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Rockwall, Texas is a mysterious and fascinating city. The town name was chosen after the discovery in 1851 of a stone wall that lay beneath the surface of the proposed town site. This rock wall is a rectangular structure approximately 3.5 miles wide by 5.6 miles long and encompasses almost 20 square miles. It is currently being excavated to determine whether it is part of an ancient city or is a natural process unlike anything in the United States. One stone weighing nearly two tons was unearthed and amazingly had pictographs inscribed on it.

Next, let us consider Rockwall, Texas, a small town named for a strange wall, mostly buried, that exists in the area. We have had inquiries about this structure but have little in the way of substantial data. Just arrived is a facetious newspaper item that relates how, some 50 years ago, R.F. Canup excavated part of this wall. He dug 8 feet down and eventually unearthed about 100 feet of the wall. That was enough to convince him that it was the masonry wall of an ancient city. Geologists, on the other hand, ridicule this idea, saying it is only a natural rock formation.

Comment. What we really need are some authoritative geological and archeological reports. Have any professionals ever visited the site? It seems incredible that Canup could have mistaken a natural rock wall for an artificial one!

See if u guys can find something ...

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