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Through Eliza Ayres

Good morning on this first day of your new year. I AM Mother Mary, but you can think of the One that I AM as the Mary Energy, a part of the Divine Feminine that came into embodiment some two millennia of your timeline.

When you embody, beloved, you leave so much of your Self behind. This other part of your Self is your full multidimensionality, of which you are now becoming aware. As you attain and can sustain a higher vibration within your body vehicle, you will become reacquainted with that greater part of Self, because now you will be able to hold more of You within. And you will begin to communicate with your guides and mentors who are ever with you, even if you have not always been aware of their presence.

As has been communicated, beloved, you are here for the purpose of weaving compassion into your Universe. You have come, first to experience the extremities of polarity and now, secondly, to take those polarities and to weave them together into Oneness.

This process proceeds from self-love, for it is through self-love that you build a foundation in order to begin to weave together through the golden threads of compassion all that is separate. You see compassion is love in action; you are taking the love that you are and weaving it consciously within as you radiate out self-love and well-being. Do not feel that you are not worthy of love, beloved, for you ARE love. You came here because you love.

Do not fear that you will lose your individuality through your work, for while compassion connects all in a field of Unity Consciousness, the one that you are in expression will remain separate and connected. Thus expresses the paradox of Unity Consciousness wherein the One is One and the many.

Your love is what moves the stars through the heavens. Your love is what will open hearts as your self-love radiates out to melt all that stands in opposition.

Love cannot be resisted; it is the force that binds together each individual separately and together into Unity Consciousness. Unity starts with you and works out.

Observe that the weaving of your compassion will flow forth from your heart, touching one and then another who will in turn touch still another until all are connected by this golden sparkling Web, expanding and extending out even beyond the boundaries of your solar system and into the Universe.

Be patient with yourself, beloved, for what you do is unprecedented. You are here, descended into form, a spiritual being, a being of energy and frequency. It is understandable if you have felt frustration and even anger at being so contained. However, dear ones know that as you weave compassion you feel yourself begin to expand out, following the lines of connection, beyond the earth and into the Universe. You will begin to connect with your star kin and those who presently exist in light bodies.

Communication doesn’t merely come through words, beloved, but feelings and frequencies. Even as you read these words or speak them aloud to yourself, you will be taking in the information that we have woven into the words and as you open to the possibilities that lie before you, the information will present itself to your awareness as it is needed. We see many of our light workers beginning to connect in ways that will begin to serve the greater good, emanating out our love through projects and events.

And there will be many who wake up this year. They will wake up like little children having many questions as they begin to discern a whole new world that lies before them. Many are not prepared so well as you, beloved, at least initially, but through encouragement and trust, they too will open up to the wisdom held within the heart and within the beauty of nature that abounds on this planet, even in the midst of the great cities.

Love is everywhere, in the fabric of the life that surrounds you. You will begin to see all who enter and leave your life as a lover does, with unconditional love, placing no boundaries or judgments upon them, but letting them walk free. The beggar on the street is sometimes a very old soul, beloved, one who sees no further value in holding onto material wealth or belongings. Honor that one, beloved, for the maturity of experience and even for the ennui that has taken form in their heart.

Love radiates out in pure fashion from the eyes of children and the animals who you gather as companions in your life. Let them remind you of the innocence that you may have left behind temporarily when sore beset by circumstance and life. The child remains within; love it whole, again, beloved, with the tender love of a gentle mother, allowing for the releasing of all the old programming to go, until once more you feel free and flowing in your life.

Each of you is our Son and our Daughter, beloveds. Each of you is worthy of love on this day of new beginnings and on all the days of your life.

You are in the process of bringing a new Universe into being, one woven from the golden strands of compassion. Our Son, Yeshua, is the guiding force behind this project, as he first seeded it as a possibility on your world. And now, each of you are working with him, stepping forth as you assume the golden mantle of compassion in your world and weave love into the air.

You are loved and supported by the Universe. We watch in excitement and awe as you strive to figure out your direction every day. We view your actions and advise you as we can because from our perspective we can see the whole picture that is not possible for you as an individual to discern at this time. You are creating your new world as you go. It is so amazing to watch.

Go forth, beloved, with love in your golden hearts. We walk beside you on the shore of the still lake within your heart. Discover that calm place within so you might sit with us and commune in the language of light and begin to remember those things that you have forgotten. We love you, beloved, with the fullness of our Being.


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Hatonn, Jan 01, 2014

Wake up Call

Through Nancy Tate

I am here today to bring you a message of hope and assuredness. I am Hatonn, and in this message I am bringing much of what so many of you are saying and asking for at this new beginning of the timeliness of the freedom that you are heading into. It is a matter of being in the know about what you are striving for and then knowing that it is going to work. Yes, it is going to come for you, because you have reached an epitome about how you can achieve that which you are destined for.

As you go through this new year of opening to the truth of your abilities, you will see many ways in which what you are inspired to do will work. That will increase your knowledge of what to tap into within your beingness and how to bring it forth in the joining of so many of you who are walking in that light of Love and freedom. It is a matter of talking the strides that you see will bring you to the truth of how you can master anything that you intend for the coming forth of the truthfulness that brings forward the higher energies that you are bringing to yourselves. It is going to prove itself to us all as the year progresses and you stand in your rights as sovereign citizens of this planet and further into the universe.

I would like to speak with you about something that is taking place now. There are many cases in which things that have been being formed to answer many people’s questions are coming to the public now. It is wise for you to pay attention to anything that resounds to you a clear and positive message. It is an example of what you are going to be creating in the times to come. Give credence to anything that speaks to you of what makes sense and what feels very strongly wonderful and clear. With this in mind you will be helping to bring about that which you have seen set into place in many ways in the recent times.

We are so impressed with how well you are all doing and how many of you are stepping out in Truth and Love. You are showing the example of the more powerful way in which to bring to your world that which resonates with all of life. When you are inspired to follow an urging for something that can change the ideas that have been connected with something, yet which have only brought forth that which does not benefit all of life, then you have tuned in to the choice that you have made on a soul level. Step forth in that choice and know that you will see results flowing to benefit the entire world.

I leave this message now with the utmost love and respect for all of you. You have shown to me that you are in the drivers seat and that you know the route to take to benefit all. Keep on with the knowledge that we are all One and that you are awakening to what that means. The best things in life are free for the taking and all you need do is to see it as that which says to you that it is for the benefit of all life on earth, and go from there.

A Beautiful glow emits forth from all of you and brightens the landscape of the planet in a whole new way. Be ready for the celebration that is just around the corner and in your lives at this time. Blessings and Love to you all!

Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

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Hatonn, Jan 01, 2014

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Archangel Gabrielle’s New Year’s Message for 2014


 channeled through Linda Dillon, Council of Love, December 28, 2013, at

So, what are you working on this year? We have been encouraging you to begin the creation, not only of the New You, but of your new life, of Nova Earth, of the Cities of Light, of the affiliation, of the cooperation, of the creation of new paradigms, not only belief systems but relationships, not only nation to nation, person to person, but galactic to galactic…but mostly for you to work, to play and to create in JOY!

Archangel Gabrielle: Greetings, greetings, beloved one,. I am Gabriel, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, welcome. And dear hearts, you are not simply on the cusp and within the realm of the solstice, you are within the realm of wholeness, not of becoming but of being in the fullness and the presence of your totality of who you are.

Now, I’d like you to remember what I am called. I know you are all in a love affair with my brother and twin, Mikhail, and frankly, child, so am I. I am Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, so this day, this night, I come to blow my horn, to blow this trumpet of truth to make the clarion call and to declare, not only peace without and upon the planet, above and below with your star brothers and sisters, with those within, with Gaia, but with each and every one of you and with your sacred self.

Yes, earlier this day I have gifted you my Golden Bubbles of wholeness, my bubbles of Joy. Dear hearts, it is time to play. Creation comes from play, from the sense of ridiculous, of dreaming. Michael has been encouraging you to dream big for years; well, I am standing by and waiting to see the results. And dear hearts, so are you!

Is that not what you have been saying to us all year long? “Show me!” Well now I am saying this to you, “I will show you and you will show me. You will show us the magnificence of your splendid design and what you, my beloved ones, are choosing to bring forth during this time of completion.” Now let me emphasize this…This is the time of completion!

I am Central Administrator, I am the heavenly bureaucrat, the administrator for the design of the Mother and of course I work very closely with Sanat Kumara, with Raj, and with the fulfillment and the unfoldment of the Plan, not only of Gaia but of each and every one of you.

I say that you are in the time of completion. We have been speaking to you, my beloved ones, of this time of stepping forward, that the waiting is over. We have been encouraging you to begin the creation, not only of the New You, but of your new life, of Nova Earth, of the Cities of Light, of the affiliation, of the cooperation, of the creation of new paradigms, not only belief systems but relationships, not only nation to nation, person to person, but galactic to galactic.

It’s time for you to realize that not only are you angelic star-seeds but that you are, in actuality, masters and that your star brothers and sisters are waiting, not only to assist you, not only to shake your hand, but to embrace you and to share their love, their knowledge, their wisdom. Yes they come to help and I would suggest to you they have protected and held Gaia in a protective cocoon so that she did not wobble off into deep space for hundreds and hundreds of years and that means, beloved ones, that they also held you.

So now, are you ready to embrace one another? Are you ready to embrace the masters who have been very keen, excited, and if you can think of divine anxiety, anxious to walk with you, to talk with you? We are archangels, we have a very different form than you do, but do you think, sweet angels of light, that we do not wish to be seen, to be experienced, to share our essence more and more deeply with you? It is our fondest dream, it is our creation, for us to be in the fullness of our sacred partnership with you is what we have waited for, it is what we have worked for patiently, some more patiently than others…I have never been one known for her patience.

We begin anew so as we come, my beloved friends, my family, we come to the time of completion. But this does not mean an ending because in that time of completion comes the time of new beginning and that is what this unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan is all about. And it is not some distant date in the future; it is in what you and we consider the now.

Some of you are asking if this solstice is more important than the 2012 solstice. Let me explain…This solstice could not occur without the last solstice. Now, there has been this push and pull, in fact, quite a delightful debate about events vs. process, events vs. evolution, so this solstice, this opening, this time of completion, this new beginning, this new wave, this new oceanic reality could not have taken place without that opening, without Gaia claiming her rightful place, without each of you consciously or otherwise saying, “We will go as a whole.”

So think of it as a progression; so is this a progression and the direction and the timing that you have been yearning for? Yes. Is it more important than last year? No, it is simply the next step and it is also part of the process that you have been engaged in as humanity, not only for millions of years, but since you began the process of 11-11 in ‘92, 12-12 in ’93, all the equinoxes, all the solstices. All of this has been a progression and low and behold here you are at the finish line and the starting gun.

The Council and the channel has spoken of surrender and sometimes when we look at this word, you will know as you work with me more there are times when I can be quite a picky archangel, so it is surrender to what? It is surrender, not only to the One, to the Source, to the Mother/Father; it is also surrender to yourself. So, what does this really mean? It is a surrender of struggle; it is a surrender allowing the final dissipation of the old 3rd dimension.

What does this mean in practical terms? It means something that you have all been asking and praying for; a sense and a practicality, an application in every sphere of what you think of as ease. Your existence as Nova Beings, as masters in form, starseeds in form, angels and archangels in form, was never intended to be difficult. And we mean this in the practical sense of a growing ease within yourself, within your homes and I mean this…let me be very clear…physically, mentally, emotionally balanced and that means a growing wellness and a release of dis-ease, of finance, of struggle with money, and realizing that your acknowledgement and surrender to your spiritual currency, your innate value throughout the omni-verse, defines your financial abundance.

And what you think of as physical wellbeing within the financial realm is not defined by some bank president or financial institution. It is defined by your sweet self. So [you are experiencing] a very rapid growing ease with what you think of as money, a letting go. And when we speak of letting go of financial hardship, let us also say this, we are talking about you individually and we are talking globally. We are talking about nation-states. We are talking about the crumbling of institutions that have not been based on integrity and ethical behavior.

Now, are they going to crash? No, because we do not engage in drama, grand drama, and neither do you.

Politically, you are seeing the shifts already. You are seeing not only the cracks in the institutions, but you are seeing the groundswell, the grass roots rising up of the populace saying that we demand our freedom and our equality…we are in charge, not you! You are seeing those in positions of power begin to speak more openly and freely about such matters as secrets, what has been hidden, what has been dirty, what has been cruel, what has been painful, your star brothers and sisters – their arrival.

You are seeing it even in what you think of as the quasi-political, which we would call religious, realms. One of the things that we have asked the channel to speak of this year is the rise of even the papacy. Pope Francis is a gift to your planet and that will have a ripple effect that will change the face of what people think of as faith vs. religion in the upcoming year.

There is not one area, particularly communications, of which I happen to be the archangel-in-charge, that will not be significantly altered. You have already mentioned the issue of being able to communicate telepathically, of knowing full well what others are thinking and perceiving and feeling and being able to communicate on a whole different level. And that is also in preparation for communication with your star brothers and sisters.

It is the emergence, not only of a common language, but of a form of communication that allows many to communicate not only in a higher realm, but in a clearer realm because the use of human language, which we have no desire to eradicate, it is beautiful, it is colorful, it is descriptive, but it is also very sneaky. Do you notice how you use words to hold back, to shield yourself, to protect yourself, to hide behind? Well that will disappear because the clarity of how you feel, how you think, and the purity of how you share that is coming to the forefront.

This is already the tsunami of love. It has already begun. So, these are the things, what you are really seeing is the intangible translating to the tangible. That is what 2014 is about! You will be working on completion.

Now, long ago I have told you that all you need, I said, to get home, was love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness and balance. Well, dear hearts, you have worked through the list. Now, that does not mean that that list disappears: that is your foundation. So, what are you working on this year? What is this completion and new steps that I speak of? It is literally completion of the old; so it is a transition. You have mentioned moving houses; yes, I have certainly been listening in to this entire conversation; in fact we all have.

When you first are informed that you have need to move houses, that there is a transition underway, you shake your heads and you say, “I don’t want to move, I love my home, I love my nest” and then you move into the new house and it is ten times better. It has the space and the closets and all the amenities that you have been wanting, designing, desiring. And you say, “Oh, okay yeah, I really like it here.”

That is what you are doing, not literally, although many of you will be moving house, many of you are being re-positioned, but you do not need to worry about that, you will know when you are being re-positioned. But what you are doing, think of it in very practical terms and then in global terms, build from your self up rather than waiting for the top down because, dear hearts, that is not going to happen.

So, what is it in your life, in the very practical, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical life that you need to bring to completion? And when I say completion I do not mean that you have to kill off anything, I do not mean that you have to have death, I mean completion.

So, for some of you it is finding that place of peace with your finances, with your abundance, with your health, with your relationship, with deciding that what you want to do, what is your passion, how is it aligned with your mission and purpose? What are you going to do for the next chapter?

And in order to begin the new, in order to actually be moved into your new house, you have to pack up and clean and make sure that all the dust bunnies are removed. That is what you are doing in a global sense and in a personal sense.

Now, does this need to be drudgery? Does this need to be harsh? Let us be clear…we do not want, we will not hear of it being harsh! The explosion of letting go, of surrender, of release can be very big, so there can be sound and tears but it does not need to be hard. There is a difference my beloved ones between allowing us…Mikhail and Jophiel and Raphael and Uriel, there is a difference between allowing us to lift away your burden and allowing the tears that you have stored for millions of years to come forth and truly having to work and slave at it.

Allow the transition and completion to be gentle, to be kind, to be filled with the Mother’s grace. All of you have been far too serious, which is ironic because Sirius is, in fact, a planet of play. But never the less, you have been very serious in your deliberations of how to go forward. That is one of the reasons I have introduced my playful, joyful, bubbles of gold. I want to see you play and to see how easy it can be to simply step into the joy and to allow them to be the catalyst as they pop and foam and grow and float and remind you of your own sacred orb and of the joy that rests within.

So, what are you working on this year? It is a very very heavy, serious assignment! You are working on your Joy, you are working on your unity with each other, you are figuring out how you what to work and play and create together. That, dear heart, is your assignment!

I would be remiss and heaven knows I would not like to be reminded by the Divine Mother, I would be remiss if I did not say and I speak now directly into each and every one of your hearts, I speak directly into your sacred seat of your soul and your tri-flame; “We are so proud of you. You have endured. You have not only been brave and courageous. You have embodied valor. You have embodied patience and you move into wisdom and knowing and the holding, embodying truth and love. You have been phenomenal and we will never, ever leave your side. This is a sacred union that we formed with you long ago. Think of it, my beloved ones, as having long, lost family that has just shown up on your door for the Holiday Season…oh, and I forgot to tell you that we are moving in. You are loved! You are valued! You are honored! You have done it!”

Go with my love sweet angels and go with my golden radiance of Joy. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon on  Lift Your Spirit: December 21 – One Year On… What Now? where Linda was Stephen Cook’s special guest.  You can listen to that entire show here:

For the New You Webinar, How to Channel; Workshop,  Advanced LaHoChi Healing, and Saturday Conference Calls, go to:

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SaLuSa 03-January-2013 by Mike Quinsey

 SaLuSa  3 January 2014

We join you at an exciting time as you enter the vibrations of a New Year. Across the world there is anticipation of a coming time that brings wonderful changes. They are going to be ones that will give a clear signal that a new era has got under way. Outwardly the chaos would still seem to be present, yet it is clearing to reveal long awaited changes. It is now a time of taking opportunities as they present themselves, to reveal the new way of bringing people together so that harmony can be restored. Love will become seen as the energy that will remove all traces of the old ones that have held you back for millennia of time.


Throughout your world cleansing is taking place, and the old energies are slowly being dissipated as they no longer serve any purpose. They will soon be unable to interfere with the changes that are taking place, that will show you beyond doubt that the new era is here to stay. For quite a long time you have been promised major changes, and the work that has been done to bring them about is now going to bear fruit. This year will mark the turning point in many lives, and there will be no doubt in your minds that the days of the cabal are numbered. They know it and are ready to concede defeat, but there are always certain individuals that know no other way than to fight to the bitter end.


There will be many revelations that will help clear up some of the questions you have, and indicate the new path to the Light that is opening up. Be assured that all of the necessary changes are in hand that will ensure your future. The parting of the ways has never been more clear, and for many souls it is a time of decision affecting their future. We send our love to all those that are not ready to move into the Light. Each one treads the path they have set up for themselves, and go with our blessings as they experience exactly what is necessary for their progress.


It is no wonder that your history is full of encounters between people of different beliefs, as at times they clash because they have not found the common land between them. However, time is on their side and they can take as long as they like on their way to completion. Outside of your dimension time does not exist as you know it, All is in the Now. It means that you can go back in "time" and even into the future although it is a projection of all possibilities. You will realise that once you leave the "time" dimension, it will no longer be the way that you will account for your actions or experiences. You will be free without constraints providing you understand that you must not interfere with another souls journey, but can help if so requested.


Dear Ones, your journey through Duality as you know it is almost at an end, and it will become easier to put distance between yourselves and the old vibrations. You will be surprised at how quickly you will be able set aside your old memories of your lives in Duality. The joy and happiness that you will feel in the higher vibrations will be far more exhilarating and satisfying than any earlier experience. Many of you are still weighed down by the old ones, and will need to lift yourselves up out of them to ensure smooth and ongoing progress.


You are in exciting times and have spent many lives preparing for such an occasion as now. You knew that you would be ready to take a great leap forward, and now you have a great future ahead of you. Many will eventually return to their home planet having completed their time in the lower dimensions. The experience that they have gained will then be shared with others so as to benefit the whole. Some have become so insular having spent so long on Earth, that they have almost forgotten that life abounds everywhere in the Universe. There is so much to see and so much to do, that you will never tire of having new experiences.


Your eyes are being opened to the understanding that you are great Beings, and are destined to regain all of your chakras and suppressed abilities. Only then will you understand the potential of a fully developed Being moving in the higher dimensions. At present you are being prepared for a great leap forward. It will return you to a state that you were in prior to your journey through the lower dimensions.


These are very testing times for you, but with your experience you should be able to move through them with ease. Follow your intuition if you feel any doubt and you surely will not go wrong. Remember that many souls are experiencing your journey through you, and at the same time helping you where they can. Remember also that your Guides do not interfere in your life unless asked to do so. They will however use their influence to point you in the right direction at all times.


I am SaLuSa, and ask you to be ready to accept the changes and give help to those who may not be so well informed. We are with you and giving of our love and blessings for a successful journey.  


Thank you SaLuSa,


Mike Quinsey. 



The Crop Circle discovered on December 30, 2013 in Salinas region, precisely in the city of Chualar, we discussed a bit about their interpretation.

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sábado, 4 de janeiro de 2014 Saturday, January 4, 2014


O Crop Circle descoberto em 30 de dezembro de 2013 na região de Salinas, exatamente na cidade de Chualar,  discutimos um pouco sobre a sua interpretação. The Crop Circle discovered on December 30, 2013 in Salinas region, precisely in the city of Chualar, we discussed a bit about their interpretation. Nós aprendemos a partir de vários sites, incluindo, o pictograma que apareceu em um campo de trigo na Califórnia, parece ter sido decodificado. We learned from several sites, including, the pictogram that appeared on a wheat field in California, seems to have been decoded.
O seguinte é oque o pesquisador Paul Jacobs no site: The following s what researcher Paul Jacobs in site:
A imagem global do pictograma apareceu em Chualar na Califórnia, pode ser que de um "relógio polar" (ver  polarclock  ). The overall image of the pictogram appeared in Chualar in California, it may be that of a "polar clock" (see polarclock). Como você pode recordar, um outro "relógio polar" foi descoberto 02 de junho de 2012 nas áreas de Manton dirigia, perto de Marlborough, Wiltshire - Inglaterra (veja o link ). As you may recall, another "polar clock" was discovered June 2nd 2012 in the areas of driving Manton near Marlborough, Wiltshire - England (see link). Na safra de Manton Dirigi parecia descrever um evento que viria a ser associado com o desembarque do Curiosity Mars Rover da NASA, o que de fato ocorreu dois meses após a data indicada em 5 de agosto de 2012. In Manton Drove crop seemed to describe an event that would be associated with the landing of the Curiosity Mars Rover NASA, which in fact occurred two months after the date indicated on August 5, 2012.
Este novo "relógio polar" em Chualar, Califórnia mostra um "cometa brilhante da cauda longa", assim como se espera o evento astronômico: This new "polar clock" in Chualar, California shows a "bright comet long tail", so as expected the astronomical event:
Tudo "dentro do pictograma pode ver ou entrever uma espécie de circuito ou" Chip CCD "que você costuma encontrar em uma câmera digital. Isso pode envolver muitos fatores, incluindo o fato de que muitas pessoas na Terra serão capaz de fotografar um cometa brilhante nos primeiros meses de 2014: All "inside the pictogram can see or perceive a kind of circuit or" chip CCD "that you usually find in a digital camera. This can involve many factors, including the fact that many people on Earth will be able to shoot a bright comet in first months of 2014:
Quando estudou de perto, a "cabeça" do "cometa" mostra um "rosto sorridente" (às vezes elaborado Crop Circles), por meio das "três linhas finas", que correspondem ou três postes de telefone ou power-ups no lado oposto âmbito da cultura: When studied closely, the "head" of the "comet" shows a "smiley face" (sometimes elaborate Crop Circles), through the "three thin lines", which correspond to three telephone poles or power-ups on the opposite side field of culture:
A data do evento não é suposto claramente especificadas. The event date is not specified clearly supposed to. Três "planetas" foram desenhados em torno do perímetro exterior, mas essas não são suficientes para especificar uma única data: Three "planets" were designed around the outer perimeter, but these are not sufficient to specify a single date:
Agora  três códigos diferentes  foram cuidadosamente incorporadas dentro de uma imagem recorte, pode ser de alguma importância, se a imagem do círculo de cultura parece ser mofo "paranormal", como você pode ter sido barro por mãos humanas? Now three different codes have been carefully incorporated within a cutout image may be of some importance if the image of the crop circle appears to be mold "paranormal", as you may have been clay by human hands? Precisamos informar com precisão esses códigos em qualquer caso. We need to accurately report these codes in any case.
Seu primeiro código interno mostra uma pequena mensagem em código Braille que diz "  192-192-2-192-1-192-192 "  . His first internal code shows a small message in Braille code that says "192-192-2-192-1-192-192". Esta pode ser uma referência simbólica para os britânicos motor de busca "" (ver  ). This can be a symbolic reference to the British search engine "" (see A implicação pode ser que "os cegos vêem, e os que buscam encontrarão" The implication may be that "the blind see, and those who seek will find"
seu o segundo código, o exterior, envolve três linhas de telefone ou postes de eletricidade, que aparecem na vizinhança da formação de Manton Dirigi em 2 de junho de 2012. Your second code, the exterior, involves three phone lines or electricity poles, which appear in the vicinity of the formation of Manton Drove on June 2, 2012. Estes três pólos altos correspondem às "três linhas finas" do outro lado da imagem do círculo da colheita. These three tall poles correspond to the "three thin lines" across the image of the crop circle. Em poucas palavras esses três pólos altos são diferentes números sorteados no Crop Circle e pode ser em código Morse, que se traduz como " 3-3-espaço-espaço-1  "vai no sentido horário ao redor da imagem do ícone da forma peculiar de um "relógio polar incluem": In a nutshell these three tall poles are different numbers drawn in Crop Circle and can be in Morse code, which translates as "3-3-space-space-1" goes clockwise around the image of the icon of the peculiar form of a 'Polar watch include ":
O terceiro código intermediário tem um número de caracteres alfabéticos do código Morse. The third intermediate code has a number of alphabetic characters in Morse code. Eles parecem ler: "  Os ET B-SON STS  " They seem to read: "The ET B-SON STS"
Uma interpretação desta mensagem enigmática pode ser: One interpretation of this cryptic message can be:
"  ET B  (s) "ou" extraterrestres existem. " "ET B (s)" or "ET exist."
Então "  ISON  (cometa) "é um"  STS (Sistema de Transporte Espacial  ) "como para os ônibus espaciais da NASA (ver ). So "ISON (comet)" is a "STS (Space Transportation System)" as for the NASA space shuttles (see ).
Muito importante se for verdade! Very important if true! Eu altamente esperar para ver o que pode acontecer a seguir. I would highly wait to see what might happen next.
Apêndice 1 para Chualar: Uma segunda interpretação do seu código Braille "1-9-2" em termos de "horas" em que vai dentro do círculo da colheita visto como "relógio polar" Appendix 1 for Chualar: A second interpretation of its Braille "1-9-2" code in terms of "hours" that goes inside the crop circle seen as "polar clock"
Em primeiro lugar, eu notei vários serviços de televisão giornalistic (ver ), que os três números em código Braille "  1-9-2  "também pode significar" horas "ao longo do projeto de um" relógio polar ": Firstly, I noticed several television services giornalistic (see ), the three numbers in Braille "1-9-2" code can also mean "hours" throughout the project of a "polar clock" :
O objetivo da codificação em tais numeros codex "Braille" e "Planeta" partes deste uma imagem recorte, seria sugerir que algum evento astronômico importante (como um "cometa brilhante") em primeiro lugar pode ser visto a 24 horas, em seguida, à meia-noite no céu da Terra, em um lugar específico (em Londres?) e em alguma data especial. The purpose of coding in such numbers codex "Braille" and "Planet" parts of one cut image, it would suggest that some important astronomical event (such as a "bright comet") in the first place can be seen 24 hours, then the midnight in Earth's sky, in a specific place (in London?) and some special date. Dentro de seu "chip CCD", podemos ver dois números separados Braille  2  e  1  são (2 + 1) =  3  . Within its "CCD chip," we see two separate numbers Braille 2:01 are (2 + 1) = 3. Nós também podemos ver três números em Braille conectado  1-9-2  que são (1 + 9 + 2) =  12  . We can also see three numbers in Braille that are connected 1-9-2 (1 + 9 + 2) = 12. Um tempo de 12 horas ou a meia-noite foi então trazido em duas formas diferentes. A time of 12 hours or midnight was then brought up in two different ways.
Quanto ao quadro geral do pictograma, sugere-nos que precisamos de rever o "relógio polar" três vezes  . The general framework of the pictogram, suggests to us that we need to review the "polar clock" three times. Para ver três pólos altos no campo próximo, pareados por três linhas finas no lado oposto da imagem do círculo da colheita a partir desses pólos. To see three tall poles in the next field, matched by three thin lines on the opposite side image crop circle from these poles. Vários números em código Morse como vimos ao redor do exterior do relógio mostra os símbolos "  3  "ou"  1 ". Several numbers in Morse code as seen around the outside of the watch shows the symbols "3" or "1".
A parte do código Morse ("  ET B  ") também mostra uma semelhança feira com uma série de cinco corpos planetários, ou para quatro planetas mais o Sol no início de janeiro de 2014, um sexto corpo, talvez os restos do cometa Ison longo seu caminho orbital final: Part of Morse code ("ET B") also shows a fair resemblance to a series of five planetary bodies, or four planets plus the Sun in early January 2014, a sixth body, perhaps the remains of comet Ison over your Final orbital path:
Assim, podemos ver Mercúrio, o Sol, Vênus, a Terra, detritos do cometa Ison (ISON = STS), e Júpiter se alinharam numa perspectiva heliocêntrica na primeira parte de Janeiro de 2014. So we can see Mercury, the Sun, Venus, the Earth, the comet debris Ison (ISON = STS), and Jupiter aligned on a heliocentric view in the first part of January 2014. O quadro geral do pictograma e notável! The general framework of the pictogram and remarkable! Quem fez isso e por quê? Who did this and why? Ninguém sabe, só temos que olhar para o que virá a seguir. Nobody knows, just have to look at what comes next.
PS: Essas três linhas de postes telefônicos alcançar alturas sucessivamente mais elevadas (baixo, médio, alto), à medida que avançamos no sentido horário ao redor da imagem do círculo da colheita. PS: These three lines of telephone poles reach successively higher heights (low, medium, high), as we move clockwise around the image of the crop circle. Novamente, isso sugere que deveríamos voltar para o "relógio polar" por três voltas completas (dias, semanas, meses?) Até lá será o "momento de um evento" irá ocorrer. Again, this suggests that we should return to the "polar clock" for three full turns (days, weeks, months?) So there will be the "time of an event" will occur. Toda a imagem da colheita foi alinhado dentro do campo, de modo que a sua longa imagem do "cometa" vem do oeste e atravessa três linhas finas no norte. The whole image of the harvest was aligned within the field, so that the image of his long "comet" comes from the west and crosses three thin lines in the north. O Ison Comet era esperado para se aproximar perto do pólo norte da Terra até 16 de Janeiro de 2014. The Comet Ison was expected to approach near the north pole of the Earth until January 16, 2014. Muitas imagens diferentes do Ison cometa foram extraídos vários crop circle na Inglaterra, Itália, França ou na Holanda desde 2008. Many different images of the comet Ison were extracted several crop circle in England, Italy, France or the Netherlands since 2008.

where does 19 Feb 2014 comes from???

I dont see in the interpretations this date mentioned...

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