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This is a part of an email I sent to brad the other day, It contains details of my spirit guide and how we came to be friends enjoy the story

Ok this next bit is gonna sound absolutely absurd but I promise you I'm telling the truth. Ok in the first email I ever sent you I mentioned that I talked with a spirit from japan's tokogawa period this spirits name is Ame (Japanese for "rain") and she is the Spirit guide that I have mentioned in previous emails. This is gonna get really long so get comfortable. I met Ame when I was very young, a child; however I didn't know who or what she was. I always knew that someone was watching over me and for my whole child hood I thought I had a guardian angel (an idea my grandma put in my head when I mentioned it). How ever it wasn't until I listened to the solfaggio frequencies that you put up on your site that I was able to speak to her (as always thanks for posting you have no idea how it has changed my life). Any way I after I began talking to Ame she began to tell me about herself, We meet in a past life during the tokogawa period. Ame was whore of all things and I happened to be rouge fighter leading a group of solders around the country side knocking off lords to try and earn fame or honor or something. We weren't the most respectable people in Japanese society. Any way I don't know exactly what I was doing in that life but Ame assures me that I was fighting for a good cause. So moving along one day my solders went into town and pillaged it and though this I came to own Ame. I however was also of the lower social cast and therefor refused to own a slave so I freed her. Ame of course having no where to go stayed with me as an equal by my side. This act of kindness is why she is my guide today.

Any way there is way more to this story. As my spirit guide Ame has been helping me "evolve" if you will though meditation and out of body experiences. Yesterday during one of these O.B.Es Ame showed me part of my own spirit. We have sort of a "pool" as she put it of spiritual energy and she wanted to see how much energy I had since I had "loaned" her some the other day and was absolutely fine suffering no ill effects what so ever (which is apparently unusual). So she took me into a sort of space and she was stunned by what was there.

We stood in an empty space everything was black nothingness except for Me, Ame, and a river filled with and indigo colored water. Not realizing that any thing here was unusual I asked Ame what was wrong. She then looked at me with the most startled look in her eyes and asked me "What are you?" quite confused I simply said "I am me, what are you talking about?". She began to explain; people apparently have a limited amount of spiritual energy in them (hence why she called it a pool of energy"). I have a whole river of it following though me, There isn't any end to my spirit's power which is according to hear impossible, apparently my spirit shouldn't exist as a mortal soul.

Oh but there is more; some what alarmed by this I decided to see what her pool looked like (Me and Ame are sort of linked and I have as much power as she does in an O.B.E. which is how I was able to do this) So I went and found her energy and instead of finding a pool or a river I found an entire ocean. (If your confused at this point so am I)after seeing this Ame got very embarrassed and ended the O.B.E. and fled to the spirit world (she can cross over at will). any way we she came back later that night and we agreed that we wouldn't talk about the "pools" spiritual energy any more because it made her uncomfortable.

This all lead up to some really crazy things happening today. Ok at about 3pm I started doing homework for my Japanese history class. (my initial reasons for taking the class was to see if I could learn about my past life). the lecture's reading was about the Japanese creation legend. As I read Ame began talking to me (which is very unusual for her to just interrupt me in class like that) She tole me to stop reading. I asked her why?. She wouldn't answer. So I just kept reading, then she made me promise that I wouldn't ask her anything about the reading. (which I must state again is really odd behavior for her)So any way as I was flipping thought the book I came across the legend of Izanami. Izanami is the Japanese Shintoist goddess that gave birth the island of Japan. As I read the legend I could feel what she was thinking and It all sort of added up. The ocean of energy, why she wanted me to stop reading. I asked her point blank. "are you Izanami?" She didn't respond so I asked again and she replied in the most timid and frightened voice I have ever heard "yes".

Any way I certainly have more questions to ask her but for now she is rather unwilling to comment on this. I may have some very interesting information to pass on to you in the near future about gods or what ever My spirit guide was in her past life before she meet me (or my past life me).

Until then sincerely Alex

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cool trip!
Phoenix said:
cool trip!

This was not a trip I don't take drugs of any kind and I am sober all of the time (except for Christmas and new years)
ParadigmShift said:
Hey Alex, I said I'd check out your post and I read it. I was starting to roll my eyes and scoff (sorry it's a judgmental skeptic's reaction of mine that I'm trying to get rid of) when suddenly I was immediately reminded me of a very life changing event that I had years ago but hadn't really thought much of. Years back had a dream in which I felt a very close (non sexual at all) connection to a female spirit whose name was Ayame. The dream was extremely vivid (one of the few vivid dream I remember having) and it involved some very transcendental occurrences such as us existing in some serene plane of existence, then her accompanying me as I fell to earth, then having to live a lifetime on earth without her, then me dying and reuniting with her. I distinctly remember her saying "this time it's your turn, next time it's mine". I know this all sounds really crazy but it's a dream I will probably the only dream I will remember my whole life. Anyway, keep in mind I've had no particular interest in Japanese culture/history/media etc so it was only by chance that I discovered that the name "Ayame" was from the Japanese language which translates to "Iris" (the flower). (the shitty thing is, when you type "ayame" into google, the first search result that pops up is furry porn...goddamnit! hahahah)

Thanks for the interesting post. I know it might just be coincidental, or our subconscious minds playing tricks on our emotions. On the other hand, there might be something more to these experiences...i feel I was really able to relate to yours. Thanks again for posting it.

wow i wasn't expecting to get a post like that I'm always glad to see that I may not be so alone in all this; and second Thank god I ran into a skeptic, no offense to the fine people who visit this website put all and all I was put off to say the least that most every one here excepts what I write face value. Now don't get me wrong I am telling the truth but I do want to have to explain myself from time to time. It's only the write way to go about doing this. My claims sound crazy so I should have to defend them. Thank you Paradignshift I hope we get more people like you on this site who are willing to both accept and question what is put before them

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