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SaLuSa 22-April-2009

Dear Ones, the higher energies are bringing into the open all that does not resonate with them. As a result you are seeing much that has been kept from you, and at this stage you are by no means aware of a fraction of the covert operations and plans, intended to keep you under control until you could be fully enslaved. However, as you become aware it means that you are more cautious and questioning of what is being done in your name. There is also an ever-increasing rise in your level of consciousness, and that brings the Light to bear upon the darkness that was previously impenetrable. You are using your power to highlight what is not in the best interests of Humanity, and applying pressure upon your representatives to respond. Waiting in the wings are our allies seeking opportunities to introduce changes that are beneficial to all.

You may be unable to turn the clock back or desire to do so, but what can be done is to lay the foundation for the changes that will take you on to Ascension. The higher energies around you will be attracted to the thought forms you are creating, and hasten their manifestation. What you have desired in the way of peace and happiness is already descending upon Earth. Where you can keep your focus on such desires, you will cut your links to the dark energies and their attempts to hold you in fear. Realise that the sooner you come out of your present problems; you will be able to see that your future is safely assured.

Before this year is out there should be clear signs that you are taking another path that promises release from the past conditions. It is the way of your world that you often plumb the depths, before you are able to make your way back again. In fact you have been on your way up for some 60 years following two World Wars that cleared a massive build up of dark energy and karmic debts going back many years previously. I remind you that such energies are the result of Mankind’s own making, and reflect the thoughts and desires that have been held. Now the balance has changed and the Light is becoming the dominant force, and it is sweeping away anything other than energies that can resonate with it. These are the times that have been awaited, as it has been known that Man would overcome the dark and firmly move into the Light. It comes back to your freedom of choice, but what a wonderful opportunity is before you. The higher dimensions are opening up, and through your own efforts you can lift up into them. There is happiness and joy beyond measure waiting for you, and a place as a Cosmic Being.

The Light opens the door to many dimensions that will be within your reach, and it extends beyond your Solar System and for some even to other Universes or Galaxies. You are naturally attracted to the idea of space travel, because in reality you originally came from other planets to experience the Earth in its cycle of duality. You are like us in more ways than you can guess, and indeed many of you are from our civilisations. What you learn about Space Beings and travel is far from frightening for you, and found most appealing because you have experienced it before. The Earth can be a wonderful and beautiful world, but you have yet to see Mother Earth in her full glory and pristine condition. That will be for your future delight, as she must be restored before the end of this cycle and Ascension.

You may have prized earthly possessions that you value, and sad to have to leave them behind. However, all that is also exists in the higher dimensions in its most perfect expression, and for example any work of art would reflect exactly what the artist had in mind. So be assured that you can re-create around you whatever gives you pleasure. Where your friends are concerned you need never lose contact with them, but unless they are of a similar vibration they may not necessarily be at your particular level. Love bonds are a link that will forever remain, so no matter what path is taken you can call them up. Remember Dear Ones, that once you are in the higher dimensions you can travel by pure thought, so distance is no barrier. Your upliftment is to be welcomed, particularly as in your situation it means being able to leave the cycle of duality.

The importance of what is taking place on Earth will hardly register with the majority of people, as they are completely tied up with earthly matters. Yet, the incoming energies of Light are doing their best to awaken them to what is really happening. It is one thing to be fully immersed in day-to-day experiences, but time must be found to sit back in relative peace and allow the Higher Self to communicate with you. It will be an uplifting experience where you can intuitively understand what is being given to you. Talk about your immediate concerns and worries, and listen carefully to the answers. Finding time to do this will also benefit you by bringing about a change within Self, one that reduces stress and allows for a relaxing peace to come to you. Use soothing music that is pure and ideal for meditation, and you will find that it will enhance your experience. Simply doing so for even a short period will help you maintain a healthy body free from stress.

You are progressing well, and we oversee each individual’s experiences, and where called upon will give our help so that you can keep on track to Ascension. Everything you do to uplift your consciousness is attracting even more Light, and as you progress so it becomes easier to hold it. Lead your life to your highest interpretation of your Light Self, and walk in the love that knows no boundaries and can be given unconditionally. That is your ultimate aim and by then you will have risen up into the higher dimensions. It is a return to your real Self that has always existed, and has been separated from you by the lower vibrations you have dropped into. Now for many of you the need for such a continuing experience has passed, and you will steadily make your way out of duality. It will have no further purpose in your life, as the lessons to be learnt have been well understood through first hand experience.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and speak to you on behalf of the Galactic Federation that is formed from civilisations that have passed into the Light. We exist to serve the Light, and you are our main point of focus because of your imminent Ascension. Our strength is the Love and Light we send you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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Very grounded and real from SaLusa. Thanks to all who share.

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