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A silent V-shaped craft with "five or six lights under each wing" moved across CO skies near Boulder on Feb. 28, while a blue "streak of light" caught a witness's attention near Brighton, CO at 6:24 p.m. In KY, a black disc was spotted at a height of 40 feet - hovering, silent and "wobbling" - until it shot off quickly. In MI, a hovering craft began rotating and then moved slowly across a freeway toward an airport. Three lights appeared in the NJ sky just as the witnesses' street lights went out, then the sky lit up blue and "everything around us was blue."

Following are the unedited witness accounts from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

CO, Feb. 28, 2009 - V shaped wing with 5 or 6 lights on each wing flying in N-NW direction

I was sitting in the hot tub looking at Orion the Hunter and noticed a line, more or less, of lights proceding in a NW-N direction, moving faster than a polar satellite, and somewhat dim considering the city light pollution. After a second or two the V-shape was apparent with five or more lights on the underside of each wing? of the craft. The V shape was wide, that is not cheveron shaped, and there was no sound associated with the sighting. It disapeared behind my house and into the haze in the direction of Boulder. The entire event took less than 15 seconds. This is my third sighting of an unidentified object and I knew exactly what I was looking at, although different than the first two.

CO, Feb. 28, 2009 - Bright streak/arc shaped, short in duration (meteorite?)

While driving into Brighton, CO I was looking just down the road in a NNE direction. In the early evening sky at 6:24pm, @ 20 - 30 degrees up from the horizon, I observed a short arc/streak of light. It was a "streak of light" such as a meteorite but appeared to have a tinge of blue color to it (could've been due to the sun going down and atmospheric effect on light up in the atmosphere?). I would say it was traveling in a NNW direction and disappeared within 3 seconds (very short streak). Immediately I looked at both car and radio clocks to confirm the time. It may have been as far away from me as 30 -50 miles, somewhere up over Weld County. It was too quick and I was driving so sorry, no photo.

KY, Feb. 28, 2009 - Shiny, black, disc 5' round with fins all around the edge with an indented circle in the bottom middle

I was sitting on the swing on my front porch of my home. I was looking across the street and saw a black disc flying slightly above a 40' pine tree in the field outside our house. It was only a few hundred feet away from me. It was very low. At first I thought it was a large frisbee or something. It wobbled and did not make any noise. It flew slowly across the street. still wobbling and went over some houses and went behind some trees for a second. Then it came back up over the trees and hovered and teetered at the same time without moving. Then it flew a few feet up at an angle and shot off. It vanished. I did not see where it went. It was just gone. It never made any noise. It was a light icy drizzle and cloudy. While I was watching, I did not know what to think. I just watched it. After it was gone, I realized what I had just seen and got upset and shaky and I cried. I was upset for awhile. I went in and drew what it looked like, the time, and looked for this sight.

MI, Feb. 28, 2009 - Craft was still then rotated and moved slowy across freeway.

driving home from work seen something different in area looked like a huge lamp post and stayed the same for about 10 seconds then it rotated 90 degrees counter clock wise and moved slowly toward the airport and i got a real good look at it over the freeway because it was moving very slowly. when i got home i drew a picture of what i saw.

NJ, Feb. 27, 2009 - i saw three star like objects in the sky. the lights then went out and a bright blue light flashed in the sky. later on we saw five red star like moving objects.

I was at my friends house and her and I along with my other friend were sitting outside in my car at her house. We noticed three star like shaped blinking lights that would appear and disappear. right after the object disappeared her street light infront of her house turned out. immediatly after the light went out a bright neon blue light appeared in the sky, everything was blue around us. it looked like lighting but i realized that there was no sound no thunder and lightning is not blue. all three of us saw the same thing. we were all shocked because the blue light had no explanation. later on that night we were driving to ocean city as we drove over the bridge we notice about five red star like objects in the sky again. they were changing formation they went from in a lint to a triangle. these objects would also disappear and reappear. they would also blink.

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My own sightings to go with these:

The V-wing is a craft I see quite often. It lingers over certain places and then slowly moves on, showing three sets of 'running lights' which mimic that of civilian aircraft. To many observers this would look like any other Boeing coming in for a landing at Heathrow, but to an aircraft enthusiast like me there are three things that set it apart:

1) Sound discrepancy: For the speed it is flying at, it should be stalling and falling out of the sky. If it were an optical illusion, and the craft would be flying higher and therefore seem slower, the wingspan should be somewhere around 400 feet (per wing), which is simply beyond the specs of anything that should be flying here. Equally, if it has the proportion of dimensions it seems to have to my semi-trained eye, from the altitude it is traveling there should be at least some engine noise. It is always running entirely silent.

2) Light discrepancy: I mentioned the running strobe lights. First off, there are too many of them, and secondly they are strobing in the wrong order. Civilian aircraft have at least one red strobing light to indicate they are carrying civilians, so as to be easily identified in case of transponder malfunction (one incident between a Korean airliner and a Russian Mig aside, that is). Equally, this close to the airport they are required to have 'navigational lights' on at all times, being a green light on port and a red on starboard side. These last should not and may not ever be strobing. Lastly, when on final approach or during inclement weather, craft are allowed 'landing lights' which are powerful forward facing spotlights to aid with, as the name suggests, landing. This observed craft has strobing nav lights, strobing landing lights and stationary red indicator lights. This is in contravention to all described rules of aviation mentioned above, and unlike any standard produced airliner that I am familiar with.

3) Course: Living near the 'northern stack' of Heathrow airport, and being well versed in landing and takeoff procedures at this airport (I take an interest in the area I live in), one thing immediately becomes obvious when observing this V-shaped craft: it's flying the wrong way. Where the northern stack circles anti-clockwise, this craft is flying in a clockwise direction, West to East. I'm sure that can happen to a pilot once in his career, but not four or five times a week.

Circle craft:

These are less obvious and far less frequently seen, but they are by far the more interesting of my sightings. The one thing they have in common is that they always fly the same course: West to East. The first one I mistook for a private jet, until I could spot neither running lights, tail, wing nor engines. It flashed a bright golden color and moved off at about 75 to 90 MPH (ground speed) until it disappeared from sight.

This morning I saw one yet again. It alternated color between silver and black, and was obviously rotating. I say obviously, because I could observe a silver 'strand' protruding from the craft that was circling with it. Before you dismiss this sighting as a 'weather balloon', allow me to state there are no weather stations nearby, the craft was flying against prevailing winds, maintained a constant speed and rigidly remained on the same course.

The 'Infrasound' craft:

This is a tricky one because it is not technically a 'sighting', more of a 'hearing', if that term can even apply in this context. From time to time it is possible to hear the low rumble of what sounds like the initial stage of a jet engine (post ignition, pre compression) but without any visible craft in the area. This has happened on perfectly clear days and exceptionally cloudy ones, discrediting the theory of one of my friends that it is simply a meteorological phenomenon. Moreover, my sightings always seem to pre-empt a separate sighting by a different group of people whom I have no contact with and who I have to date never informed of my own observations. This sound lingers for a long time, up to 25 minutes, and then slowly fades. If this is a craft I'm hearing, it has to be absolutely massive.

These are only recent sightings, none older than two months.
Ullan said:
My own sightings to go with these:

The V-wing is a craft I see quite often. It lingers over certain places and then slowly moves on, .......div></

Very interesting information Ullan, I wish I could have that kind of opportunity to see them close enough to perceive the characteristics of the craft, so far what I had been able to se, where in the size of stars but moving continuously leaving behind the real stars, and mostly of the times at night, thank you for sharing

Love & Light
Jen, we saw one last night. It looked like a star but moving across the sky towards an airplane. It was speeding up and slowing down. After it passed the plane it slowed down and and went up and over a star then went back to its heading. Why would it change course for a star seen from our position. It must have been another ufo. While this was taking place, another one was going in the oppisite direction. Then it stoped and we thought it was gone, we thought. Then it would blink at us every so often, like saying, hey we are still here.
Simpleman - are you still living in Jackson, MS? A friend of mine saw three UFOs about two weeks ago in Gulfport, MS. I am delighted they are visiting the deep south.

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