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Hello all this is me continuing the story of my insane life and it's less than normal happenings

for those of you just coming across this post please read part 1 here or you will likely be lost

Ok I will start by clearing up some things that came up in part 1. First off all this whole deal about Ame being some kind of Goddess in a past life is true (and I have fact checked this the best I could) . Although to be absolutely clear on the matter she says that gods/goddess in ancient mythology are really "super ascended beings" and that common people of the time mistook them for gods and that the legends that exits about such beings are founded in truth but are highly exaggerated. As to what her abilities are (or were) as an ascended being I'm not exactly sure of at this point and I may clarify in a later post when I have some more information.

Moving on the the actual life part of my crazy life post. I would like to talk about some experiences I have had in relation to this story. (ok readers this is going to be long so get comfy) alright beginning form the start of all this I would like to state the first time I knew that there was someone looking out for me. About 6 months before I meet Ame (by meet I mean learning who she was I was always aware of some ones presence to a lessor degree.) I had an accident. I was in the shower and slipped falling head first backwards out of the shower. During the free fall I felt some on push me out of the way of the bathroom counter. So instead of falling and cracking my head open I just sort of rolled over on the floor and was fine. I know that this sounds boring but I figured that Ame deserved credit for this; besides I don't get to write about mundane things like this all the time so it's actually kind of refreshing.

Alright now that the boring stuff is out of the way those of you who chose to keep reading thought my absurdly long blog post get to hear about the cool stuff. A while after I had made first contact with Ame (which was on November first or all souls day) I had started to suffer from sleep paralysis and night mares more frequently. ( I had always had these to a degree but never so intense) I now understand that the actual sleep paralysis part was my soul leaving my body and that most of my dreams are O.B.Es. any way moving along; I noticed after I listened to the solfaggio that I started to wake up and see things in the night, At first I thought that they were just my imagination but then one night's the incidents got really bad and Ame had to intervene.

I was trying to sleep when I started to paralyze out of control ( I have been able to resist this fairly successfully in the past) but it was different this time instead of having to resist once the paralysis kept coming in waves that were increasing in intensity. It was as if something was trying to yank me out of my body. Then Ame told me (with a very angry tone I might add, which is very unusual for her) to stop resisting. So I did, and moments later I was outside in my backyard. I was trying to figure out what was going on when two Gray's approached me. However Ame stopped them from coming close to me. Ame then changed form. She took the shape of a monstrous white wolf, with size and features similar to an oriental dragon. This beastly form stretched on for miles and was wrapped in an awesome white hot fire, It was absolutely huge.

She leaned her head down and stood between the Grays and me. She looked at them and they looked at her, paralyzed with fear. Ame spoke three simple words "leave him alone" and the Grays left, they just left. She then took her normal form (appearing as a cute long haired girl) turned to me and said. "they won't bother you again" and smiled. I woke up in my bed seconds later, confused but feeling that the danger was gone. I went back to sleep and I haven't had a night mare or sleep paralysis since. (the only exception being when i have my own O.B.Es with Ame but I can return form them when I want)

These are two more stories form my life I insist that they are true. I will post more about my life soon assuming people still show interest.

please leave a comment so I at least now who many people are reading

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tantalizing story!
Jenny said:
Keep the stories coming. My family and I are having very weird experiences too so it's great to read someone else's.

What sort of weird things are happening to your family
Jenny said:
Hi Alex
I read the message just trying to save space on the reply, Nice story. I have to comment on the reptilians, they are the most feared (by humans) but I know they aren't all bad, no race is all bad. Your son seems to be coming along nicely a lot of his "abilities" sound similar to mine actually. I am very surprised to hear that he may have been a reptilian warrior. I actually had a dream about dueling one the other night. (we were using wooden swords called a shinai and we weren't actually trying to kill each other; you can learn more about it here ) I think an anunaki was there too. Anyway back to the point does your son have any interest in learning how to use a sword or learning about warriors?

Also I see that you and whole family have been experiencing strange things evolving E.T.s I would like to know if you feel at all threatened by any of this? also let me know about any thing else that happens

P.S. next time your son tries to heal some one have him use water, wet the wounded area and the hands he is using.
Jenny said:
When my kids were little they practiced fighting with sticks and then I bought them toy swords. They now tell me (son 18, daughter 21) that they have both dreamt constantly about fighting in ancient places all their life, and are still doing so up to the present time. My son has channelled that his sister was also of Aruga last lifetime. As to the ET's,the white light gave a feeling of contentment and joy and all sightings have been extremely positive.(these are the good guys). Mike will use your advice about healing, thanks.

all right glade to hear it
Whoa what stories!

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