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Am thinking that to be able to move away from what has been used to hold us down ie the financial and political hologram, we need to form small communities all over the world. These communities will comprise of the following:

1. A proffessional of every kind to be able to apply themselves to the betterment of others in the community. This will comprise nurses, doctors, drivers, architects, engineers and others all of whom will find that they are adequately employed inside that community.

2. Stores instead of shopping malls. Here is where the members of the community will go for their daily, weekly rations of food and other supplies that will be needed on a daily basis.

3. These communities will have their own farms so that they can farm fresh produce ready for distribution to the community.

4. These communities will also have factories that manufacture every thing that needs manufacturing. If these cannot be manufactured inside the community, then the community will sell some of what they are able to produce so that they can be able to buy what they need that they cannot internally produce. All money accrued here will be put into a single account whose sole purpose will be to buy that which cannot be produced by the community.

5. These communities will also own buses and other means of travel, where the members will be able to travel without pay, only on the basis of being a member of that community. These wheels will be driven by drivers inside the community ofcourse.

6. The community will be able to 'rent' out some of it's proffessionals, when they are not busy internally. All money accruing will be deposited into the community account, ready for use anytime the community will need to buy something they cannot internally produce.

7. Each member of the community will get equal hours of work, depending on how tedious it is as a task, and which will be agreed upon and voted upon by the whole community.

8. Increament or reduction of daily rations will be agreed upon and voted upon by the whole community, furtherance to which every member of the community will be equal to the other, no matter the task they will be assigned.

9. These communities will need to be originally funded externally, or from the contributions of the members. However, once a donation is made, it will belong to the whole community.

10. I will be available to set up such communities around the world if need be. That will do for beginners so light workers let's hear what you think. If the Galactic Federation of Light or whatever other benevolent ETs find us in these communities, they would find very fertile ground to entrench their replicators and Zero Point energy sources...and robots to do the greater bit of work, leaving us with enough time to go play. Yeah, my musing that is.

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This is the type of thinking thats going to bring us structure, great foundation, lets see some follow through.
Yea Matt, imagine a community where we are all equal, especially monetarilly, which would give zero impetus to thief, steal or want to control the rest of the people like the illuminati have done. More energy would be focused toward love, not competition. We don't have to wait for the ET brothers and sisters. We can begin now, this moment actually. Ok, now to sell this idea where I am. Hmm.
Great Idea Actually there are some communities like that already they are called intentional communities.
They are all over the world. I was researching my self since my husband and I would love to live in such a way, the only thing I see is that some of them are just too strict with the vegan or vegetarian or type of spiritual path.
Other than that some of them sound good.
that is just one link i found it tells you where they are and all info about them, it also gives info on how to put one together.
Let me know what you think!
When can I move in? That sounds like a great place to live. You have a great mind to think like that.
i'd like to sign up as farmer, ive already got my straw hat
Ayt most of what I see in that directory Crystal, is a community owned by someone, where one would have to go to spend money. Am thinking ah ah, not for a while. I want a community where it actually becomes someone's life, where the community and all it's assets, including the ground on which it stands, is owned by the community. Let's say that those willing to donate all they have to belong to the community can do so, but nevertheless, if one doesn't want to sacrifice what they have, then they will soon realise that it makes no difference to have more money that the rest because the community will have every thing from pubs to swimming pools to resorts to sports complexes, and each person will have equal access, without pay, to these places as a rule. Do we have such as yet? Ahsante sana Melisa. Love to you.
Alright Matt challenged me to follow through with action on this idea, so first of all I will need ideas from you guys. Let's give it a name, probably have a social network for it, get people who are ready to anchor national groups where any one wanting to join can go and do so. This is in readiness for physical coming together, and after ironing what limitations that would arise. Do feel free to give me any additional ideas to add to what I have here. Begin with the name...any ideas???

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