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hi there :)

i'm always too shy and too busy to comment here but i found this question somehow familiar. just to share a personal experience. i'd listen to metal music and generally most sorts of extreme metal (black metal, death metal, grind core, etc) when i was 18, then turned to goth. later when i was like 26 i had a stupid depression and everytime i tried to listen to black metal i'd have an immediate panick attack! maybe it was just because i was not so good but i think you have to be really strong to balance the aggressive metal music with being a light worker. wow! as for me while in the past i was the kind of person who would start the day with impaled nazarene, then listen to darkthrone as a lunch soundtrack, then listen to napalm death before falling asleep, i must listen to a lot softer sounds these days... must be getting old... :O


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