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You know things happen for the oddest reasons and the sudden urge to just pull my tarot cards with one simple thought on my mind. Is there a message for starseeds? And it seems there is. For those of you who are adept in reading cards I will give you the spread and the cards and their placement. By all means please feel free to do your interpretation. I am not going to use books and their meaning only what I perceive. I used the Celtic Cross Spread. Seemed most natural for this question. The position of the cards are as follows:

The deck I used is this deck

Present: 4 of wands
Influence – Helpful or Challenging Energies: 4 of swords
Past Issues: 10 of Swords
Immediate Past: King of Swords
Crowning Thoughts: Faith
Immediate Future: 7 of Cups
Your fears: Hanging Man
Environmental Factors – How others see you: 10 of wands
Your Hopes: 7 of Wands
Outcome: 10 of Cups
To see the cards just click the links.

My interpretation: Starseeds do you see what I see? You have the power and the ability. You can see the possibilities of the future. You envision what is to come like seeing a ship come in to dock as in the 3 of wands. You have the power to manifest what you desire but you must do it or it just remains a vision. However it has been a long hard battle to get to where we are today. You see, we had to go through trials and tribulations to get to where we are. The battle was a hard one and we are at rest as the man in the4 of swords, readying ourselves for the new challenges ahead. Rest, for what is to come, to manifest what we know can be will be daunting and challenging. Be ready.

Why rest? Because you starseed had a rough past. The 10 of swords shows many swords impaling you from the back. You have been put down, trodden on and sometimes to the point of despair. But you persevered. You see, you are a strong warrior with strong wisdom just like the King of Swords. He is depicted with wings, the angels of truth in wisdom, fighting their way. Triumphant and overcoming all that you had experienced in the past.

But you must have faith Starseeds. Faith in who you are and what you do. What you have within you is not found in books nor in science. It is within you, whispered to you by your guides, guardians, angels and even your star family. It is the wisdom that is within you that you have brought forth from the many lives you have already lived. You have done this before and you are willing to do it again that you came back for the love of all souls who are born to earth. Have faith in yourself starseeds you are greater than you possibly remember. And you are here to remind those who have forgotten that they too are just as great as you.

The 7 of cups says that we will have many choices to choose from. All choices will seem to be a fine choice. The thing is, you must make a choice. Perhaps your choice will not be the same as another starseed but they are no less important than the choice you make. All choices made lead to the same place. And realize, that each of you and your path is important, you know best. Have faith, its within you.

But perhaps starseed, you are not doing enough. The world keeps moving forward and humans keep doing their thing and yet it might feel that what you are doing has no impact. The hanging man suggests that we are feeling like we are in suspended animation. Stagnant, unmoving, progress has stopped. It’s not so. You see the hanging man is also seemingly at rest, hanging in suspension. Waiting, watching, paying attention for when they can make their next move. All in its own time starseed, just let it all flow.

The environmental factors of what is going on around you can make you feel like you have the weight of the world upon your shoulders. Like the 10 of wands you crawl and scratch your way through life with the additional weight of what it is to be a starseed. The world sees you as compassionate; your friends might see you as taking on more than you can chew. But you take this burden on willingly at least at soul level you have.

Our hopes? We are the way showers as the man standing at the door in the 7 of wands. Hoping to show the way to those who will waken and look for guidance if they cannot find their own way. We are there waiting with outstretch hands to show them the wisdom of the ages, to show them they have it within themselves. To be the teachers, the guides filled with love and wisdom. We shine our light as the man in the doorway his wand shining brightly. His light shines in a triangle of the creators energy. Our hope perhaps is to be the beacon, to bring earth and her people back to their rightful place within the universe.

If we go through all of this starseeds know that the outcome is one that we have hoped and desired. The 10 of cups indicates we will finally make it home. The longing feeling will fade as we know our job is well done. Perhaps this home is that we are finally reunited with our star families and loved ones. Differences will be put aside, just as the cat and dog depicted in the image and can rest together with love and tenderness that we all are.

So this is my interpretation of the tarot cards. I hope you find meaning in them.

Much love

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Hey Patricia.. I copy pasted the post here and the source is mentioned at the top and bottom for this reason.. :)


paTricia T. said:
I love your deck, and I think you did a great job on the reading. Thank you!
thank you, indeed it is a long wait. fortunately, during this time of killing time, there is Glee.
or the Twilight series, if you are so inclined. hahahaha

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