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One of mates, one of my best mates at that, is really frustrating the hell out of me!

I try to talk to him about aliens, UFOs, and now the spiritual stuff too, but he is the biggest skeptic, and just says no, it cant be, to everything i say. he says i got no proof, but i tell him that i have done my research, had my signs, and physically felt the energy's, like with the solfeggios but he just refuses to believe anything. he says hes only going by 'what i say' he dosn't do any of his own research, he just chooses to block it all! he wont try the solfeggios because he says that it could be 'mind control' and he tells me that i should be open minded to that! (to which of course he has based on nothing)
I felt so wound up by him and his shear stubbornness today that i felt close to hitting him, and thats something i never do, in fact, i haven't felt so angry and high rate for along time, i was close to throwing him out!
I try to tell him that this is a wonderful thing, but it grates on me so much that he doesn't even try to see the light. i think he thinks that passage through the galactic center will be like any other day.
at the end of the day i should pity him, because he is so well and truly entrapped in this 3rd density, and shows no interest in raising his vibration. he is well stuck to his job, his car, his house and his general 3rd density crap.

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That helps so much :) thank you.


That does help simone!
I, and many others here have that "problem" but as it has been stated. We all have our own alarm clock to when we wake up to reality. Have patience. Whatever happens to your friend now Bishop, he knows. He knows.
He heard what you have said. So he is not completly in the dark of the truth. He might deny. But he will see eventually.
Be in peace and love and have strength! :)

Love and Light be with you Bishop.

Hi Bishop,

Many of us face the same problems with friends and family members. Right now, I do not have one single family member who will even let me bring up the topic of ETs or 2012.

All you can do is plant a seed and hope each person begins their own journey. You can't let this make you angry; bringing in negative energy. Just love your room mate. He apparently needs it!

Much Love,
For us one of the things to remember following a spiritual path is to be an expression of Love and Peace as much as possible. We feel exactly that which flows through us. If you express unconditional Love to everything all the time then you will always feel unconditional Love. We channel energy and we feel that which we are channeling. If anger flows through you then that is what you experience. It is also what flows out into the world through you.

It is good that you cared so much about your mate that you wanted to help him be happy too. But, we should be gentle and ask questions first to see if someone is interested in hearing what you have to say. It is such a simple thing to ask. "Hey mate! Do you feel like talking about UFOs?" It is as simple as that. Then just listen for the response and accept it. If they say no then do not go any further. Doing so leads to you channeling frustration and irritation. It will create a situation not of love and light. Then you will have moved away from the very goal you yourself want to achieve.

we all have different destinies in life.....
99.9% of my friends are stuck in their material world, but if theyre happier there (for now) then just let them find their own happiness. :)
I have the same problem but mine is a bit worse, My Sister won't talk to me anymore as well as my neice and nephew. Only because i'm leading away from being a Christian and i don't go to church.. I've always been about finding truth from the inside and i also try to explain 2012, Et's ufo's, Ascension and so much more but She is so tide up with her religion that she gave up listening and talking to me all together. My mother doesn't mind me explaining it to her but she is still very Skeptic about it. So my Mother does listen but she seems like it's not important to her, even though she is very religious. I lost alot of friends because of my awakening. I'm down to one friend left, which he is asleep so much that he rather stay in this realm because he is so attached to materalistic things, especially money. If i let him go i have no friends. It's tough to make new friends when you are going through an awakening process, ofcourse i have my friends here online but. My whole entire city where i live is so asleep that we are like still 5 years behind every body else in this country. I try to find people that are loving and understanding about 2012, but no one even cares, and they go on in they're sleepy lives.

My friends one friend, said i should be locked up in a mental institute. I live in the most horrible city. It would be nice if i could just leave to some island and get away from this place. I try to share my love but what can i do i already lost my sister and most of my friends this year.
Ahhh Bishop, welcome to the club....... Firstly....... relax and take a stand back from your friend... you are overloading his senses and taking away his Free Will... It is your Ego that is coming across to him.... Take it from me and many others here, you will get nowhere by acting like a bull at a gate...

Be like a candle...... you will burn your friend with your enthusiasm, let him be drawn to the warmth of you flame rather than the hot flame you are right now....

I know how hard it is to step back when youa re so excited and jsut want to share all that you have found out with someone close to you... but we all, each of us, HAVE to have the RIGHT to do this at our own paces...

Tell him that you're sorry for coming on too strong and that the only reason you did was because you were so ecstatic about what you had found out and that in a way you needed him to, as all humans do, to be there as company to go through this with someone you trust and like....

So............... chill, you are pushing him away with you energy....

Assure him that when he is ready you will be there to help explain things...

Concentrate on yourself and your own ego, I know its difficult, I have been there and I'm lucky that I managed to convince my partner and family that I didn't need a straight jacket and a oneway ticket to the nut house!!!

Be sincere, honest and patient at ALL times, but do not push your anger away, make it constuctive when you feel it rising...

If you need any more advice , just drop me a line and I will advise you in any way I can, having been through all this just recently..

remeber.... Love, Light and above all Laughter, even if you don't really feel like any of those...
All the best
Torz xx
hi bishop i have a friend who has been exactly the same but i just let him follow his own path rather then getting angry or frustrated with him.and in the last week he has started saying things about not following negative thoughts and following your own path which makes me very happy.i think he is waking up of his own are many people around me that i havent even mentioned anything to them about ascension. it is fantastic.
I am lucky as I speak I find I am coming across more and more people already in the same frame of mind or awakening. Of course, a site like this is awesome for when I need or want to talk but have no supporters around. Some of my friends and family laugh - but not badly or rudely - we are an accepting lot! - everybody's quirks welcome, lol.

In my immediate family - meaning my children (14, 15 & 19) they are soooooooo into all of this. But especially my 19 year old. And the whole night crew where he works listens to Coast to Coast every single night so he's totallly surrounded by all this and I think has as much if not more information as a whole than anyone I've met, and from many angles and perspectives, which Coast to Coast is good for.

But on the flip side I have a section of my family that is way religious and I don't think they've come to that point yet of understanding that god is not something outside of themselves. So I do have to be very careful at times not to alienate other people and maybe ending up feeling all alone.

It really is ok to let everyone awake in their own time. Just remember not to buy into their "wrong" thinking and don't lose step with your own awakening :)

Last but not least, I like to look at it this way. The Global Alarm Clock has rung, it's "time to wake up." Everyone here is well past hearing it and already started the day sotospeak. Me, I have been "awake" a long while now BUT until recently not doing much in support of it. It's like I was awake but sitting around sipping on that morning coffee before getting started to *do* anything. And when I heard Blossom Goodchild's chanelling about 10-14 it was like I heard, "Ok, no more coffee, time to get to work," but in the most pleasant of ways, not like some boss watching his watch and wondering what he's paying you for, lol ;)

So, while we "wake" our friends and family maybe we could see it that way? We all "wake up" differently. Some of us jump right out of bed right away when that alarm goes off - I think some people do anyway! ha ha ha ...I don't know any personally, but I'm sure there's people who get up that way! lol Me? I like the "snooze" button! A lot ....well no some days I *hate* it going off every 9 minutes as I try to convince myself to get up, he he. I am guaranteed to hit the snooze button at least once, more like twice, and if I'm really pushing it, 3 times. On a bad day no # of times matter, I'm just rolling over and going back to sleep.

My question then is how do you like to be woken? Politely? Nicely? Kindly? Or do you want someone shakin' the shit outta you and annoying you to no end?

And really, we only need to do one thing. Talk about it. Let them do with the info as they will, and surround them with your light. Let them awake naturally, as is good for them. If I hadn't been a long time into this already, if I was still in the initial stages of my awakening, I'm not sure I wouldn't as skeptic as the most skeptic out there!

Some people do wake up easy, some hit the snooze button and come around, others flat out refuse to get up. But they know. All three types. All are "awakened". Let the ones that need time and space to comprehend it all have what they need. And keep this in mind ...even if they are awake to the possibililies and are only going around talking negatively about it ...they're still talking about it! Still doing the same thing you and I are ...awakening others. And most people hearing about this will check it out to some degree and form their OWN opinion. It won't necessarily be the same negative thoughts the person who told them about it all might have. You see what I'm saying? No matter what, it's all good and accomplishing the same goal - people are waking up. It just way more fun right off the bat if you're woken up in a positive way.

So, while we are all excited and doing what we can to be personally ready for 2012 or ascension, lets be kind and gentle while waking up others ...even those who don't want to wake up just yet. Just smile and send them love and light anyway :)

I hope this has helped some!
The anger you felt is that you really want everything what is good for him. It's natural that everybody aroud us are skeptic. If not why we should be here? :) We are suppose to awake other people but in many different ways. Sometimes its easy like picking up a talk about it and your friend follows for its own. Sometimes its very hard but still they heard it, they took it inside, even if they dont really know about this now. I'm having really hard talks with my friend. He's not only skeptic but also 'truth warrior" like he says :D He finds everythin that is uncommon for hoax or manipulation. But still when that event 10-14 broke out he said something that shocked me: "Yes I would like to 'UFO show up' happen. It would be a historical day for me." :) Then I understood that it is a process. Everybody has it's own time to awake. And most of them will. Just patience is needed.
It is often the case that those who count themselves as being religiously minded have the biggest problem adapting to accept a new, another, or a different form of truth. After all, they have found comfort in their chosen religion, which for them is a stable matrix that filters out the major issues surrounding their lives, their morality and eventually their mortality. It is a way of displacing fear of the unknown with a generally accepted model of truth within their direct social circle.

Having said that they have the biggest problem adapting, I did not say that one should try to force something upon anyone, or even believe there is a problem with someone choosing to hold fast to a religious choice. It is a manifestation of free will and simply a different shade of spirituality. A different facet of the crystal of creation, if you will.

Understanding is key. Many religions have as core base that which we are all in agreement with: love, compassion and forgiveness. Yes, these values have often been polluted or twisted over the passing of centuries, but after extensive study of major religions, I can safely conclude that at their inception, and in their most modern and moderate forms, all religions are about stability, love and a means of coping with daily life.

Often, when one runs across someone passionate about their religion, quotes and passages from different holy books start flying around and used to lay foundations of entire arguments. It falls not unto us to to discredit such statements, but to take a different approach, a more enlightened approach. Find the common ground. See where your beliefs and theirs intersect on that given passage and calmly discuss it. Say that even though you are not in agreement about the details, the core of the message is embraced and through this gain a level of mutual understanding and respect. If possible, use examples of their own belief system that intersect with your own. In this regard, the facets of the crystal of creation can be called the Holy Trinity, the different faces of Vishnu, or even the many incarnations of a Prophet. But above all, strive to understand and respect their beliefs, for your own is just as valid as theirs, no less but also no more.

Be aware that this would mean a long and intelligent conversation over the course of many hours, so only do this when you both have time and are dedicated to this discussion.

This broad and unsollicited advice brought to you by Ullan,
bringer of light in the darkness,
erudite distributor of hope,
all-round annoying git :-)

P.S. Above all, remember this if nothing else from my messages: never lose your sense of humor.

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