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I make this in reference to a video posted here recently which you can watch here:

well you can read some more recent development here:

seems that Costner's machine that he talked about in the previous video above, is actually being the question remains, if they're using it now, why not use it at the very beginning? :)

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perhaps its to get good press since a hollywood celeb is involved. however, its great a celebrity is standing up to solutions, because i thought i saw a roomful of them involved with the haitian earthquake, but only one of them to their disaster in their own backyard
The reason they didn't use it in the beginning is BP was unwilling to pay the amount Costner wanted for his machines, they resolved the issue I believe.

How can BP worry about paying at a time like this? Their company is through. If BP exists in 2011

How can Costner try to make money off this gulf incident? It's just despicable on both ends.
I see Obama is using HAARP to keep Hurricane Alex south of the oil leak, shame they can't come clean about it because hithertoo they have only used HAARP to kill poor people.

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