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SaLuSa 11-May-2009

You are still experiencing the outfall of the financial breakdown. It is not as easy as some think to overcome the damage it has done worldwide. Attempts are being made to restore the old system that has no future, as major changes are required to bring back some semblance of order. There has not been a time quite like the present, when the influence of the people has been so powerful. You are playing a greater part than you realise, in moving on most areas of your life so that a path is opened up that is a stepping-stone to Ascension. There are many influences at play and some come from off Earth, and we of the Galactic Federation are part of it through the co-operation of our allies. They do not necessarily know it is taking place, but because they are intuitive and forward-looking, it is easy for us to guide them onto a path that opens up opportunities to manifest the new paradigm.

As the changes are becoming apparent, and the way forward clearer so many more souls are becoming receptive to the new ideas being presented. Humans by nature do not like change, but see and understand the gravity of the times you in. It is realised that unless you take a quantum leap now, you will continue to muddle your way forward without resolving the problems. The answers are there, and far-sighted people wait their chance to put their ideas into action. They will come into prominence, but sometimes their personal safety is threatened by those who resist change. However, at any given time we know where our allies are and also if they are in any form of danger. We cannot go against their life plan, but many are to be amongst the leading lights as soon as they can reveal their place in helping lift up Humanity.

We can see energetic movements that will herald the start of major changes, and you who are already aware will recognise them. For example we cannot come to you in the midst of the present chaos, but nevertheless our work with you never ceases. We sit above your Earth and peer into your lives, with we might add your prior permission, and wherever groups gather that discuss the future we are there with them. We use our influence to try and motivate them to make decisions that will truly benefit you in the days to come.

Those of the Light continue to be tested by being drawn into the plans of the dark forces. Some of you are feeling trapped by convention and loyalty to your employers, but it will not last longer than it needs to once the lessons have been learnt. Almost everywhere you turn is tainted with the negative vibrations, and your challenge is to serve two masters until you can step out of the stranglehold you are in. Be assured that as always you are never fighting such battles alone, and it will be beneficial to the outcome if you call upon your helpers, if you feel that the pressure upon you is overpowering. We hear your calls for help, and can make those fortunate “coincidences” happen that come to your aid. In any event your Guides are always at your side, so be calm and do not panic if matters do not seem to be working out well for you. Everything in your life happens for a purpose, and you should consider what it actually means to you.

There are times when you could be forgiven for believing that there is no rhyme or reason for your experiences, but they all add to your overall expansion and lead to your spiritual upliftment. What else would you drop into duality for, but to learn about its conflicts and the opposition between two vastly different energies? The beauty is that you choose the degree to which you get involved, and sometimes you venture into the dark to find out first hand what it is like to experience it. It may not immediately console you to be reminded that if you are of the Light, but no matter what happens you eventually come out of each life totally restored and unscathed. Those that do not are simply the victims of their own choice to deny their true selves as Beings of Light. Again, they are not left without help and their Guides will be working to lift them out of their dark periods. We stand back with awe at your amazing fortitude and spiritual strength, to allow experiences that dull your senses and awareness of your spark of Light.

Regretfully, over many life times you have been led to believe, that you are in some way a lesser Being than you really are. Your dignity and self worth have been eroded to keep you down, and be subservient to those over you. Well, we have news for you all; you are Gods in the making and that has always been so and kept from your knowledge. However, your consciousness is growing and with it comes an awakening to the truth about yourself. You are sensing that not only are you more than your physical body, but also have a Higher Self that can lift you up to levels that are more in keeping with who you truly are. You are limited by your beliefs, but as soon as you take responsibility for yourself rather than rely on others, it is as though you have switched on the Light. Indeed, that is exactly what you will have done, and a many of you can vouch for such an experience. Finding your true self is a revelation and upliftment that makes you realise how powerful you really are.

We say, take your power back because there has never been such an opportunity to do so where so much help is being given to you. It is what Ascension is about, and it does not matter who you are – everyone has the same opportunity to ascend. The effort and determination that is required may be greater from one to another depending on your present level of consciousness. However, there is provision for any soul to turn to the Light, and what a joyous experience it will be in recognising your true potential and path to the higher dimensions. It does not stop at that as you are ever expanding your consciousness, until you achieve full consciousness. It is almost impossible to put that into words, but can you imagine what it is like be at One with everything That Is. To experience the Past, Present and Future as One and have an immutable link with all life forms. To be exactly where you wish by mere thought, and also create all that you desire.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and like you we are also continuing to evolve, and we are experiencing a multitude of worlds and the different Beings that inhabit them. Life is exciting and full of wonders beyond measure, and that shall be your experience too once you become Cosmic Beings.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mile Quinsey.

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These messages are great and all, I used to follow them quite a lot, but they seem to be too similar from message to message. I don't think they are intended to be reread, but for people in unawakened states of mind.

I thought it was uplifting... I agree with Mark, these messages do give a hope that wasn't there before :) I hope you feel better Ian.
Jesus I'm totally surprised ....
SaluSa said: You are limited by your beliefs, but as soon as you take responsibility for yourself rather than rely on others, it is as though you have switched on the Light. Indeed, that is exactly what you will have done, and a many of you can vouch for such an experience. Finding your true self is a revelation and upliftment that makes you realise how powerful you really are.

Wauw............. I knew it, thank you Salusa I am still humble but oh so HAPPYYYYYY.........

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