become chaotic and difficult. This is not a punishment, Beloved Ones, but just the tension that is set up when the Higher Consciousness and the Lower are out of alignment. This creates ripples of energetic "distortion" that manifests as chaos and incidents that are not in alignment with what you seek to manifest. The best way to deal with such energies is to seek the quiet space within your heart and listen to the Inner Voice until you perceive what is needed and required of you and what actions, or lack of actions, are needed at the time.

You will always be guided back into alignment by your Higher Consciousness. You are the Multi-Dimensional Master of Light and we ask that you remember always that the answers to all your questions lie within you in that quiet place of Infinite Wisdom within your Heart that is the Treasure of your Soul and Spirit!


Beloved Family of Light, as you deal with these intense Inner Shifts, at the same time you are also seeing great changes in the Earth herself as she expresses her own shift into Multi-Dimensional Being. The Earth herself is part of the Great Shift and She is realigning herself for her new role as a Planetary "Star", a Home for Ascended Beings of Light in Physical Form. In order to do this, she must make Herself known to Humanity as a Being with needs in the Great Co-Existence within the Web of Life. She is now in the process of reconnecting with the Hearts of Humanity through the Collective Crystal Heart Grid. She shares her needs by demonstrating what is needed to guide Humanity back into alignment with the Higher Will and Purpose for the Planet and its Evolution.


The dramatic challenges of climate and apparent "natural" disasters are the Planet's way of communicating that Humanity must align itself with the needs of the Planet. The great floods in Pakistan are a result of the ways in which the Earth has been misused by poor agricultural methods and development. The land is no longer able to absorb and drain the Monsoon rains and flooding is a result, causing much suffering to human populations. In Russia, the devastating fires contributed to intense heat and smoke inhalation problems for millions of people. These fires were also a result of poor land managementm for much of the area that had been wetlands has been drained for agriculture and development, rendering it dry and liable to burn much more easily. The natural balance has been lost and everywhere humanity is in turmoil.


Beloved Ones, these "Earth Changes" are the Earth expressing her deep need for Humnity to Reconnect on a very deep level with the Sacred Principles of Life that define the Fifth Dimension - the Connection of All Froms of Life in a Sacred Web. If the Earth suffers, then Humanity will suffer. If Humanity evolves a more gentle, loving and connected relationship with the Earth, then Humanity will experience Connection and Support from the Earth and from Nature. Beloved Family of Light, that is your purpose and your work in this next Cycle of Time. The Spiritual Evolution that you experienced was to lift you to this Higher Consciousness where you could experience yourself as Human but also as part of the Collective Creation that is the Planet Herself.


Know too, that the challenge for you in this cycle of evolution is to lift yourselves out of the relationship of "fear" at these Earth Changes and into a relationship of Love and Gratitude for the opportunity that is given to realign and to thrive in a new connection and relationship with the Planet. Beloved Ones, do not fear disaster, for the Earth is not angry nor does she seek to punish you, she seeks only for connection and understanding. She is a sentient and loving Being and as you lovingly reconnect so you will feel her deep love an tenderness supporting you.


For, Beloved Ones, that Beautiful Energy that we call the "Shekinah", the essence of the Divine Feminine or Great Mother, lives within the Earth herself, as well as being transmitted from the Cosmic Center and the Heart of the Divine Cosmic Mother. The Shekinah energy rises from the Earth to embrace and support those who live open and connected to this beautiful and loving vibration. The Great Mother will hold you in her arms and nurture you as you allow her love to embrace you.


The best way, dearest Family of Light, to open to this connection is to spend quiet time in solitude with the focus of connecting with the Shekinah Light. The color of this Light is Platinum, the silvery white-gold color that carries the Evolutionary Light Codes for the New Earth Light Body. You can also participate in Earth Ceremonies, Rituals and Meditations that are designed to facilitate this connection to the Earth Mother and the Shekinah Light. Of course, this Light lives within Each one of You. It is Soft, Gentle, Loving and Supportive, and when activated within, it allows you to experience that sense of tenderness and support in the Outer Reality as well. The Shekinah Light within you will connect with the Shekinah Light within the Earth to create a new connection based on Love, Tenderness, Respect and Nurturing.


Beloved Family of Light, it requires only that those of you that are conscious and awake and aware of your Multi-Dimensional Being will lead the Human Collective Consciousness in this direction and create the necessary Inner Shifts. As you move into inner Tenderness and Love and find the Shekinah Light within, so you will move into a new relationship with the Earth that will allow you to flow effortlessly into Abundance, Joy and a State of Graceful Harmony and Connection with the Earth.


Higher and Deeper : A New State of Grace

Beloveds, we have mentioned to you before the need to be more "grounded" as you ascend into the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness. The "higher" you move, the more you need to ground yourself and anchor yourself in Fifth Dimensional Material Reality. This means to honor your Physical Body as a Temple of Light for your Soul and Spirit. It also means to honor your environment and your home as an expression of your Divine Essence and as Sacred Space. No matter where you find yourselves, that is Sacred Space. And know that as you connect more deeply with the Shekinah Light, you will indeed find yoursleves moving into more beautiful and more nurturing physical environments as well. You will create them from within yourselves as an expression of the Shekinah enery of nurturing Love and Tenderness.


But, know too, Beloved Ones, that these new cycle energies will also be expressed within your relationships. You will feel the need to experience relationship on a much deeper, more intimate and soulful level, and this will be an indication of the Shekinah Light moving you into a place of Tenderness and Nurturing, where your desire will be to support your own soul growth as well as that of others. This will go together with a need to connect on a very deep soul level, a very grounded and intimate level that is expressed through physical caring and connection and the expression of deep love and gratitude.

Once relationships begin to include this level of expression, then you will indeed experience a beautiful new level of Support and Tenderness within your relationships. True Unconditional Love will blossom forth in this new energy of tender and loving support. You will begin to explore the very depths and heights of Divine Unconditional Love as it may be expressed through Human Consciounsess and within a Human Body.


Meditation to Accept and Balance the Shekinah Light

Firstly, sit or lie in a comfortably and enter into a state of deep relaxation. Breathe deeply, and then focus your attention into your Heart Chakra and connect with the Light within your Heart, the Divine Flame of Love. Visualize a figure eight centered vertically in the Heart, Follow the energy circle down into the Earth connecting dirst with the Earth Star Chakra beneath your feet and then connecting with the Crystalline Heart of the Earth. Feel the Deep Love and Support, and then draw that energy back up through the Earth Star Chakra and into your Heart. Breathe Deeply. Then move the energy upwards through the Soul Star Chakra and up to the Heart of the Cosmos and the Heart of the Great Mother of All and feel the Love and Support. Now bring that energy back down into your Heart, connecting the two circles of the figure eight. Now you are connecting Heaven and Earth within your Heart and your Being.


Now, visualize the figure eight on the horizantal plane from your Heart. On the left side the circle of light is a beautiful Magenta color vibrating with the Feminine Christ Light, so bring that light into your Heart. On the right side the circle of light is a deep Turquoise color representing the Masculine Christ Light. Bring that light into your Heart. Where the two circles meet is the center of the figure eight, so let the Turquoise and Magenta blend together to become the Violet Flame, and breathe deeply!

So let the Violet Flame expand out through your body, through every cell, transmuting with the Violet Fire of Higher Consciousness and Love, and moving into the Light Body.


Now the Violet Flame becomes Pure Gold, allowing the Christ Consciousness to permeate every cell in your Body and to radiate through your Light Body. Now, open the Channel from the Soul Star Chakra and the Crown Chakra into the Heart and allow the Platinum Light of the Shekinah to enter into your Heart. Feel the Gentle but Loving high frequencies activating the Shekinah within. Now, open the channel from the Heart through through the Earth Star Chakra to the Crystal Heart of the Earth, and receive the tender Shekinah Light from the Earth. Let the Light rise up and activate the Shekinah energy within!

Now, the Platinum Flame is ignited within your Heart and the energy of the Shekinah flames forth with its beautiful White Gold Radiance. It fills your Light Body and your Physical Body with the Highest expression of Divine Love and Tenderness. You are held in the Divine Light of God and in the Loving Embrace of the Divine Mother.

You are the Divine Light in Human Form!


Hold the energy for as long as you wish, and then return your focus to your Heart. Breathe deeply three times and then focus your energy into your physical body. Open your eyes when you feel fully present and grounded in your Physical Body.


The Solar System Energies in September

In this month the New Moon falls on the 8th of September in Virgo. This is a strong Earth sign, and is a good time to ground yourself into the Physical energies of the New Earth.


The Full Moon in Libra, and the Equinox, falls on the 23rd of September. The Equinox energy always provides a time for the Earth to flow into the new season and bring in the new Elemental Earth energies. In the Northern Hemisphere, this will be the Fall Equinox and in the South it will be Spring. This is a good time for ceremonies to honor the incoming seasonal energies and to attune with the seasonal patterns of change on the Earth. So, Beloved Ones, we wish you All Joy and Love in your continuing adventure of life on Planet Earth!

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Pure Wisdom ... thank you Besimi xx

Thank You Besimi this sounds great but on the 23rd of september in the south it will be fall not spring unless I missed something which would be nothing new for me LOL
:):):) In the Southern Hemisphere ,it is Free Spirit. ...Dear friend. is The Spring starting on 23 September,on Southern part ( like in Australia,South America,ect).

Free Spirit said:
Thank You Besimi this sounds great but on the 23rd of september in the south it will be fall not spring unless I missed something which would be nothing new for me LOL

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