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Oh what an amazing week its been, I feel i see things WAY clearer then before i can look at my life's situation and see where its at and why and have learnt to deal with it even better then I could before. I'll jumped to the assumption that only a few of you here follow spiritual questing in the form of marijuana, mushrooms, LSD, DMT or salvia as it can be very drastic or cause radically fast changes in your perception of things and not many want to take this road.

Last Saturday was the day planed for me and 2 friends to embark into the mind further then we could before, this wasn't to say my most intense journey however thats defiantly not to say it was no more relevant then its been before. All things said and done we ended up taking them at 4 in the afternoon which lasted until about 11-12 into the night. It started like any other mushroom trip however I felt there presence creep up on me Especially faster and harder then I have before.

Within the first 3o Minutes I was already into what seemed to be the most intense part of the trip, I allowed myself to go lie down to peer deep into who I am, As it's always been in the start like a game of peek-a-boo with my higher divinity, I came too visualize A cat like person on another planet who proceeded to talk to me, I had no real doubt that this cat person residing on what seem to me a very dark and mystic blue and swirling green planet (blue the color of calm, green of love) the conversation was short with every question answered into response's of life experiences and lessons as I understood. It was as if I was telling myself Im but a program in this world to send love and creative around myself and others. I conceptualized it as my human form is a pencil or paint brush and the world was my canvas, my purpose but to create to move to love. it's hard to really put into words but it was a marvelous event none the less.

Later I went down stairs too see how the others where in there journey, The cats who had been recently fighting since i just moved in had come together on this night and were sleeping side by side on the couch. (My cat especially is always pushing the bonds for me, I know its come here to help keep my spirt up as cats are hidden angels) it was beyond siren. i sat and listen to music like "Share the land" and "Hey jude" and couldn't help but feel in the moment like i was everything at once. Tears streamed down my eyes as I thought about deep subjects and the world as a whole I felt like the river that would bring about prosperity to the dried land.

Needless to say it was one hell of a day my crown charka was going crazy and I could see the light and energy that I truly am. It was beautiful. So tomorrow Im going to pick up the paintbrush and start creating art, art , art. Ill be posting more as it comes out. I guess I just want to know if anyone else has had experiences such as this. Or If you know what your spiritual animal is and what it means.

Love and light

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ya i feel i need to comment on this because you hear so much about dont smoke dont drink alcohol dont take substances ok yes i agree to be responsable but when used in this way they can simpilify things in a way the logical mind cant, and can any one answer why i have a spirit connection with crocodiles and reptiles in general and yes i know what im saying! but i feel that every species has positive and negative individuals but maybe people dont want to admit it because its all negatiive info about reptiles,go to 101408blogspot and read interview with a reptillian
Yes you can be a reptilian, Every spices ever has had a little evil in it. Lets take Harry potter for example he can talk to reptilians and only few could like the nameless one! in no way did that mean harry was to become evil too, same goes for every individual the choice is there's. I've also heard somewhere on youtube (Forgot the video name ill take a heavy look later) That RA the one winged Dragon who used to have very self serving tendencies has come full circle and is now in the light, Due to chill-in with some wise lions who helped him realize the true potential and nature of the light. (Ra is the god in Star gate lol the first one with kurt rus). also want to take this moment to point out that the dark arts and black magic haven't been evil too and in fact to reach the higher realms you'll have to fully understand this

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