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omg! this sounds awesome and it feels very real!

so excited about the future!

thank you for this great news :)

If this is for real and not just a way to get the open minded to go along with a one world currency then hurray!  I have been waiting for this my whole life.  The world needs to change now.

When there are real jobs with real wages,  I will believe this shit. 

I also have a problem with hidden elites making decisions that will deeply affect millions of people who have NOT BEEN CONSULTED about these changes. Again I ask, who are these fucking people and who gave them permission to act on our behalf ? Jesus H Christ !

if it's for the good of all of us, I don't care who it is. Individuality has somehow brought us into this despair and only when we recognise how we are all connected and essentially the same, we can heal the world and this means a global set of universal rules for everybody. I welcom that totally.

Patrick, who is asking you now what you want? -- nobody, right? - So it can't get much worse :)

interesting, ill certanly be keeping my eyes on the 'real'* news.

*eg bbc news

It sounds great. Time will show us the truth.  It does make sense on how it came about.  The hidden elites making this decision is the only way it can happen as long as they are still in power. The hidden elites making decisions that deeply affect millions of people who are not consulted has happened for thousands of years. How elses could this occur.  The only other ways is total economic collapse and chaos or environmental and geological destruction. The first two would take a very long time to recover from. However a transition from one to the other seems much smoother.  Like I said though, time will show us the truth.

'This is a complex counter-intelligence operation designed to seed disinformation on the Internet so as to discredit the real work that is going on.

I would definitely recommend that when people’s lives are on the line, don’t quote from channeled material   (1) and toss around NESARA, which has absolutely nothing to do with what these 122 nations are working on.'

David's response to this video announcement :

Turquoise said:

Just looked on David's website but cannot find a statement from him about this subject...the plot thickens!

When the money is released into the hands of the people and not governments to distribute as they will then we will see NESARA.

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