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Need Your Positive Thoughts and Support to Get to the Land of Bananas

Dear Friends,

Am looking for high vibratory thoughts and more to make my way to the land of bananas and love in New Monkeyville near the Hollywood Hills in La La Land. I like bananas because they make me happy. They taste good and I like them. I want to evole into a human like Pinocchio. Only then can I transcend my base monkey banana chakras. I want to go into 5th Density not as monkey but as a real boy filled with love and violet light beaming up into the divine cosmos fountaining out of my hairy monkey crown chakra, so I can make love to the universe. This, for all of us. I want to become my ALL-MONKEY. Help me in my quest. Pay Pal is fine. Or I'll take sweet ripe bananas in lieu of hard U.S. dollars or Euros.

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ive already used up my bananas in my banana split (they broke up! weep) recipe

will monopoly notes do? i have lots
There is wisdom in this humor.

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