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Maybe the media is starting to wake up to what is going on in our world. A fair few news sites are starting to question what really happened in the Mumbai attack. With reports that some of the terrorists were actually anglo saxson in appearence. People might start to think that something fishy is going on.I don't know about other countries but one of the first things that was reported out here (Australia) was the fact that the terroritsts were looking for Europeans. In fact they kept repeating it throughout the bulletin. And yet also a Australian citizen who was there was interviewed telling how he was running away and fell over right near a terrorist who simply looked at him and walked away.Something ify is up.
I found these 2 good news articles on the net I sugest you read

American Chronicle, CA Mumbai attack – similar script to 9/11 ? The International Backers of the Mumbai Attacks

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Two Mumbai terrorists were from Bradford, Leeds

November 30th, 2008 - 4:11 pm ICT by ANI -


London, Nov.30 (ANI): At least two of the terrorists who attacked Mumbai earlier this week hailed from Bradford or Leeds and monitored reports of their murderous spree on sites, including the BBC.
According to the Sun, the gang looked for web updates and live footage on the net to help them prolong their three-day rampage that has left at least 195 dead and 295 injured.
It was further reported that at least five BlackBerry handsets were used for conversations, instructions and to surf British websites.
Key figures in the gang equipped themselves with BlackBerrys to monitor British news if the power was cut to televisions.
“There was a lot of content from the English media not just in London but Urdu and Arabic sites that are very strong in the north of England. We have started analysis on this and will pass it on to Scotland Yard,” a senior National Security Guard officer was quoted, as saying.
Mumbai’’s chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh said two Britons were involved. An army source said last night: “British passports were found on two terrorist bodies young men aged 25-30.
“It’’s possible that they picked them up as they rampaged through the hotel rooms, but security forces and police are investigating the possibility that they were British citizens from Pakistani families. Other terrorists appeared to have connections with Mauritius. All those involved so far are linked to Pakistan,” he said.
Meanwhile British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has reportedly spoken with his Indian counterpart Dr. Manmohan Singh. Brown also warned that it was “too early” to reach any conclusions about British involvement.
Bradford West MP Marsha Singh said he was “appalled” by reports that British Asians from the city could be involved.
He told The Sun: “I”m hoping it is wrong. I”ve spoken to Muslims in Bradford and they are disgusted as well. The community as a whole is gutted by this.”
Last night a Foreign Office source insisted there was “no evidence” of British involvement. (ANI)
love and light india and pakistan.
search the truth...

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