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Nazi Map of Hollow Earth Discovered? ~11/14/2012

Underground passage?
New York Times article May 6th 1941:  


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I've seen this before . It's very interesting !   "Asgard" is supposedly where "Thor" is from

How do I get an airplane ticket to Shambala or Asgard?  There too much stress in the surface:(

If the earth had a smaller radius in prior history then it follows (due to physics):

1) Shorter period of rotation due to conservation of angular momentum.  i.e. more days/nights in 1 year rotation around the sun.  This might explain why in the bible (Genesis) people lived so long (in lunar cycles).

2) Earth needs to be hallow (due to conservation of mass, its surface layer (shell) depth has decrease with time as earth's radius has increased in time)

3) Earth needs or has an energy center or internal sun to expand (heat up/plasma field) and increase the pressure for expansion of earth radius (conservation of energy).

Just some thoughts why this theory make sense and if true the awakening of this fact is similar to the awakening that the earth is not flat or the center of the Universe as it was once thought.   Given hollow earth theory is a true fact, if and only if, the earth's radius has lengthen with time.  (In math, if and only, implies one statement implies the other, i.e. complete logical symmetry so the statements are interchangeable) .

Does this makes sense or am I way off?

This was posted on the site a few months back. I made comments on it back then regarding the feasability of the submarine physics and the instructions given on the maps.

My conclusions were then, and are still, that the map is a very good recreation, but was neither produced by the Kriegsmarine or follows Kriegsmarine doctrine. Unit measurements and distances do not correspond, and the longest stretch of the dive as described in the instructions (which are do not conform to 40's Kriegsmarine standard for submarines) is well beyond the operational range of all types of submarines in service at that time.

Interesting conclusion Ullan.  Yet, the NAZI's possessed anti-gravity technological devices (VRIL ect.) which could be modified for underwater transport.  It is well known the NAZI military was way ahead despite their allege loss...

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