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Dear Ones, having mentioned many times that all knowledge lies within, it follows that your guiding light is your Higher Self. There is no limit to the degree that you can open up your consciousness, except that it requires a purification of Self. As you progressively overcome the lower energies, so you raise your vibrations and the level of your consciousness. As the cleansing proceeds you will find that you are less interested or attracted to anything that is of the lower vibration. So you will see that it becomes easier to centre yourself and live your life at the higher level.

Souls who have come to Earth to be the mainstay of the Light, and fulfil their missions to ground it for the benefit of all, are performing a wonderful service. It is of course not by chance that they are here at such a time. Spirit has its own plans gifted from higher sources, so that the Light can overcome the dark forces. There is certainly no contest as far the outcome is concerned, and you can see out the remaining years of this cycle with absolute confidence as to the resulting victory for the Light. Lightworkers do their work quietly and efficiently, without seeking publicity or reward. In so doing they are not only helping others rise up, but also advance their own upliftment.

The urge to reach higher levels of consciousness never ends. Particularly where you are in a reality that reflects very little of the higher vibrations. Your real home is not on Earth, but it has served you well as place where you have battled with duality. Having all but reached the end of that cycle, you are now glimpsing your true reality as Space Beings like us. In us you will find yourselves, and indeed you shall join us as equals at some future date, when you have decided on your next life plan. We also are beginning to look at our next mission that may not even necessarily be in this Universe.

Thinking on an expanded level helps you open your consciousness even further. Hitherto it has been closed to many truths, although we see that has been a deliberate part of the Illuminati plan to keep you ignorant, and unaware of your true links to us. Accepting us, and your opportunity to finish this cycle through your upliftment lessens the hold the dark forces have over you. They would like you to believe that you are dependent on them for your well being, whereas in reality they are the destroyers and controllers of Man. They can only rule over you if you allow it, but if you turn to the Light you are distancing yourselves from them.

Ignore those who associate us with fearful happenings through misinformation, and often use deliberate ploys to prevent you from learning the truth about us. We come in peace, as the peacekeepers of your Universe and on a mission of love for God. God is All Love, and you were embraced by the God force that is a pure energy and holds all in its place. God is not allowing the Earth to be taken over by the dark forces, and neither will they be allowed to destroy it. It is to be cleansed and renewed for settlement by another civilisation that is destined to enter this Universe. You who are to ascend to a higher dimension, will do so together with the higher manifestation of the Earth.

The positive energies upon Earth cannot be contained for much longer, and they are so to say, bursting at the seams. They are transmuting the dark energies and have reached a point where very soon, they must be released. It will result in the manifestation of your desires, to see a new world emerge from the chaos and destruction of the old one. It already exits in the higher dimensions, and you are attracting it into your reality. Many souls are being awakened to their responsibility during this period, having come to Earth to partake in the remarkable changes that are about to commence. We shall monitor the progress, and will of course ourselves be part of the revelations that are to be announced to the world.

Many of you sense the difference in the energies around you as compared to what they were, and there is now a feeling of upliftment and calmness. It allows you to be in the world but not of it, so that your presence is more as an observer. Fear will have no place in your thinking, as you know that it can only affect you if you allow it to be part of your psyche. Concern about matters is natural but when you are standing in the Light, it cannot impinge upon your consciousness. Faith replaces fear, and you reach a stage of awareness where you are in total control of your emotions. You are in fact well on the way to ascending, having surpassed the lower vibrations. Nevertheless, if you do not feel you have yet reached that level, your intention to do so will carry you through.

We keep emphasising that the truth must come out, and it will do so through many channels although it is presently held back by the media. However, there will come a point when they will no longer be able to maintain their silence. Largely because of the Internet, people are so much better informed and create their own groups for the distribution of news. Bad news may well travel fast, and it is emphasised and repeated quite often to create fear amongst you. However, because good news also travels as fast, it helps bring balance to a situation. Can you imagine the reaction to our announcements, of our intention to make an official open contact with you? We know that as a result, the energies of hope that you carry will rise up to extraordinarily high levels, and much tension and fear will be released. Attempts by the dark forces to create incidents that would suggest otherwise, will be prevented by us. It is to be a time to be remembered as the first step towards your release from them, and their plans for your enslavement.

Dear Ones, I am SaLuSa from Sirius and see you standing on the verge of great changes that will be seen by all. Wonderfully exciting times beckon and we hear your great sigh of relief, when at last peace and sovereignty are returned to you. It may sound an impossible task but we are here to ensure the success of the plan to complete this cycle, by releasing you from the dark energies. We will do every permissible thing to help you, and you have our love and protection already. So it shall remain, as we come together in preparation for the next and final part of your journey through duality.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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:):):) lovely and uplifting.
..thanks Nightfable.Namaste.

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