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My hospital date's, would love it if you keep me in mind thus aiding a speedy recovery

Thank you all for those love based words and energies sent my way.


They came via sms, forum post replies, private-emails & SoE messages. They gave my family, loved ones and myself an unbelievable amount of support and continue to do so, thank you.


Dates given by the hospital (baring me catching a cold or flu) are as follows;


- Wednesday February the 9th admittance to hospital

- Thursday February the 10th the bypass operation (no time known at this moment)


In oneness,







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I will absoultly be thinking of you those days and days after for recovery.. we love you tony. xoxo.. i mean that. i hope your surgury & recovery and the care you recieve goes well.

I have no doubt that we will see you soon better than ever before. I know that you will be back and the "visit" to the hospital will be a nice moment to remember where you were help to overcome an "inconvenient".


Namaste Tony.



Dear Tony, like before, I will be calling upon Archangel Raphael and his green healing light to surround you during these days.  I am sure you will be fine and back here with us very soon! I will be sending my love to you too.

Dear Tony


I really wish you a successful operation and a fast recovery; we’ll be sending Reiki Light to you and your loved ones.


Love and Light


You will be in my thoughts Tony! hope everything goes well and you get better quick. :) Much Love and Healing to you!

Dear Tony i wish you a successful operation and fast recovery i will be sending to you all the masters of reiki to assist the operation team and yourself , Love peace and harmony to you and all your love ones.



We'll be sending prayers your way Tony, stay positive and visualize a fast recovery seeing your self healthy and happy in your minds eye...

Much Love to you

I'll do my best not to cause too much trouble in your absence my friend. ;).


We'll be there when you get back. You'll be back here before you know it.  You're like a timex watch, you just keep on ticking :).  Sending energies your way on those days and during the recovery time :).


See you soon Tony.



much love tony!

Precious Love to You Tony :):):) Our Dearest Brother & Friend.
As I have Said Before, Special Healing Prayers & Full Of Love ,Are Constantly In Your Way ,Great Guy.
You Will Do Just Fine , You Will Come Right Back ....And We Will Be So Glad To Have You Back Again With Us :):):)
................:):):) Thanks So Much For Being, Great Brother Of Light :):):) . Namaste In Gratitude.
:):):):):) HEALING SMILES & LOVE OF HEART :):):):):) ...All For You. Hugs.

Sterkte Lieverd , ik zal in gedachten bij jou zijn en mijn krachten jouw kant opsturen...

vertrouw op jezelf en vertrouw op God en denk aan je adem, goed diep ademhalen diverse keren voordat je onderzeil gaat...

Jij bent onze stuurman in deze woelige tijden, jij vaart ons overal doorheen, dus nu blijven wij even dobberen tot jij weer behouden terugkeert om de koers van ons aller Ascentie aan te geven...

Strenght and Blessings for you and your wife and family my sweetest Friend for Life XX


The energy from all these posts is overwhelming, my gratitude and love to you all.

I will be back before you know it in about 3 weeks,

take care all

in oneness,

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