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One of mates, one of my best mates at that, is really frustrating the hell out of me!

I try to talk to him about aliens, UFOs, and now the spiritual stuff too, but he is the biggest skeptic, and just says no, it cant be, to everything i say. he says i got no proof, but i tell him that i have done my research, had my signs, and physically felt the energy's, like with the solfeggios but he just refuses to believe anything. he says hes only going by 'what i say' he dosn't do any of his own research, he just chooses to block it all! he wont try the solfeggios because he says that it could be 'mind control' and he tells me that i should be open minded to that! (to which of course he has based on nothing)
I felt so wound up by him and his shear stubbornness today that i felt close to hitting him, and thats something i never do, in fact, i haven't felt so angry and high rate for along time, i was close to throwing him out!
I try to tell him that this is a wonderful thing, but it grates on me so much that he doesn't even try to see the light. i think he thinks that passage through the galactic center will be like any other day.
at the end of the day i should pity him, because he is so well and truly entrapped in this 3rd density, and shows no interest in raising his vibration. he is well stuck to his job, his car, his house and his general 3rd density crap.

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Funny, I have a friend who told me her dad used to start clapping and clapping, really loud... to get her and her brother up for school every morning.... Can you imagine? I would think I was at a concert or something...
Me I gave up the alarm clock a long time ago... it's wonderful.. the sun wakes me up.... peacefully...
Lanie said:
I am lucky as I speak I find I am coming across more and more people already in the same frame of mind or awakening. Of course, a site like this is awesome for when I need or want to talk but have no supporters around. Some of my friends and family laugh - but not badly or rudely - we are an accepting lot! - everybody's quirks welcome, lol.

In my immediate family - meaning my children (14, 15 & 19) they are soooooooo into all of this. But especially my 19 year old. And the whole night crew where he works listens to Coast to Coast every single night so he's totallly surrounded by all this and I think has as much if not more information as a whole than anyone I've met, and from many angles and perspectives, which Coast to Coast is good for.

But on the flip side I have a section of my family that is way religious and I don't think they've come to that point yet of understanding that god is not something outside of themselves. So I do have to be very careful at times not to alienate other people and maybe ending up feeling all alone.

It really is ok to let everyone awake in their own time. Just remember not to buy into their "wrong" thinking and don't lose step with your own awakening :)

Last but not least, I like to look at it this way. The Global Alarm Clock has rung, it's "time to wake up." Everyone here is well past hearing it and already started the day sotospeak. Me, I have been "awake" a long while now BUT until recently not doing much in support of it. It's like I was awake but sitting around sipping on that morning coffee before getting started to *do* anything. And when I heard Blossom Goodchild's chanelling about 10-14 it was like I heard, "Ok, no more coffee, time to get to work," but in the most pleasant of ways, not like some boss watching his watch and wondering what he's paying you for, lol ;)

So, while we "wake" our friends and family maybe we could see it that way? We all "wake up" differently. Some of us jump right out of bed right away when that alarm goes off - I think some people do anyway! ha ha ha ...I don't know any personally, but I'm sure there's people who get up that way! lol Me? I like the "snooze" button! A lot ....well no some days I *hate* it going off every 9 minutes as I try to convince myself to get up, he he. I am guaranteed to hit the snooze button at least once, more like twice, and if I'm really pushing it, 3 times. On a bad day no # of times matter, I'm just rolling over and going back to sleep.

My question then is how do you like to be woken? Politely? Nicely? Kindly? Or do you want someone shakin' the shit outta you and annoying you to no end?

And really, we only need to do one thing. Talk about it. Let them do with the info as they will, and surround them with your light. Let them awake naturally, as is good for them. If I hadn't been a long time into this already, if I was still in the initial stages of my awakening, I'm not sure I wouldn't as skeptic as the most skeptic out there!

Some people do wake up easy, some hit the snooze button and come around, others flat out refuse to get up. But they know. All three types. All are "awakened". Let the ones that need time and space to comprehend it all have what they need. And keep this in mind ...even if they are awake to the possibililies and are only going around talking negatively about it ...they're still talking about it! Still doing the same thing you and I are ...awakening others. And most people hearing about this will check it out to some degree and form their OWN opinion. It won't necessarily be the same negative thoughts the person who told them about it all might have. You see what I'm saying? No matter what, it's all good and accomplishing the same goal - people are waking up. It just way more fun right off the bat if you're woken up in a positive way.

So, while we are all excited and doing what we can to be personally ready for 2012 or ascension, lets be kind and gentle while waking up others ...even those who don't want to wake up just yet. Just smile and send them love and light anyway :)

I hope this has helped some!

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