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This is sort of a run off of the post Aaron made about his new found abilities, which was a good read, im glad to hear your making headway Aaron, sounds like everythings starting to look up for you, I remember helpless posts from you only a few months ago, it seems you are steering your life in a direction most aligned now.

What I wanted to say or ask is if anyone is feeling the same things as I am. In the last month or so i've noticed that i've been repeating things in my head right after I say them, especially things out of my comfort zone, they repeat many times over, its almost as if I don't have control over it.
Aswell I also feel like I can tell what a person close to me is thinking, and I badly want to ask them or call them out on it but have been to afraid to ask anyone if those were the thoughts, or I think that they wouldn't tell me even if I was right. It could be just new quirks but I find it weird that it just started out of seemingly nowhere. Although I do consider myself to be an amateur "mental alchemist" and I have worked diligently to change my thought patterns, this doesn't all seem like a positive change.
When I repeat things in my head like that , it creeps me out a little because I have seemingly no control over it at all.

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