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Am somewhere in Africa this night. As am taking an evening stroll, this thing that has lights blinkin like those of a plane passes by. However as it cuts a curve l notice that it doesn't bunk like plane do at which point it hits's my first citing! As it passes b2in a storied bldng n some tree canopy it falls squarely in my line of sight n then it gets crazy. Three floodlights at each corner of the craft go kaboom!on! 4 some five seconds l get my personalised display as it glides along silently. Today l bliev av had the most spectacular experience n couldn't wait to share that. I hope this goes on n that each n evry1 cn hav that experience.

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Wow Kihanyaking! that truly sounds remarkable! i have never yet had my own sighting, but i hope that will change, and when it does, i know it will be amazingly exciting!

Great! A mass sighting would be the best to happen, I'm waiting for that ;)
I'm so glad,you had spectacular citing bro.:):):)
...thanx for sharing.Namaste
That must have been a great experience Kihanyaking :)
Here is an experiment for anyone that hasnt seen a ufo; If its a clear night just stand outside for say 15-20 mins and just observe the night sky and stars you will see something more or less everytime ;o) try and do it with as many people as possible as you will have more eyes and awareness :)
What i normally see in the sky are what look like "stars" moving, not shooting stars but ufo's moving gently around 3 times as fast as a plane, one night my gf was drawn to a specific star in the sky she got the shock of her life as it suddenly moved in front of her own eyes we both saw it for around 10 seconds and it disappeared :) we were very happy after :) we always say thank you to them for revealing themselves to us. I have a feeling that UFO's are always around observing Earth and looking after us they have been here for eons happy watching :D
Wonderful, I hope to get one like that soon...
ahh cool man
Thanks guys. It's now next morning and I can't tell you how rested I feel. I slept like a baby. I guess my spirit was able to say...ooooh faaaaainally. My mind is in total bliss, total peace. Cheers.
i never forgot how my sightings looked, im replaying them back in my head now :) i feel happy for you!

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