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SaLuSa 01-April-2009

When we survey the Human Race and measure the levels of consciousness on your planet, it is apparent that the majority still have closed minds to our existence. Yet over recent times that thought has entered the consciousness of many of you, and is held until such times as the waking mind receives a jolt, and it becomes more of an accepted fact. Whether there is further investigation of the subject, depends very much as to when the person sees our presence as being of help to you. Some see us as totally separate from them, and would find it difficult to accept that we have been linked with you for millennia of time. These are the obstacles that need to be overcome, and we would not take action that would force people to change their minds. We are caring and aware of your needs, and it has to be a gentle and subtle approach; otherwise we may create fear where it has not existed previously.

However, there will of necessity be events that will place us before all of Humanity. The truth about us has to come out, and cannot be hidden much longer. It will transform the way you think about us, and clearly show the peaceful intentions that we have for you. It is true that some groups of ET’s do not have the same reasons as us for contacting you. That is something that is the result of freewill and must be allowed, as your lower earthly vibrations have at times attracted such entities. Where you go from there is down to you, but it must be said that such meetings are carried out in secret and the details kept away from the public. We will go further and say that only those in the Illuminati, or closely associated with them are privy to the full details.

As the months go by, there will be increasing pressure exerted upon the U.S. Government to release details about us. It is not for lack of information that we are still a mystery to many people, but simply a massive cover-up and the distribution of disinformation. It has been going on for many years, but is becoming ever increasingly difficult for the dark forces to keep their knowledge about us secret. Millions of individuals have seen our craft in your skies, and all told many of you have had sightings or contact with us. It is usually a simple affair, and sufficient to ensure that the reality of our presence is accepted. We are helping our allies to get information released about us, and it is a necessary step in working towards a full disclosure.

It was not too long ago that we were more engaged in the interest created by NESARA. That seems to have settled down, and it is anticipated that its benefits will commence as soon as your present financial crisis is sorted out. In fact they are part of the answers to your problems, as more people accept that there must be far reaching changes. The old system has proved corrupt, and has no place in moves to bring a new paradigm into existence. You are to be the means whereby the first major changes come about, because your demands can no longer be ignored. Governments may be a law unto themselves, but they know that they cannot go too far without suffering a kickback from the voters. Matters will take a time to form a pattern of action that can be recognised. However, it will gradually become clear, and once a lead is given to the rest of the world, they will follow suit.

As you might expect, there are Councils in the higher dimensions that control the degree to which the various rays of Light are beamed to Earth. It is a process of upliftment that gradually increases the level of vibration in your dimension. It is calculated to bring about an increase in the levels of mass consciousness, in a way that is acceptable to you and able to be drawn upon. To increase the levels too quickly would cause discomfort to those who were ill prepared for it. The object is to return as many of you as possible to the Light, and able to be uplifted through Ascension. So you will understand that there is a grand plan being worked out, supported by great Beings of Light.

If you could see yourselves as we do, you would have no doubt that you are Light Beings. The measure of your development and upliftment can be gauged from the state of your chakric system. The average person only has the lower three chakras fully active, whereas those who have lifted their consciousness are most likely to have the seven main ones well opened. There are higher chakras that are also being opened up, and eventually you will reach a stage where there are 12 main centres fully opened. In this magnificent state of full awareness you will have returned to super-consciousness. The charkas tell so much about you, and are also a positive indication of the state of your health. The onset of many diseases can be first identified by their healthy or otherwise condition.

There is so much to learn about yourselves, and by the time this cycle ends you will have been given whatever tuition you need. The Masters and other Beings such as us will organise teach-ins, but they will be with a difference. Our methods are quite different to what you have been used to, and will speed up your ability to assimilate knowledge. They will also be extremely interesting and supported by holograms, and where required you may be taken to other planets for realistic and first hand experience. However, to save time information can be downloaded directly into your memory banks. Also, those of you who are dedicated healers can be taken to the Temples of Healing, and experience the beauty and powerful energies that they hold. In such matters the choice is still yours, and it is as well to have your intentions in mind now. What you set your sights on will create your future for you.

For too long you have lived in a dream world, one where your eyes have been obscured to the truth. Where your minds have been limited by the intent of those who rule, to confuse and misguide you. Now the Light shines out and every heart can draw it in, and open their souls to the reality of who you are and your purpose in life. It was certainly not intended that you should give up your freedom and forever be subservient to others. You are equal Beings, albeit that you play roles that put you in situations where one may be viewed as superior to another. These are learning experiences that awaken the truth within you, and release you from the thraldom that you have come to accept.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and on behalf of the Galactic Federation send our greetings and love to all you Dear Ones on Earth.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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LOL, Besimi!!! I trust it from the bottom of my soul!! :D

It will be amazing and we have but only a very short while to go! It's like the end of the race, we're worn, tired and out of breath but we keep on going because we know there's too much already accomplished to stop now.

Love and Gratitude friends!! <333

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