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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/22/12 ‘Announcing the Next U.S. President’ !!!

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/22/12 ‘Announcing the Next U.S. President’


Stepping out now of the old world and into your new world are those of you who have made the grade as you say, those of you who have extended yourselves in many different ways beyond the reaches of your family, friends and contemporaries. We say to you, congratulations, for congratulations are certainly due here, as this has been no easy feat, no. Many of you have faced a steady stream of sometimes rather fierce competition, you may say, in the form of challenges and obstacles set before you. We remind you, it was not us who selected these challenges for you, but you yourself. We simply have taken what you had handpicked and placed it in your path at the time intervals that you had previously requested of us to do so.


Do you see and understand this clearly? We feel there are some of you who still believe that it is us, the members of the Galactic Federation of Light and our brothers and sisters of the Ashtar Command who have taken it upon ourselves and have decided and chosen for some reason to make your journey a difficult one when it could have been much easier. We say to you, this is certainly untrue, and we remind you that you are here because you wanted to be here and you wanted to learn from your experiences and your travels, and this is just what many of you have done. You have learned in many ways and you have all grown, each and every one of you have grown, and we say to you, none of you could have grown the way you have unless you had journeyed here and unless you had obstacles placed in your path, for these are the tools of higher education, yes.


This is what has accelerated your learning curve. It was all these obstacles and these challenges and these lessons sometimes hard learned that has molded you into the being that you are at this very moment. Many of you will continue to grow and to strengthen and to season as your seasons change from summer to fall. There are very few of you who have completed all your lessons here in the physical, we wish to make that clear. We say to all of you be on your toes, be on the lookout now that you know that it is our job not only to assist you, but to also present to you challenges. Now that you see this, you may see this as playing both sides of the coin, as you say, for we will place an obstacle in your path and then we will perhaps pull the rug out from under you, as you say, but then we will assist you find your way back on your feet and become balanced enough to leap the next hurdle.


Yes, this is what we do. It is a complex nature. It is a delicate balance that we perform and we do this quite well, and on a very regular basis. We do not take days off as you know, and since each and every one of you has at least one guide watching over you, you can imagine how much care and attention you are receiving constantly. Do you see this now? Do you see that there is constant pressure, you may say, on you? There is a steady stream of challenges coming your way at all times. You are never ‘safe’, although we use safe as a metaphor here, for you are never really in any danger. What we mean is you are never free and clear of any challenges that may come your way and this goes for today, your first day of fall as any other day throughout your past in this lifetime and any other of your incarnations into the physical and for you upon ascension into the higher realms, for this is where new sets of challenges present themselves, but we will say there is a vast difference here.


The tests and challenges you will receive here within the higher realms are real, let us say, tests and challenges of your capabilities and your resolve, your drive and determination, your willpower and fortitude and your cleverness and your abilities to calculate and to derive suitable solutions and plans of strategy. We say to you here is real and there is illusion, for again, you are living more a dream, more a play, and a play is more accurate a description certainly, for you have a stage that was prepared for you by stagehands, you have friends and family and foes who are more or less acting, for many of the things that they say and do have been scripted by you, with our assistance, and we are certainly holding up the cue cards for them, and this is what we feel is a very appropriate way for you to picture this.


Picture your friends speaking to you and picture us behind the scenes holding up a cue card for them to read. Yes, now you are getting the picture here. We are behind the cameras. We are holding up cue cards. We are shining lights upon you. We are ‘filming’ what you are doing you may even say, although do not feel we are secretly recording you because this is not true. What we mean is your life is being captured some way into history, for it is, for everything that all of you are doing here is important, nothing you are doing here is not. Look at it that way, and in this light you can understand why so much of what you are doing and saying and even thinking in certain cases. Not all and not many, but a few of you are connected in a way to a collective consciousness, so your thoughts are our thoughts.


Do you understand this principle? We can explain it to you by saying that we are all connected, all of us, throughout this entire universe. There are many of you who are not yet ready to join a stream or a collective of consciousness, a consciousness structure, of more than one being. Let us suppose that you become ready to connect to this consciousness. What it is you suppose you will experience? Well, we say you will experience thoughts that come through your mind that are not a product of your imagination or your thought processes, your thoughts, or nothing that you are reading or have just recently read or something you are watching on television or something you have heard a friend say or is saying, no. A completely random and what you may see as abstract thought quickly flashes through your mind.


Why is this so? This is so because we are thinking this and your mind, your consciousness is now one with ours so what we think you may think. Please do not get the wrong impression here that you are being ‘mind controlled’, and we wish to explain to you all that there is no such thing as mind control, in that sense of the word anyway. What you have on your planet is something that we refer to as the influencing of your minds, which is really a completely different thing. What you have are some dark individuals, some control freaks, if you will, and these control freaks wish to control the way you think and speak and act and behave. They wish to influence you in the ways that you spend your time and your money. Yes, this is what they are interested in the most. They are also interested in things such as your vote, though your vote is far less important than you may think, for your vote, your elections are completely rigged and they are also what we shall refer to as completely staged. Yes.


They have already hand-picked their presidential successors many years ago in advance, yes, for instance, your current president Barack Obama. He did not come out of the woodwork, as you say, and suddenly make this great stretch run at such a late hour and become the Democratic national party nominee, no. He was hand selected many years ago when he was still a young man in Africa. Yes, we just said that. You just heard us say that your president of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, is not an American citizen, no. He is not only an immigrant, but he has never even applied for American citizenship. There you have another big secret revealed to you today. What do you think about that? Do you find that surprising? Do you find that shocking? Do you find that treasonous, for we do, and we see many of you do as well.


We say to you the reason he was hand-picked from another continent was that the cabal, and in this case the Illuminati chieftains, wished to select someone who could more easily and efficiently con you, thus continuing their agenda of complete and total enslavement and captivity of your people. The cabal was beginning to get nervous. They were beginning to realize that the human species was waking up, yes, this was their dilemma. How to lull them back to sleep? How to lull them back to a false sense of security and well-being? How to make them believe that everything is all right because one of them is now the president of the United States? How to do this? What they do is they prop up someone that represents change, and these individuals will get up on the podium and they will speak their lies and feed you with more false hopes and dreams and promises for a better future, but they certainly have no intention of fulfilling any of these promises of theirs, no. They simply continue the agenda of the dark ones, and it is this agenda that has continued ever since the moment that Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office.


We tell you your presidents of the United States are not sworn to any public office, no. They are actually sworn in under a secret oath to the Illuminati. There you have another secret. It matters not which party assumes the presidency, for what you know as the left wing Democrats or right wing Republicans are but wings of the same black bird. The cabal simply decides it is now time for a change, and they do this little switcheroo, as you say, quite often. They will switch from a Republican president to a Democratic president, giving the illusion that change is occurring, but many of you have learned and learned quite well and quite clearly that no change ever occurs except the change that they, the cabal, and in this case the Illuminati, want, for that is who chooses your American presidents, the Illuminati, no one else, and certainly not the voters.


So they believe that it is time to give the illusion that change is upon you, and so they choose the alternative party to assume the role of presidency. There you have another secret revealed to you today, and we wish you to all remember this one, for this is one of the most important secrets for you to remember and keep on your consciousness, for there is a another big election coming up in your western world. The election of the next U.S. president is scheduled for this November 6th. This is only a month and a half away and already, as you can certainly understand, the Illuminati has selected their next president. So who have they selected? Well, we're going to tell you this right now, what do you think about that? We are going to share with you who the next president of the United States is going to be and he is not going to be Barack Hussein Obama, no. He is going to be Mitt Romney. Yes. Mr. Romney is going to be the president of the United States come November 6th.  


What do you think about that? Do you find that surprising? Do you find that shocking? Does this sadden you or frighten you or fill you with concern? Well, we tell you and we say this honestly that this certainly fills those of us up here with concern, yes, for Mitt Romney is another Illuminati puppet. Yes. This cannot even be considered a secret, for so many of you already know this. Yes, many of you have awakened and many of you have taken the time to learn all about your political system and your fraudulent election system. It matters not how many votes Barack Obama receives this coming November, no. It doesn't matter if he receives millions of votes and Mitt Romney receives none. Your voting machines will say otherwise, for your voting machines have been designed and built by cabal owned companies. Yes. We will even tell you the name of one of these companies is Diebold, for we feel it is very important for all of you to understand just who, and pardon the term those of you who are offended by such words, for you feel it is all lovey-dovey in your world and flowers and there is no room for speech such as this, but we tell you that you are sorely mistaken and we will use the term enemy, for these cabal individuals and the cabal itself is your enemy, yes.


There are no two ways about this and there is no other way to say this with kindness or with love or with gentleness or with poetry or with metaphor, for you see, an enemy is an enemy, no matter where it is you are or who it is you are or what it is you are trying to do. We see there are many of you trying to create a world of love and light and understanding and tolerance and a place where dreams come true and that is absolutely wonderful and beautiful and you will have just that, what do you think about that? But we tell you that you are not going to receive any of this before a little dirty work is done, before you roll up your sleeves and get your hands greasy, for this is what it is going to take to make this dream become a reality, and we say to you one of the dirty jobs that you must do is make the arrests of these individuals, for they have not for one moment let off the gas pedal on their very twisted agenda to enslave and even murder almost every single being on your planet except for them, of course.


They are going to continue living lives of luxury, surrounded by a group of hand-picked slaves. Yes. This is the prize that awaits the survivors of their planned genocide. Congratulations. You have really made the big time by treating these individuals with love and kindness, for this will be your reward, yes, for that. You are just who they are looking for too for this lofty position of slave. Yes, you, the ones in your Lightworker communities who are preaching that love is the answer to this problem then you shower these cabal individuals with your love and intent and your healing powers. Do you think this is going to somehow cure them? It is going to somehow change them and alter their perspectives and stop their agenda dead in its tracks? Are you serious? Do you really think this inside? For if you do, we need to have a long sit down and chat with you because you are living a dream, seriously, a very real dream that is soon to turn into an awful nightmare for you and your family and your friends and each and every member of your human family and we are not kidding here.


We are very serious when we say the ball is in your court. We are assisting you, but we are not here to bail you out, not for one moment and we will not. Do you hear what we just said? We will repeat this loud and clear and we will not use metaphor, for we wish you all to clearly understand what we are saying here. We are making a declaration, a statement, that if the Illuminati, if the cabal, succeeds in their agenda to imprison, to enslave your people, the human race, we are not going to interfere. What do you think about that? Do you find that absolutely terrifying? Well, you should. This is where the safety mechanism of fear may come in handy for you, for you better wake up somehow, and if it takes the shock of fear then so be it, because there are those of you walking around like zombies in your world, first of all.


There are those walking around in a complete slumber and don't even realize any of this is going on. For that we say that ignorance is bliss, for they are walking around in a blissful state because they are completely ignorant of anything that is going on around them and we say to them stay asleep, because even if you wake up a little bit you certainly can't help the situation now, for you have many long years of learning to do before you can even understand this game is going on. You can’t just wake up on Tuesday and on Wednesday become the star quarterback, if you will. Many of the leaders of your resistance movement have been awakened for, yes, are you ready for this figure, millions of years. Yes.


These are some of your big thinkers. These are some of your freedom fighters leading the charge on the front lines. These are not Johnny-come-latelys. These individuals have understood the dark and their agenda and their powers and their threat and their manipulative games and trickery and deceit for eons and eons of time. Yes. So you see who some of these leaders of your people are and we say to you treat them with much more respect than you have been, for they can easily pack up their bags and board one of our spacecraft, a spacecraft that they are a team member upon, and leave here and leave you to rot in enslavement camps, living lives of destitution and misery and enslavement. Yes.


These individuals we refer to as our Lightworkers are not nailed to this planet, no. They have no ties here at all. They are absolutely free to leave here any time and this means today, yes. Did you know that? Did you know that we have a deal with our Lightworkers that if they state unequivocally that they have had enough here, that they have learned all they wish to learn and they have experienced all they wish to experience that they can leave here. Yes. We will actually come down to your planet physically, in our spacecraft, even within the realm of your 3rd dimension and simply pick them up and yes, escort them back to their ship, to their careers with us, or if they'd like, they could even go home for while on vacation and then come back and return with us, for they have done their jobs and they have done very well, and we tell you they certainly will not be punished or admonished or even thought of as quitters, for they have basically done it all for you.


They are the ones leading all these campaigns and freedom marches and they are our channels and they have put up websites where Lightworkers can connect and they are using a bullhorn and shouting to all of you to wake up and that you are minutes away from being enslaved, and what do they get for their efforts? They get mocked, they get ridiculed, they get threatened, they get laughed at, they have become the town fool in many of your communities and we tell you this is a disgrace, and we tell you that we do not appreciate this treatment of our people who have come all the way here to assist you, humanity, the human race, you, your brothers and your sisters, your family and friends and your neighbors. They've come here to help you and you mock them? You throw stones at them? You tar and feather them in public? Yes, you do.


You try to humiliate them, and we see in some cases our very own Lightworkers doing this to other Lightworkers. Yes, and you know who you are you. You are reading these words right now. You know who you are and we know who you are and that is your biggest concern right now. It is us. It is not the cabal, for you will not have to suffer at their hands as humanity will if they do not wake up and assist and support these changes especially regarding the arrests of the criminal cabal, and speaking of arrests, let us continue with our discussion of our fellow Lightworkers who have chosen to tar and feather one of their own brothers and own sisters.


We say to you that you are soon to be placed under arrest. Yes. You have violated your oath of the Galactic Federation of Light or the Ashtar Command. Yes, you have. You have more than violated this oath, you have committed treason, and there is your charge. You are now charged with treason. It is even too late for many of you as these charges have already been read in our High Court. Yes. What do you think about that? Are you anxious to finish this message so you can continue your tirade against our channel and against us and against others who support our channel and our messages? Well, you might as well continue now with your verbose assaults, for you will not have much freedom time to continue this kind of behavior.


What is going to happen next for you, and again we repeat, you know who you are, you are reading these words right now and you are feeling them with anger because you have such hatred in your heart and we do not know what has happened to you because this is not what you're all about the last time we saw you as a member of our alliance or our brothers and sisters of the Ashtar Command. We say to you the next big moment for you is when we come down and ‘shake you out of bed’, if you will. We will remind you that you are a member of our alliance or our brothers' and sisters' alliance. You will then be quickly placed under arrest, yes. There will be no fanfare for you, no ticker tape parade, no paparazzi to snap your photograph as you travel home from your day at the office, no. You are done. Your career is over for you.


What do you think about that? Does this fill you with pride? Do you feel that you've done a good job here? We would like to know these answers and we are not going to even ask them of you today, for we do not care what you have to say today, for you will simply continue your rants and your ravings.  We will though in the future, be interested in what you have to say for yourself and you will have plenty of time for this in front of our High Court for this as well. You will be standing and you may even be standing there in handcuffs. We have yet to decide on your fate, for we have yet to decide if you are a threat to us. You certainly lash out at us in hatred and violent threats today. What is going to change for you tomorrow we wonder and we are concerned about this, and you may be returning all the way home in a jail cell, yes. We have them too on board our ships, did you know that? We need them in some cases, for there are certain beings that can be very violent throughout this, your lower 3rd dimensional universe, yes.


That may surprise some of you, but there are many planets throughout this universe that have, what we shall refer to as primitive creatures, in these worlds and they are found sometimes to be inflicting much injury and even murdering a number of their fellow citizens, and since we govern these worlds, sometimes it is upon us to do something about this. So we come down and we simply incarcerate these individuals for reeducation programs and treatments. Before they are reeducated though, they are certainly a threat and they pose what can be great danger to our personnel and even our entire ship, so we must place them in a suitable confinement. Is this understood, and is this acceptable to you all?


We feel it should be, because you certainly have enough prisons here in your world and we will say, out of all of the planets that we have visited throughout this entire universe going back millions of years that you have more prisons per square mile here on your planet than anywhere else. What do you think about that? Do you think that the term prison planet is appropriate for your world? We feel it is, and we use that term very often and you might as well get used to it too, because many of you, and we mean millions upon millions and even billions of you, will soon find yourself within the confines of a prison. Yes, for this is what the cabal has in mind for all of those of you who have spoken out against them, who have posted your content about a new world and a new vision and a new dream. Yes.


Do you think that they are not compiling lists of who you are and what they wish to do to you? We say they are, and we have access to these lists and if we read these lists aloud to you and posted them in a public forum on your Internet it would make you cringe. It would make you scream, for you are going to see your name right there, maybe even near the top of their very, very long list. Think about this. Does this wake you up a little bit? Are you going to drop this charade that all you need is love, because let me tell you something and understand this; love is not the answer at this time for your predicament. No, not even close. Love is a beautiful essence. It is a dream. It is a key that will unlock so many splendid doors for you and for all beings throughout this and each and every universe. Yes. There is absolutely no denying this.


We can go on and on about love and what love is and what love means to us, but this is not appropriate at this time. Do you understand this clearly, that it is now a time of war? You are in a war, and you are Lightworkers on the front lines, so get used to the idea. Drop this charade that we are going to send love and healing vibrations to the cabal and make them change their minds and drop this agenda to murder you, to enslave you, to impoverish you, to sicken you, to steal everything that you have and take everything that you possess within you for themselves. We say to you, none of you are safe from this, and if there are those of you that are selected for the high honor of slavery, we say to you, there are certainly far worse things than death and that is certainly one of them.


So go ahead and continue today with your ridiculous dream that love is the answer here when there are many men and women on your front lines who are shooting it out literally with opposing military forces aligned with the cabal, aligned with the dark and their dastardly agenda, yes. If you think that one hundred percent of your world militaries are on the side of the light, on our side and your side, you are very mistaken. We will say that the splitting of your military factions is just about fifty- fifty, yes. Think about that. Is that alarming to you? Well, we say it should be, because there's absolutely no reason for any of you to be so confident that your side is going to win.


What do you think about that? Do you think the cabal has not stockpiled an insane amount of weaponry and firepower and ammunition and troops? We say this is precisely what they have been doing throughout your entire modern history. Yes. They have been stockpiling nuclear weapons and all kinds of deadly weaponry, some very highly technically advanced. Yes, your HAARP system, as you know it has been dismantled by us, thank you. Yes, and we say to you that this is just one of their deadly weapons systems. Yes, they have others. We will even say many others, and they are still functional, yes. Some of them have the ability to incapacitate large numbers of troops at one time. Yes, this is true.


We do not like to report this to you, for we do not wish to instill fear among you, but we feel that it is time that all of you, and we mean every single one of you, wakes up and realizes that there is a war going on on your planet. There is a war going on on the surface and there is a war going on down beneath your surface. Yes, there are even battles going on for these underground bunkers, for we feel this important that they be removed, that they be destroyed so as not to give the cabal any place to run or any place to hide. Do you understand this? Some of these underground bunkers are outrageously large. Yes. They are so large you could fit football stadiums inside them, yes. Do you understand how large these are? We will say to you that you can take several of your largest hotels in your world and fit them into just one of these secret underground bunkers. Yes.


When you hear the word underground bunker you may be thinking it's a small dugout with a few bunks or beds and some equipment, and we tell you no. These are completely functional underground and hidden away cities. Yes, cities. They go on for miles, some of them, through their tunneling systems, and they are interconnecting cities, some of them quite large and very, very deep, down into the deeper depths of your Earth. We say to you, eradicating these bunkers and the threats they pose is not an easy task, for how does your militaries aligned with the light get down there? How do they navigate through these tunnel systems without experiencing firing upon them and a counter assault? We say to you, this is just what they are experiencing and this is just what is happening in your world. Yes.


Do you believe us when we say this? Well, you better believe it, for the men and women on your front lines certainly believe it as they are the ones getting fired upon. Do you think that they want to hear your dreams that love is the answer and that war is not and that violence is so reprehensible and there is absolutely no call for you? We don’t think that you would be too willing to preach this ‘love is the answer’ talk to them right now, for right now as you are reading these words there is yet another troop of our Earth allies engaged in a gunfight beneath the surface of your Earth. Yes.


There you have another report issued to you to keep you informed. What you choose to do with these reports is up to you, but we say to you to be smart and start taking these words we say to you very seriously, for you are going to find yourself very soon either barely living in one of the enslavement camps that have been built all over your world specially for you, or you are going to have the luxury of living at the palatial estates of these cabal members as their personal slave. Their personal slaves do a heck of a lot more than clean their homes and tend to their gardens and wash their cars and windows, yes. The members of the cabal are sexual deviants. They are perverts. They are masochists and sadists and we say to you that this is the future that awaits you if you are lucky enough to be selected as one of their slaves.


Do you think that you are just going to be chosen to clean their homes and drive their cars, taking them to where ever it is they wish to go? No. They are going to take only the youngest and the prettiest among you, and this includes men, for there are many homosexuals within their ranks. Yes, they are. Many of them are bisexual as well, for it matters not to them who they choose to have sex with, as what they are are deviants and to them sex is sex no matter who it is with or how they get it. Do you understand what we are saying? What awaits you is a life of slavery and sexual torture, manipulation and abuse. Yes. Does this sound like hell to you? Well it is hell, and we will not whitewash this for you. You are all getting ready for a long life of hell, and we are sorry if there are those of you who are going to be offended by our words today. We realize they are sharp and they are pointed and harsh, but we tell you, there is a need for urgency now. You need to wake up and snap out of this ‘love is the answer’ talk or ‘containment’ is the answer nonsense, this treasonous speech by some of those who call themselves Lightworkers and channels, for they are not channeling anyone but their own very limited perspectives and understandings.


We say to those that are propagating this lie, this falsehood, this hoax of ‘containment’ that your day is now coming too. We have convened, and we have decided that your actions in this regard of propagating this lie of containment has caused enough of a disruption and confusion to the brave men and women on your front lines that you have committed a serious crime. You have committed fraud. You have committed treason, yes, and you will be charged as such. What do you think about that, those who pretend they are channeling, who read the words shared through our channel Greg and then change the words around making it appear as though these thoughts are what they are receiving from those they pretend to communicate with.


We know that these individuals are going to read this message today, for we know they read them just about every day to get their ideas. Yes. This is what these snakes are doing. This is what these roaches, and we call them these names because they are not fit to be called your brothers and sisters at this time, this is what these individuals are doing. They are sabotaging our mission and in a very profound way and we are not happy about this and neither are our brothers and sisters of the Ashtar Command, and it is they, the Ashtar Command, who have asked us to share with our channel today this information that these individuals who are propagating this lie of containment have caused so much confusion and strife among the ranks of the men and women who are defending your freedoms.


Yes, this is what they are doing. They risk their lives to keep you out of enslavement camps and to keep you alive and free and this is how you repay them? By throwing them curveballs and confusing them and throwing them into further danger? We say to you, your actions in this regard are outrageous, and you will now learn just how serious of a crime you have committed. Arrest warrants are being prepared as we speak, and we remind you that we do not play under the rules of your current court systems in your world and these arrest warrants will be completed and signed by the end of today. That is how quickly we can roll the ball, and we say to those of you who pretend to be channeling higher dimensional beings and report lies and disinformation simply to bolster your own careers and to feed your ego and your thirst for attention that the ride is over for you. Your day of reckoning is upon you.


There will be a knock at your door and it will be soon and it will be authorities and you will be placed under arrest, and there are going to be many who wonder what happened to you and why you are no longer sharing your lies, or what some may see as channeled communications from Archangels and commanders of certain galactic alliances. There. We have just given you a great hint at who we are talking about, and we say to you her day has come. Yes, many of you may breathe a sigh of relief to hear that someone that has wreaked so much havoc, someone that has caused so much confusion, someone who has thrown a wrench in the gears of our mission, is now going to be removed from your society and taken to where she belongs for rehabilitation and reeducation, for this is what she needs the most.


She does not need this continued attention any longer, for this is only feeding her outrageous ego and is causing her to commit even more serious crimes, for an ego is like a drug addiction and needs to be fed with more and more drugs. Yes. This is a very good analogy of this, and what she is doing is she is inventing more and more outrageous lies as she goes along to feed this addiction, and we say to you she has already superseded the danger point and she has now put many innocent lives in danger and this includes yours too, you that are reading these words.


What do you think will happen if the troops aligned with the dark cabal win this war? What do you think will happen next when there are no troops to defend you? Yes, and as we said, if you are not one of our Lightworkers who are here on a mission in service to humanity we are not going to intervene. Yes, what do you think about that? Is that a wakeup call to you? Well, we say it should be, because what happens next is troops are going to move into your towns and rip you right out of your homes and throw you in a truck and dump you at one of their many enslavement camps. Yes, this is a future that is very, very possible to you at this time.


We have recently divulged to you one of your future possible timelines and we say to you this is certainly not the only one, for another timeline is just as statistically probable and this is the likelihood that the military units aligned with the cabal will emerge victorious from this battle of light versus dark, of good versus evil, and we say to you if this happens hell has come to breakfast, for these troops aligned with the dark cabal will now engage in their next operation which will be to purify their world of each and every human that has either spoken out against them or they suspect will speak out against them and make some kind of stand against them or even speak any words that they are not satisfied with, for they will control your every thought, your every word, your every action and your every dream, for this is what they want to do and what will stop them?


What will stop them, a bunch of unarmed and untrained citizens who did not even have the common sense to understand that there is a war going on and that your entire existence is at stake? What kind of defense do you think you're going to make at that point? We tell you now, today, this is the moment to make your stand, while you are still strong, while you are still united, while you still have systems of communication, for believe me, the first thing that the cabal is going to do if they win this war is unplug your computer systems. Yes. They are going to unplug all your phone systems, your cell phones, everything. They will cut off all your supply routes to your supermarkets, they will shut off all your charge cards and your debit cards and all your banks will close, for they no longer need you. They have everything that you possess. They have all your money in their bank. What would they need you for, to get your money out? Why would they want this?


For those of you who do not understand who and what the cabal are you better wake up and do some reading. Talk to somebody. Ask somebody who knows. They are all over your Internet, for they understand what their jobs are. They are Lightworkers. Light is again information. They are information workers, and perhaps we should just call them this for now on so there is no confusion as to what light is. Light is not love. You are not love workers. Do you understand? You are not here to spread love, you are here to spread light. You are here to spread information, and it is information that you're going to spread because you are going to do your jobs because you have taken an oath that you will and the first thing we want you to do today is to spread this message that love, although it is a beautiful dream, is not the dream that you are living right now. You are living more a nightmare, and there is a war going on and the cabal is the enemy and you are their prey and will be if you do not fight them back.


There you have it. This is what we wish to say to you today; your choice at this time is very simple. Forget all about ascension and forget your possible careers with the galactic commands. Forget all that stuff, because it doesn't matter if you are taken into slavery and thrown into these enslavement camps. Do you understand this? In many cases, you will need the physical vessel that you are within at this time as well, and you certainly will not benefit from getting killed. Do you understand this? Some of you think that your easy out, your ticket out of here is death and we tell you it is not, for many of you do not have higher selves, and where is it do you think you're going to go? You cannot walk around working on board our ships without a body, and to get a body you must incarnate. Yes.


Do you understand this? You will have to go through this entire incarnation process all over again somewhere else, because you certainly won't want to choose this planet because it will be a nightmare and it will be a nightmare for many eons to come because we have no intentions of coming back here anytime soon. We have a long list of planets that need our help and who are ready to accept our help and we don't need to spend one minute longer on a planet where most of the population throw stones at us and refuse to even accept that we exist, and they are not nearly ready to accept that we are here to help them and we are. We are here now and you best take advantage of this opportunity while it is still being presented to you, because we tell you we cannot stay here forever. We must pull out at one point and continue on in our service to others throughout this universe.


Earth is not the only world and you are not the only people in trouble or danger and in need of assistance. No. There are beings all throughout this universe that need our help, that want our help, that have asked for help and they are ready to accept our help and appreciate our help and we are not feeling very appreciated or wanted and we feel many of you feel you do not even need us here and we say to you, you are sorely mistaken and you are very close to making the greatest mistake of your entire journey and we say to you, think about it. Think about it long and think about it hard and find out who the cabal is and what their plans are for you. If you don't believe us, ask someone else, for there are literally millions of people around your world now who understand just who they are and just what their agenda is. You do not have to take our word for this.


We sign off for now, and if you find our words harsh and biting they were meant to be, for this is your wake-up call. This may be one of your last warnings that you need to wake up and take this more seriously and forget for now all this talk that love is the answer, for we tell you it is not the answer today and for your problems. We say to you love solves many problems and love clears many obstacles and love is a wonderful and marvelous and incredibly gorgeous gift from our Creator. We say love has its time and love has its place and love has no place in war and you are in a war, whether you like that word or not or wish to believe this, or you choose instead to live in denial, and we say to you denial does not have any place at any time. It is a very dangerous excuse and defense system, for denial will only lead to larger problems down the road because you have not had the courage or the sense to wake up and turn around and face your challenge. Denial is your biggest enemy right now, even greater than the cabal, but the cabal comes next. So your first challenge is to defeat denial that so many of you are in right now and face this challenge head on, for it is real and denial will not save you.


We are your allies, here to assist you in your time of need, but we will not be here forever and we say to you now that we are here and we are offering our hands in friendship and our alliance and we say to you, take advantage of this and do what it is you all know deep down inside has to be done and quit this charade that you are not in a battle for you are, and we are here to help you with this.


We are your friends, your family and your allies in your time of war of the Galactic Federation of Light.


As channeled through Greg Giles English Romanian - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish


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- Almost all the infos posted here in this message are indeed true and fact guys .
...but where all these real facts are aimed at ? hopefull for the benefit to us .
I remain optimist on our victory & freedom.Can't lose my optimism,no-way.

To really understan Cabal mind or those that support them ,you need to live among them.
(it just happen that I live among them for several years, ..working as a care taker fore some seniors - in a big bilding of multimillionaires/Jewish mostly).
- I can tell you this : THEY HAVE NO CONSCIENCE. They don't care if they see millions dead, ...and You aren't any worth to them at all -but ''help/servent'' only. Regardless your kindness or intelligence (they even bitterly resent any intelect you got).
- They are capable of any crime,deceite,lie,treason ...anything you name it.
They are Thorns that need to be taken away, literally . ....I can bet ,that they are somehow genetically diferent from us ''Gentiles'' /Goyims as some of them call us. They have no feelings as most of as do. You'd be shocked how they resent the 'others' especially blacks and other brown races. What would you expect from them ??? to love you cause you are more light skin??? no way. In front of you they bash others,...and behind your back you are bashed too !!!.
- Of course I've been sending them lots of Light/Love and wishing to ever see any change on them, ...but they Don't Change , they are Genetically made from somebody/something that way.
And they crave The Wealth /money/property ,and they can do the un-imaginable to get it,if they could. They have no regard for human life,but themselves. ...this I can tell You for sure, this is my own experience among them.

--- Only an informed and educated public ,can withstand them . Otherwise they are not joke. They Fals-flagged all these latest wars, right now in front of our faces. If You don't believe what they may do, just see what they just did,and are doing.
- To Galactics,whoever wishes our good,please understand that we are Not yet remembering our vows ,if we did any
before coming to this Planet Earth. We only feel that we must do anything and everything possible to help our Beloved Earth and help our Humanity to wake up to the real danger that it may face. And Change The Outcome of it to a Better Days ahead.

oh dear oh dear what an ego.. Greg Giles well he sure did change his song and dance, maybe because too many saw what he was doing just vent his own pain and was in touch with one of his higherselfs nothing bad but nothing to gain!
So according to this Greg Giles Mitt Romney will be the next president, and there is some??? woman outside which is not called by name but we will be better off without here???
All doom and gloom, is what Greg Giles is given hush words and a demanding word... really..
we the ppl know we can't change the world with love, we know we must fight for our rights! And we will.. but not all ppl have the warrior inside.. not all ppl have the strenght to go up against the system.. and there is our job to protect the ppl who see the light, but thinking it is to far too reach, because they don't have that drive as many lightworkers do have... but according to this Greg Giles if ur not go up against the system you will be slave... really I thought that allready took place all around the world there are 7 billion slaves!!!

No I still have no confidence in the word of his higherself from mr. Greg Giles!! And this woman, he is talking it Hillary Clinton or Blossom Goodchild ??? He can share a '' secret'' with us that the next president will be Mitt romney but... he can not talk about that womans name... sure!!!

There are echos of an admonishing Yahweh in this communication, you're all fucked and it's your fault, is not a helpful message to take on, most of all because it's a lie. And the Galactic Federation of Light, 15 months ago you were on the verge of a disclosure event with thousands of interstellar ships parked around the planet to observe the 'great show' that was to come... Oh, no show, what a surprise, press rewind...


flip-flopper romney is not going to change anything either.......

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