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I offer this observation:

Everything is but dust and sound.

That said, if sound is such an important part of that equation, might as well listen to what you enjoy :) My own musical tastes run from gentle classical masters to pretty much every progressive genre you can find a name for. One of the mainstays in that musical list of appreciation is metal.

Personally, I find that the lyrics are mostly quite deep but shouted in an attempt to give them more power. The music, likewise, feels very energetic and anything that keeps you going throughout the day, anything that gives you that extra 'kick' in energy, should be welcomed as positive.

Here's one of my favorites:

Thor, Odin's son,
Protector of mankind,
Ride to meet your fate,
Your destiny awaits.
I listen to black metal only when I need to exhale my anger and frustration away. I pay no attention to lyrics but instead of melody. This helps me (sounds weird) only nowadays I founded meditation music which is more relaxing. It is you who create your own state of mind - not so much about music.
this is a good discussion.
I was into metal for a few years, starting with classic like iron maiden, black sabbath and motor head. my tastes got heavyer, then slightly more industrial.i went thru the whole goth faze and all lol.
I like the music for the skill and talent that is put into them, which goes for any music but I've never gotton on well with that as heavy as DeathMetal like your links. I know people who do like them too. if you like them that's fine, put personally, i find music to that level too angry.

To me, death metal shouts "Rebel",

Now, i found myself moved away from metal, i like to listen to chill, ambi, pys, ecectro stuff. Its alot easier on the ears :)

my fav channel is (open with winamp)
Look every one being a light worker and acceding is about your spiritual self and love. Things like what music you listen to or what movies you like have no real effect on you.
I agree with Pleiadian man.I too am a composer pianist,and am very broad in my tastes,and while my preferences are for Classical Jazz and classic Rock,i have been open to everything.There is no judgment call here.Everything is a vibration You,me the earth,mountains,Food,music-all phenonema.And some manifestations carry higher or lower vibes,it doesen't mean that any thing is intrinsically better then anything else,it does mean that the level of vibration from thing to thing IS higher OR lower.Certain foods will promote higher vibes( & the opposite is also true.Certain music is more Uplifting and therefore promotes higher Vibration.Personally i like hip hop over Gangstra.I find the former more musical & less angry-Violent(I.e. Bust a cap in yo ass)What ever "resonates" with some one they should embrace.Just be aware of,and moniter the energy,and how it effects you.If you find Marylin Manson take's you to paradise?.....well?......I don't know what to say to you,...except that "it's your right" to go there with him-Although i think the destination he has in mind might be somewhere else.Sorry for a little "creeping in" of my own personal bias,but that's "my right to'm not sorry....L&,L&,L..88.
omg .. one of my favs ... oh i love metal .. :) :) .. who said it's negative ... cool .. i hadn't listened to this song for about a month now .. and just by looking at your post makes me feel positive .. :):) ... coool .. and by the by .. the length of the song is 3:33 .. lmao .. :D .. rofl ..

KigreTheLoveViking said:
Hello there i am new and i will reply this topic 1st! i enjoy metal music horror sci fi but this is only for my personal intertainment there is nothing wrong with movies or music whatever your listening too or watch is negative energy within ourself that its not good! i think the evil in this world are not about music or movies lets face all the filth and hate in this world
are made by the ones who have suit an ties and work for your goverment! there is nothing wrong to have pass times and etertainment ! i can listening metal and meditate right after! i love animals nature and all sort of things! at the end there is nothing wrong with you whatever your taste in music is just love your your self all your brother and sister we are all one and we are unity that matter... peace.....Martin

if you like metal that is.

also some friends of some friends band called BORN OF OSIRIS

metal can be positive. shit the first metal was black sabbath. and most of their lyrics are about peace.

my friend metal band has a new song. they sent me a demo. but the chorus lyric is "Stay as one, and we will all stand. stand together"
Yeah i noticed that too after a while of listening to it Abhimanyu Kashyap! Funny huh? :)
Great song!!!

Talking about feelings. Not the best song but I just love the chills I get from the Gathering.
I find music very useful to channel energy. When I need to work really hard and have tight deadlines I listen to trance since this helps me focus and be in the moment.

I still listen to metal a lot and enjoy some of it. But there are songs that I do skip since they have a real negative feel to them.

It also depends on mood, after about an hour of listening to ambient music I tend to get sick of it.

I agree with Blisseon’s post, The purpose and energy that the band was feeling at the time does come through in their music. I would like to think that people make music because they love it, and not for the money but sadly this is not always the case.

I was listening to an interesting pod cast today at work – Naked Scientists 08.11.16 A study that was done on 10 volunteers by researchers at the university of Maryland in Baltimore USA found that the emotions associated with joyous music had a beneficial effect on blood vessels, leading to improved blood flow.

4 different types of music were tested, country, heavy metal, ambient and comedy tapes.
With positive music (country in this case) the blood vessels expanded by 26%, Comedy 19%
and Heavy Metal constricted the cell by 6%. (nor sure about the ambient)

The cause of this might be due to endorphins (happy chemicals) that are being released.

Now I am not a fan of country music, so it depends completely on the person and from what you can draw your positive energy from.

The question is what is your joyous music?


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