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Message from Matthew - February 8, 2015. ... Sanat,Sananda ,Company of Heaven and more :)


English --MATTHEW -- February 8, 2015

Message from Matthew
February 8, 2015

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.  We have been asked if the Illuminati have any role in the fighting going on in Ukraine and what ISIS is doing. Yes, major roles in both, but since they are “behind the scene,” so to say, they aren’t historically or currently attributed to the Illuminati. The unrest in Ukraine stems from wars they initiated long ago to form new national borders without any regard for the differing cultures and history of the affected peoples, and ISIS’ goal of creating an Islamic State has its emotional roots in wars started in Afghanistan and Iraq by Illuminati within the United States government.
Now Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Barack Obama, and some national leaders in the Mideast and Europe are trying to quell inflammatory situations instigated by Illuminati-controlled CIA agents who created incidents to incite the citizenry, carried out by Illuminati-“owned” mercenaries and unwitting troops, and funded by the Illuminati’s illegally-acquired massive resources.   
Please keep foremost in your thoughts that turbulence is running out its various energetic courses and the increasing energy momentum of positive change is moving your society ever closer to a peaceful, harmonious world. It is helpful to remember, too, that you lightworkers and members of our universal family—the vanguard of progress—are aided by vast numbers of your populace.  
All except a comparative handful of individuals are loving, compassionate, honest people who endeavor to make life better for their families and communities or they go to countries to help the many who are in dire straits or they support efforts to protect your environment and wildlife. Simply by living from their hearts, these millions upon millions of souls are adding immeasurably to the light that ultimately will prevail throughout your entire civilization.   
Our mentioning Nirvana’s “fourth density residential area” elicited a number of responses. We thank the reader whose questions are cited, and our reply also will address comments and questions from others who wrote.
Matthew said, ‘Persons who advance from third to fourth density spiritually and consciously during Earth lifetime enter Nirvana’s fourth density residential areas.’ He also said residents there range from second to fifth density or higher. How do the areas where they live differ from fourth? Who decides where people live? Are family members reunited in the area where the first one who went there is? Are people restricted to their area or can they move from one to another? What kind of living accommodations do residents have? What do people do while they’re there and how long do they stay? I’d like to know more about what to expect when I get there!”
First, as a reminder, we number densities, whether mass or location or soul evolvement status, ONLY to indicate advancement. Densities aren’t compartmentalized and there are no sign posts indicating where one density stops location-wise and another begins, and the same is true of soul evolvement. In both there are many gradations, which you could think of as shades on a color chart that move from the faintest tinge all the way up the spectrum to the color’s full intensity. Applying that to residency in Nirvana, persons who are the least evolved spiritually and consciously live in “tinge” and persons who are more evolved live in the shades that correspond to their status.
Now then, at the end of physical lifetime, all of Earth’s peoples go to that multidimensional spirit world, thus it encompasses religions’ concepts of both heaven and hell. Nirvana comprises numerous meandering, energetically-connected, flexible “layers,” which can be considered heaven, and a tiny dense orb that is separate from the layers can be considered hell. Both are about the same distance from Earth as your moon. The layers are what you call “discarnate,” and even though they do have mass, their high vibrations make them invisible to your telescopes and the orb is too small to be noticeable.  
First we shall speak about the layers and their gradations, all of which are at varying vibratory rates, and who goes where is determined by the laws of physics that govern this universe. The energy of every person’s thoughts, motives and deeds throughout the lifetime is registered in the infallible Akashic records, and when the dense body dies, the etheric body automatically is drawn to the part of Nirvana that corresponds to the energy in the person’s records.
We remind you as well that the soul is freed, or liberated, from the etheric body—it is the personage and its lifetime experiences, which form the psyche, who goes to Nirvana. So it is possible, even likely, that members of an Earth family will enter different parts, but all who go to the layers may visit each other. As members in lower layers or layer gradations grow in spiritual and conscious awareness, they advance accordingly in residency.  
Nirvana is in the timeless continuum, so you’ll be seeing not only family and friends from this lifetime who are there, but also dear ones from other lifetimes, and you may prefer to spend time with them. Always the stronger love bonds between individuals prevail and everyone honors this; the same applies to persons who remarried after their spouses died and all are in Nirvana. 
Now we shall speak about who lives where. Occupants of the topmost layer are the most highly evolved: the 100-member council that oversees Nirvana’s administrative aspects, resident and visiting masters in specialty fields, and universal family members who wish to stay a while after completing their volunteer service on Earth. Down a notch are the principals in charge of transition, customized healing and settling-in assistance; childcare; education; employment; transportation; architecture and construction; entertainment; Earth monitoring; libraries and the fine arts.  Then come the myriad employees in those and other fields who live in layer gradations commensurate with their extent of responsibility and progress in service, spiritual and conscious growth, and personal interests.
Although education at every level and training in all fields are available to everyone, skills and talents of other personage lifetimes are remembered, so residents have a wealth of knowledge and experience to choose from. Always employment is a matter of choice, and individuals who desire to work may change from one field to another whenever they wish.
Babies and young children enter fourth density. If close family members are living there or in higher layers, the children join them; if not, they are lovingly nurtured by specially-trained caretakers and schooled appropriately for age and soul growth status at the time they arrived.  
Animals also enter fourth density. Those whom you call predators were herbivores before darkness made them carnivorous long ages ago, and that aspect of their nature is erased from cellular patterning during the passage from Earth to Nirvana. Pets and their human families are reunited by the energy streamers of shared love bonds. If pets arrive first, they roam with other animals until a family member enters any of the layers. Henceforth they may live together if that is what is desired—all animals are self-sufficient and there is no pet ownership as you know it.
Third density is home to people who refuse to listen to universal truths that differ from their beliefs and to people whose characteristics such as bigotry, greed, anger, dishonesty, jealousy, arrogance, egotism or disloyalty led them astray from their chosen karmic lessons. All of those individuals need time and assistance to become open to enlightenment and gain spiritual and psychic strength. As they respond, they move to a higher gradation, where advanced learning and a wider range of employment, activities and growth opportunities are available, and so on up the ladder.
Please don’t think that life in Nirvana is all work, work, work or learn, learn learn! Just as on Earth, most residents want the self-satisfaction that comes with being productive and creative and adding to their knowledge; and because they also enjoy leisure time, a wide range of age-related activities and entertainment are available. All team and individual sports except those that destroy or injure life are popular; so are attending or participating in films, theater and concerts; and “story hour” is enjoyed by all ages. There are travels throughout the realm, lectures by visiting “professors,” grand fiestas and small social get-togethers, splendid museums and art galleries, and hobbies of interest.   
Buildings of all sizes and designs are erected by focused thought and visualization, and although residences are in accordance with evolvement status, everyone has a choice of house or apartment in a city or living in a rural environment. It is noteworthy that the most highly evolved souls choose humble dwellings and people who choose mansions later feel uncomfortable with such opulence—they have those homes dematerialized and replaced with more modest styles.
Now we shall speak about second density, the tiny dense orb that can be considered the hell of religions. The individuals drawn there are those who consistently ignored conscience and pre-birth agreements and they willfully caused great suffering to persons whose soul contracts did not include those experiences. Because light is anathema to these individuals, only a pinpoint is directed into their dark world; as they overcome their fear of the pinpoint, a bit more light is beamed to them. It may take hundreds or even thousands of your years before they choose to absorb enough light to embody at the lowest consciousness level in a third density civilization, a life comparable to Earth’s slugs and minute, short-lived insects. This act of divine grace wipes clean the cellular and psychic patterning of devastating behavior choices.  
Although Nirvana primarily is the temporary home of people who transition from Earth, residents in the higher layers vary considerably. Mother, my description of the population answers other questions sent to you, and I think it will be of interest all readers, so please insert that.  
[Excerpt from “Residents” chapter of Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven; Matthew transmitted this information in 1994, when he still lived in Nirvana.]
      Matthew, how many souls live in Nirvana?
      Between 10 and 12 billion.  We come and go continuously, so the population fluctuates.  You're having a hard time with that number, Mother.  Why?
      It seems like a lot of souls between Earth lifetimes.
      I need to clarify our population, which is considerably more varied than I've explained. This realm is primarily for people transitioning from Earth lifetimes, who could be called "regular" residents, but many others live here, too, and I'll tell you about all of them. 
      Although most of our regular residents are preparing for their next lifetime on Earth, depending upon the stage of their soul growth, some are preparing for incarnate or discarnate life elsewhere, even outside our galaxy, or they may choose to experience as free spirits. Probably 20 years is average for a "long-timer," but I'm not really comfortable giving that figure because many variables influence the length of residency. Some souls feel great sensitivity in all aspects, an ability acquired only in higher density vibrations, and they don't stay very long.  Some are so highly evolved that they practically whisk through to their next growth placement. 
      Others of this spiritual evolvement status may choose to remain here quite a while. They have earned this as a reward for honored service, and they stay for a long time by your calculations.  Some of these souls are very high in our hierarchy. Other long-timers are here for intensive healing from a number of difficult lifetimes. They stay in an environment of tranquility as long as they need to recuperate before choosing their next level of spiritual growth experiencing. All those souls constitute what I referred to as our "regular" population. 
      Another large part is transient.  Some are free spirits, who come and go as their growth needs require. 
      Matthew, excuse me, please.  Remember, here free spirits are folks who seem to go blithely through life doing their own thing out of the "mainstream."  Is it the same there?
      Oh, no, Mother.  Free spirit can mean only that no body, not even the etheric body, is necessary for residence of the soul.  But in a larger sense it refers to the mental attitude or psychic approach to communion with God and the knowledgeable accomplishing of the pre-birth chosen mission.  Either or both of these conditions constitute a free spirit lifetime.  It's a different sort of learning process and is as necessary as any other lesson due to karmic cause and effect.  
      I see.  Thank you.
      You're welcome!  Now then, others of our transients are teachers in specialty fields or students who come for selected education, and they leave when they have accomplished their purpose.  Visitors come from other discarnate realms to further their spiritual growth and stay as long as their specific interests last.  And there are many short-term vacationers, some from supra-human civilizations.  Nirvana is much more beautiful than many other discarnate realms and, just like resorts on Earth, it attracts "tourists." 
      There is still another kind of resident here, souls who have taken on new bodies on Earth, but they reside here as well as there.  Mother, this isn't "weird" at all, and there is good reason for these "dual" lives.  When one is motivated toward studies, learning can be achieved far more rapidly here than on Earth. We have almost limitless superb resources and master teachers, and the entire environment is conducive to spiritual growth.  What better place to gain knowledge and spiritual enlightenment with which to endow the new personage?
Thank you, Mother. We have given an enlightening glimpse of life in Nirvana, but no message can cover all facets of that world, like the personal reception of all arrivals and how they are affected by the thoughts and feelings of their loved ones on Earth; the customized care given to all who arrive with traumatized psyches; the diverse environment in that spirit world; its republic form of governance; aging and de-aging; or the range of residents’ manifesting capabilities. Although our messages never have been a platform for recommending the Matthew books, we make this one exception: Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven offers comfort to people grieving the loss of a loved one and is an inspirational guideline for living.
Light beings throughout this universe are cheering you ever onward and embracing you with unconditional love.
Suzanne Ward

[NOTE from Suzy: The next message will be late March or early April because I’ll be visiting family in South America.

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An Opportunity to Add to the Light of the World by Patricia Cota-Robles


February 8, 2015


Miracles took place last year that allowed the New Year, 2015, to be birthed in a star burst of Celestial Light. That influx of Divine Light has catapulted Humanity and the Earth into higher frequencies of energy, vibration, and consciousness than we have ever been able to withstand. The miracles of 2014 included an unprecedented activity of Light that empowered the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth to begin the initial impulse of Humanity’s return to Christ Consciousness en masse.


An important note: Some people resist the term Christ Consciousness because they feel it is based in Christianity, but that is not true. Christ Consciousness is the level of enlightenment we were invested with at our inception, the moment we were first Breathed forth from the Core of Creation by our Father-Mother God.


As Sons and Daughters of God, Christ Consciousness is the level of enlightenment we must ALL return to if we are going to continue our evolutionary process. Our return to Christ Consciousness will be accomplished by healing the adverse effects of our fall from Grace, so that we can return to the Path of Divine Love and Ascend up the Spiral of Evolution to the next level of our learning experiences.


If, however, the term Christ Consciousness prevents you from hearing the message being given to Humanity by the Company of Heaven during this Cosmic Moment, then by all means change that term to whatever resonates for you as the name of your true God Reality. Whatever you do, please do not miss this Cosmic Opportunity to add to the Light of the World because of semantics. )


The miracles of 2014 also included a consecration of the Water Element that had been unfolding through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth for more than 6,500 years. That consecration took place on October 18, 2014. During that event, the Way of Peace from the Realms of Illumined Truth was encoded within the Core of Purity in every single molecule of water on Earth, including the water that comprises more than 70% of Humanity’s Earthly Bodies. That miracle empowered the Water Element with the ability to purge and purify the Earth and Humanity’s bodies in NEW and profound ways.


There are myriad activities of Light taking place all over the Planet. In various ways Lightworkers around the World are taking full advantage of the miracles that were God Victoriously accomplished in 2014. What I would like to share with you now is a NEW GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY that involves greatly amplifying the frequency of Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System. This expansion of Light will create a sacred space so that the Company of Heaven and the I AM Presence of every person on Earth will be able to encode the full gathered momentum of our Father-Mother God’s 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Frequencies of Divine Love in every particle and wave of Life on Earth. This unparalleled frequency of Divine Love will also be encoded in all of the spaces in between the particles and waves of Life on this Planet. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have revealed that this event will lift every facet of Life on this Planet a quantum leap further up the Spiral of Evolution into the embrace of our Father-Mother God’s Divine Love.


Accelerating Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System


For 69 years Tucson, Arizona has hosted the largest Gem and Mineral Show in the World. Literally tens of thousands of buyers and dealers from every corner of the globe flood into Tucson the last weekend in January. For two weeks, this event blesses not only Arizona but the entire Planet Earth with exquisite Light from an incomprehensible collection of crystals, gems, minerals, and other gifts from the Elemental Kingdom. Unless you have experienced the magnitude of this accumulation of crystallized Sacred Fire and Divine Light from the Body of Mother Earth, it is difficult to fathom the beauty and wonder of these gifts from the Elemental Kingdom. Then, on Valentine’s Day, the increased frequency of Light that has been building in momentum for two weeks is sealed in Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System utilizing the collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness, which is focused on Valentine’s Day and Divine Love.


This year, 2015, Mother Earth and the Elemental Kingdom have the opportunity to expand this activity of Light a THOUSANDFOLD due to the intensified purging and purification being accomplished by the new frequencies encoded in the Water Element, and the initial shift into Christ Consciousness that is unfolding day by day within the hearts and minds of the masses of Humanity.


The Elemental Kingdom has been preparing the Earth for this influx of Light since the beginning of the year. Record-breaking storms have been purging and purifying the United States of America from coast to coast since the inception of 2015. Even though our weather reports are focused primarily on the USA, powerful and record-breaking water events are taking place all over the Planet.


In Tucson, Arizona, when we awakened on New Year’s Day, we were blessed with a beautiful blanket of snow that covered the ground. I cannot tell you how very rare that is. Since then we have experienced record-breaking rains and two mystical days when a purifying fog covered all of Arizona. One of those days was February 1st the day of the Super Bowl Game, which not by chance took place in Arizona this year. In the morning before the game, we experienced such a thick fog that Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix had to be shut down for a few hours.


We are One and there is NO separation. Consequently, when large numbers of people focus their attention on a particular event, such as the Super Bowl Game, a collective Cup of Consciousness is formed that can influence the entire Planet Earth. In order for that to happen, Lightworkers simply need to invoke the I AM Presence of every person on Earth and ask the Legions of Light to gather up every electron of precious Life energy being expended by people as they focus on the particular event. Lightworkers need to then invoke the Violet Flame and ask the I AM Presence of each person to purify the energy being released, so that every electron of that energy can be used for the highest good of all concerned in the fulfillment of God’s Divine Plan.


That is exactly what took place during the Super Bowl Game as a record-breaking 114 million people in the USA turned their attention to Arizona while watching the game. That number does not even include the millions of people around the World who turned their attention to Arizona by watching the game through various satellite connections. Another event that drew the attention of people from all over the World to Arizona during the opening weekend of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show was the televised Phoenix Open Golf Tournament. Both of these events greatly empowered the Light flowing through the crystals and gems at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and paved the way for the success of the unfolding Divine Plan our Father-Mother God are calling us to fulfill at this time.


Even though our Father-Mother God, the entire Company of Heaven, and the Directors and the Divine Intelligence associated with the Elemental Kingdom are standing in readiness, they cannot accomplish this unprecedented activity of Light without the participation of embodied Lightworkers which, of course, includes you and me. Remember, THE CALL FOR ASSISTANCE MUST COME FROM THE REALM WHERE THE ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED. In order for the Light of God to manifest on Earth, that Light must be drawn through the Divinity pulsating within the Heart Flame of someone embodied on Earth. The more embodied Lightworkers there are invoking this Light, the more powerful and effective this unfolding facet of the Divine Plan will be.


Valentine’s Day February 14, 2015

Expanding the Love of God a Thousandfold


On Valentine’s Day, through the Collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness and the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, the Love of our Father-Mother God will be encoded within the Core of Purity in every particle and wave of Life on Earth. This unfathomable Divine Love will be secured through all of the spaces in between the particles and waves of Life as well. With the conscious cooperation of awakened Lightworkers, and the I AM Presence of every person on Earth, the Love of God will expand a THOUSANDFOLD beyond any frequency of Light Humanity has ever experienced.


Each of our I AM Presences will guide us unerringly in this holy endeavor. Just go within to the Divinity of your Heart Flame and ask how you can most effectively add to the Light of the World during this Cosmic Moment.


In addition to our personal invocations and ceremonies, there is a Global Activity of Light that has been building in momentum for 13 years. This powerful event will serve as the perfect vehicle for our collective celebration of both Sound and the Holy Breath to accomplish this facet of the Divine Plan. I highly recommend that all of us participate in World Sound Healing Day at 12:00 noon local time wherever we are on the Planet.



13th Annual


Feb. 14, 2015


Become a Sonic Co-Creator

Join thousands throughout the planet on February 14, 2015 at 12:00 noon (your local time ) as we sound forth for 5 minutes with an “AH” projected with the energy of Compassion and LOVE. Send a sonic Valentine to Gaia, our Mother Earth and change Global Consciousness!


1). Heal Our Planet!

2). Heal Our Waters!

3). Raise Our Consciousness!


Scientific data measuring the effects of World Sound Healing Day provided by the Global Consciousness Project, the Global Coherence Initiative and other organizations shows great promise with regard to the power of intentionalized Sacred Sound to help create positive shifts and changes on our Planet.



We heal our Planet and we heal ourselves.

We heal ourselves and we heal our Planet.


I am going to include a couple of links below that give you important information that will help you during this powerful but often challenging time.

Mother Mary’s Rosary for an Awakening Humanity:


Healing Waters:


            (If the links do not work please copy and paste them in your browser.)


God Bless YOU,

Patricia Cota-Robles


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This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.


©2015 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.



Trans-portations are arranged for all concerned


gaia_energy1Trans-portations are arranged for all concerned.

Portentions of Light are clarified and unassailable.

Foundational Essence is recognized.

Planetary illusions have served their function, and retire in silence.

Formidables seen for the smallness that they are.

Respite comes quickly, and continuously.

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channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: My brother Karl is with my son Noah and they play 
with each other, as Noah suddenly says: “Uncle Karl, you, 
I was already in Heaven…., But now I am here.” 
(End of report)

Beloved Ones,

and this truth applies to all human Beings and foremost 
to those, who are conscious of their heavenly reality and 
their earthly reality: the light warriors of the first and last 

An awareness, which does not recognize this truth, lives 
in spiritual poverty, lives in fallacy and lives in hopelessness; 
a live, which is not worth to describe more precisely, because 
who does not know his origin, at the end of time does not 
know where and continues to remain foreign to himself.
The great number of light warriors has descended to earth, 
in order to foster and enable the great event of transformation.
Enlightened ones, Gods in human Gestalt, walk on the ground today. 
We have descended from Heaven and we return to Heaven; after we 
have done, what needs to get done, after we have fulfilled, what is 
being fulfilled in these days and after we have seen, what no human 
eye has seen: The uplifting of a whole world in an instant of God’s 

Masters in their Mastership 
Today each Master is fully conscious of his assignments and 
each Master knows his position in the great game of Creation 
and in the final play of this time.

And therefore it now comes to pass that each Master stands 
exactly at the point in time, where he is needed, where he 
has to stand, so that the “great throw” succeeds and the 
last burdens of this world will be overcome.

Today the complete interlocking of these human Beings 
with their heavenly assignments is carried out and each 
human Being serves the great cause, knows about his 
destiny and for these human Beings the search for an 
adequate place in this world is over.
Today we stand at the gate to Heaven, today new worlds 
manifest and the old ones crumble. And today it is time to 
enrich the ascension of this world, where one has been 
placed – due to God’s wisdom and out of one’s own decision.

Gone is the quarrel, gone are the tears of desperation, 
and gone is the worry about one’s own life, one’s own 
existence. Now it’s time to give!
To give everything that is needed and to all, who 
need it. Because the one, who has remained steadfast
until today, has proven, whose child he is, whose heritage 
distinguishes him, and he is anchored in his life and in God. 

Today the dark warriors take flight from the light-filled 
warriors, which you are, today the light-filled warriors 
pick up their sword and they destroy the energies of 
darkness – with every swipe. 

The time of long speeches, great words and negotiations 
is over, because the one, who today still gets involved with 
the dark ones – no matter in which manner – does not know 
his own light-filled strength or the power of the dark ones.
We have stepped into this world from Heaven, in order to 
accompany the world into Heaven.
We have come out of our free will.
This one has guided is here and brought us together.

Many of us had completed the great last circle of this 
world a long time ago and yet we returned to this unique 
space-time, which reflects all times, because all times redeem 
And today we stand in the middle of these powerful transformation 
processes and we are the ones, who hold the light-filled energies 
and destroy the dark energies. We are the ones, who today stem 
the dark ones, because we ourselves were asked to do so and we 
have urged human Beings and we were empowered by God to do 
so: the Creator who is All-That-Is.

„Now I am here”…

now we are here and we fulfill our work for this world 
and for this mankind. No time has been like this one, 
and no time will be like this one.
It is indeed the unique time of transformation, 
which reaches all life, removes all illusions and 
let us overcome the matrix of deception.

Human Beings become Gods 
We are in the process to be reborn and to resurrect.
Human Beings become Gods and they are fully conscious 
of it. The dark must yield, because we visibly carry the Light 
and guide our Light sword, like it is due for Masters and Angels. 

The last deadlines for the dark 
ones have run out, now we act. 

Let us together proceed to action, which forms a new 
world out of the old one, whereby a dark time transforms 
into Light. Everyone there, where he has been put by God
and out of his own will, and with the means, which were 
transferred to us by God:
1.) The power of distinction.
2.) The almighty Light sword.
3.) The divine will, which we represent on earth.

Do not stagger instead act! 
Therefore I direct these words to the light warriors 
of the first and last hours: Do not stagger instead act! 
Do not hesitate for one second to destroy each dark entity, 
which meddles in your life in an unsolicited manner! 

The dark ones, who until today played the game with 
you and still want to continue to play it, have gambled
away every chance for turning back at this hour in time. 

Do not hesitate for a second to act, because today 
the attacks and infringements of the dark ones increase 
and do not decrease! Why? Because the final battle rages, 
and those, who have nothing more to lose, act in desperation 
and throw everything into the battle – also their own lives. 

We are empowered by God, 
to remove darkness from the 
Mother planet of ascension. 

And from God we have received the tools for it.
Today it is necessary to apply these and to deploy them
– uncompromisingly, highly accurately and effectively, 
because whoever underestimates the dark forces or even 
denies them, falls into the grave, which the insiders of 
darkness want to prepare for the ones.

Light warriors of the first and last hours!
Light warriors, you, who have descended from Heaven 
to earth, in order to liberate this world from the 
anchorage of space-time! 

Never hesitate, as it is necessary to remove 
dark manifestations from your environment! 

And everything else is cared for.
Because whoever finds his end due to the Light sword 
or the spirit of a light warrior of the first and last hours, 
returns to the starting point of a life in the third dimension 
and begins a new cycle in mortality.

Whoever continues his dark game against better knowledge, 
will continue to exist; not in this one but in another world
– which equalizes to the vibration of these entities.
And these newly created places of darkness exist, 
as the entities of darkness exist and are real. 
Never deny evil, because only due to the unfeigned sight 
of this world can you correctly interpret the phenomena, 
which this level brings forth, and decisively put an end to 
them, as they intervene in your life.
Therefore act uncompromisingly, as the dark ones haunt you.
Sharpen your awareness, utilize your mind, do not let yourself 
be confused, be courageous and take heart, whereby you will 
prevail in every battle of this end time.
Many light warriors get worn out in these last days of time. 
Due to the steady attacks from the dark ones they are weakened 
and some begin to stray from the path of the Light. Persevere, 
because truly: We have descended from Heaven to this world, 
in order to uplift this world into Heaven – under the most 
difficult conditions and with the comprehensive support
from our siblings from the subtle realms of Light.

Get tired, get worn down, yet straighten up or ask to 
be straightened up!  Because in the last days of mankind 
the last strength is mobilized and freed in the dark players 
of power as well as in us, the light warriors of the first and 
last hours.

What for the dark ones is the hate, and at the same time 
their downfall, is for the light warriors the Love and at the 
same time Life. Outfitted with our Light sword and in the 
protection of Love we unfold our strength.

Our lives are fulfilled, in the time of times.
We have come to earth as Masters and Gods, as 
Masters and Gods we leave her – after we have 
fulfilled and are fulfilled ourselves. 

The Light sword, which was given 
to you, is neither adornment nor jewelry; 
it is the tool, which was given to you from 
the Creator, in order to appropriately 
encounter the forces of this time.Use it!

Your wellbeing, your integrity in body, mind and soul and 
your freedom are based on the wise handling of the Light
sword. Do not hesitate and act, because “now we are here”.

In infinite Love

Sanat Kumara and Sananda/Jesus - The Cabal Leaves, and BEWARE Who You Blame for Earth's Troubles!


I am contacting you from my position as participant observer in the affairs of Planet Earth. I am at an Inner Earth meeting of the Intergalactic Council of One.  It is a large gathering of representatives from all the cosmos who are intimately involved in the preparations for the final removal of the cabal from Planet Earth. This solemn ceremony will occur on Wednesday evening at 8 EST, at which time all remaining dark cabal forces will be removed from the planet to be rehabilitated or dissolved, as they choose.

Sananda is speaking.  He is appealing for a carefully coordinated effort from all parts of the Universe Nebadon (yours) to orchestrate the follow-up actions once the removal of the cabal is complete.  We do not want a repeat of what happened following the removal of the Reptilians, when so many dark minions stepped up to take their places, in spades.  

We have set a limit on the overall Light/Dark quotient which will be permitted within each individual before they are automatically removed from life on Planet Earth.  However, should many more humans turn away from the Light to take the place of the departing dark ones, it would create havoc, and set us back many years, even if they did not become as murderous and vicious as the departing souls.  Should they rise to new levels of darkness, as their predecessors did, they will be immediately removed. This edict from Source will remain in place forever.

It is a crucial time in the development of the New Golden Age.  It is intended to bring prosperity to all, relief from oppression, and the comfort of knowing all are safe to live their lives in peace.  We cannot allow a proliferation of petty criminals and playground bullies to counteract the marvelous events we have in store for all of you.

There are many exciting events in store for you in the coming months.  Your Intergalactic Federation is on the move.  They are coordinating a careful approach to Earth.  There are many considerations in carrying out a massive operation like this, including (to put it in Earthly terms) the cosmic equivalent of weather, turbulent energy patterns, gravity, and approved air traffic control routes.  Separate meetings under the guidance of Commander Ashtar will be moving forward during these coming days.

At the same time, the focus of your Ascended Masters turns to the conditions on the ground, and what we can expect to occur in the aftermath of the removal of the leaders of most of the world's banks, corporations, media organizations and political entities.  The most obvious for the U.S. will be the cessation of all activities of the secret government, providing those of you on the ground can maintain a high level of Light energy.

I will explain how important your role is now and why.  Removing the leaders, the darkest of the dark leaders, will still leave the shadow structure of the organizations they put in place.  This will be felt in a similar way to what you have experienced with the removal of the dark sleeper cell.  The cell is gone, but the memory of its vibration is still present within your brain and body.  This too must be eliminated through careful focus and determination.

We are now at a similar point in the evolution of the planet.  Removal of the "dark cell" of leaders will leave in place the dark thought forms you are used to and many of their minions.  These beings, like all of you, have been spared for the time being because they carry within them a promising proportion of Light in spite of their past involvement with darkness.

God is merciful, as we have told you, and will make every effort to help those who wish to help themselves.  This is not a free ride, we assure you, or preferential treatment for those who have lived destructive lives.  Many of these border-of-darkness beings are your neighbors, lovers, relatives and friends.  Many of you reading this message may have gone through periods in your lives where you were attracted to schemes that promised wealth and power, or addictive substances that promised relief from pain. As Jesus taught, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." 

Of course, we do not speak in terms of sin, but humankind uses this language to describe destructive behavior.  We prefer to see human behavior on a spectrum from dark to Light.  At this time, there are still a large number of humans who fall into the range of 60% to 70% darkness.  They are the polluters, the oblivious racists, the animal abusers, the arrogant executives, the punitive parents, the cruel teachers and the extremely religious of all stripes.  Many of this enormous group have aligned themselves with darkness because they felt powerless, or because they could not have sustained themselves and their families economically otherwise.

Do we condemn someone who flips poisoned burgers for a living?  Of course not.  We remove the burger-meisters.  (I could not resist that small pun.)  Then we must find ways for those left adrift to fill their days with productive work, and teach compassion and forgiveness for those who have been compromised by having lived in an impossibly difficult world system.

Everyone has been enslaved in one way or another, you see.  No one has been spared the bite of having to "fit in" to an environment that encouraged soul-destroying behavior, while ingesting mind-control substances daily. This is why so many Masters are here at this time - because a young soul could not have maintained a connection to her heart under such crushing psychological and physical abuses.  You are realizing, as you have struggled to clear darkness from your own beings, just how difficult this process is.

Know that I do not tell you these things to alarm or discourage you.  No, rather, we wish to encourage and inspire you to join with us now, find your place in the Army of Light, and help us to make the world over anew!  All are needed!  

When you align yourself with our intentions to calm and shift the vibrations on Planet Earth, we will accomplish the miracle of seeing the atmosphere clearing, the Light dawning all across the planet.  You have already accomplished the heroic lifting of energies that has made this current transition possible.  All of you must be aware of the tremendous change in the alignment of energies since December of 2012.  It may not be what you expected, but it is clearly a separation between Light and Dark, a massive schism that now makes it clear what is Light and what is not.

What was once a blurred thin line between good and evil, as you call it, is now blatantly obvious to more people every day.  For instance, a popular newscaster is disgraced for having said that his helicopter was attacked in Iraq, when it was not true.  A few months ago, this story would have been buried as a footnote, shrugged off as a "slip of tongue" or an understandable exaggeration from one who may have been anxious at the time.  No!  The public now sees a contrived piece of propaganda when it is dangled before them.  A journalist is not an entertainment figure.  He is expected to hold to a standard of truth-telling that transcends mere sensationalism, or worse yet, acting as a puppet for his cabal handlers.

This same standard of truth-telling is now being held up for your political leaders, sports figures, and all others in the public eye, including us, your overlighting Masters of the Higher Dimensions.  You have demanded more information, and more of the whole story, rather than the bits and pieces we have given in the past to introduce you slowly to the mind-expanding truths of life in the cosmos.  I have assured you in the past that we truly did not lie to you when we thought the prosperity programs would be released.  Our plans were that this should happen, and our view of what was happening on the ground led us to conclude that it would transpire as planned.

I will give you another bit of truth that may surprise you.  We, your Ascended Masters, are much like you, in that we are not omniscient - all-knowing - and we are not all-powerful.  We are Gods, yes, in our abilities to create and expand, but we do not have absolute control over what happens on Earth, or within our Universe.  Even Prime Creator cannot make a unilateral decision to create or destroy on a large scale. Just as I have revealed to you that I, Sanat Kumara, was filling the job description of "Father God," the Creator of your Milky Way Galaxy, Prime Creator was one of our Archangel pairs - twin flames who generally work together to fill these important positions.

In Higher Dimensions, we all work with each other, and sometimes move up or down the hierarchy to fill the positions that are needed at the time.  At this moment of Now, the Multiverse is expanding at a rapid rate because Source has created new Universes, which he does because it is what he does - Create.  As the great cosmos expands, the complexity expands logarithmically, you might say.  We are now in a time of great expansion, and the responsibilities have expanded simultaneously.

Where a "laissez-faire" management style was previously appropriate, given the Universal Law of nonintervention, it is now more crucial than ever that we remain in constant communication with each other and with Source.  Only Source has the say about what will be done in the final analysis, but he depends upon us, his/her "boots on the ground" to carry out all programs and to keep everyone involved informed of all complications or problems, within their local area and beyond.

Now, I represent the Company of Heaven when I offer you the following apology, offered from the depths of our hearts to yours.  We regret that during the period after the removal of the Reptilians in August of 2013, we turned our attention to the development of the New Universe and the opportunities it would create for all of us, because we truly expected that humankind would fill with Light the void left by the Reptilian overlords.  Instead, the cabal - whose humanity has been compromised by eons of cooperation with the dark forces - took over with a vengeance.  

It was not that we were completely ignorant of their power and determination, but we were blindsided by the speed with which they took control.  At the same time, of course, the Light quotient was increasing because of the courageous Lighworkers' efforts.  This is when the great gulf between Light and darkness expanded so suddenly.  In cosmic terms, the shift was a moment, but a huge moment in terms of the effect it has had on you, our dear children.  

These recent months of struggle and conflict were not intended to get so out of hand so suddenly.  It was complicated for us by the fact that the sudden shift that created a huge warp in the electromagnetic field around Earth also obscured our ability to see what was happening.  Things went from bad to worse in the blink of an eye.

You may remember that it was during this time that we asked Kathryn to begin sending you a message every day, in hopes of awakening more Lightworkers and keeping the hard-working ones energized.  Unfortunately, it did not help, since some of our information turned out to be inaccurate, given the prevailing timeline, which kept changing from day to day.  We can tell you now - we were heart-broken to see how ineffectual our efforts were, and how discouraged and angry many of you were.

We too were in a dilemma.  Source wants us to learn, to grow into the skilled managing directors who will be needed at every level in the present and new Universes to come.  He will not step in to rescue us - whether incarnated or in lightbodies - unless our actions cause a threat to others in the Universe.  The suffering caused by the recent complications was heart-breaking and regrettable, but it was a part of the original understanding of how difficult this incarnation would be.  We must pull ourselves out of our own messes, with his profound Love and guidance.  This is the True Way.  It is how we grow, and in the long run, we are always glad for the opportunity to stretch ourselves.

This failure on our part was a tremendous wake-up call to us as well.  Fortunately, in spite of the dense energies, we were able to maintain contact with some of our Lightworkers and channels on the ground, and so the long climb back to order and calm has proceeded, under different leadership and with renewed focus.  We acknowledge that, like you, we were stretched thin, trying to keep up with the shifting phenomena we could barely detect through the thick fog of swirling, chaotic energies around your planet.  We turned from our planning and projecting and instead began to rely on our human counterparts to lead us through the quagmire.

We acknowledge with great humility and gratitude that our twin flames and soul incarnation aspects have been the ones whose knowledge and great determination have turned the course of events here on Earth.  The energy of Source, our Central Sun as we sometimes call him, has ignited the imagination and creative genius in those who knew what steps would have to be taken to turn this Titanic around, as you have so aptly quipped.  Your clear demands for fairness and truth, and your willingness to take responsibility for helping to "clean up" the problem on the ground has made all the difference.

As you have gained in power and Light, especially after the removal of the dark cell in your brains, your connection with us has solidified, and we can now work as a well-oiled machine, with you, our beloved Earthbound souls in the lead.  You are brilliant managers and executives, and your deep understanding of the moment-to-moment feelings of your fellow humans surpasses ours.  We humbly reach across the great divide that has separated us to clasp your outreached hands, and we share with you the power of Light from our Great One.  We honor you with all our hearts, Beloved Human Ones.  Together, we are magnificent, and together we will finish this job.

This is the time of the rising of the Divine Feminine.  You have noticed how many of the most powerful Lightworkers are women.  Even in positions of power in politics and finance and in spiritual leadership, women have stepped forward in spite of the odds against them.  Look to your women, Beloved Humankind, for they are the first to absorb and put to use the great crystalline power that will lead you into the Light.

My dear brother Sananda is here.  They have just adjourned the Council meeting for today.  Let us let him share his news with you.


Thank you, Sanat, you are truly everywhere helping all of us.  We are grateful, Dear Brother.

Beloved Ones, we are resolved to put our energies into moving forward immediately following the removal of the last members of the Earth cabal.  We will be "on it" as you say, to avoid any rushing in to fill the void on the part of the lower level minions who are now teetering on the Great Divide between Light and dark.  

Now, this week, this day, is the crucial time when you must all be ready to open your minds to grasp the truth of the history of Planet Earth and open your hearts to be filled with forgiveness, mercy and compassion.  There must be no revenge, no witch-hunts, no punitive or bitter recriminations.  The consequences for everyone's behavior while on Earth is well investigated and understood when a soul returns to higher dimensions to meet with their Creator and their Guides.  This is a process the cabal members have avoided for centuries, and it will no longer be permitted.  Their free reign has been completely curtailed, and will never - I say NEVER - be restored.  

You must work hard to understand, Beloved Ones.  Forgiveness does not mean permissiveness or weakness.  These are cabal ideas.  The consequences of all actions, destructive or Light-filled, are taken into account when a soul review is undertaken.  In the case of cabal members whose Higher Selves have been damaged, this will require additional healing, but this does not mean they will not be held accountable for their dark deeds.  I remind you here - before their review is done, they must witness first-hand the atrocities and cruelty they inflicted on others.  They will experience those atrocities themselves, from the point of view of those they abused, in real time. 

You see, after each lifetime we gain more knowledge and most importantly, more empathy.  This will be the process of rehabilitation those damaged souls will have to undergo if they are to return in their bodies.  When they go to higher dimensions there is no time limit to how much work they must do or how long it should take, because there is no time.  They will return when they are done, not before, and as you learned from the movie, "Interstellar," it may have been only a heart-beat in Earth time. 

Now it is to be your work, Dear Ones, to ease the transition for others, to hold the bar high, to teach a new kind of forgiveness based in knowledge and wisdom.  It is vital to our Great Plan that Earth not sink into a phase of indignant rage, vengeance and cruelty in the name of Justice.  This would destroy everything we have worked for.

Begin with capital punishment.  No one must be killed for a crime committed in the past. It only creates more darkness.  You must learn to make a convincing case for the importance of keeping a high standard of ethics, which includes allowing for a person to "work off" the penance for their crimes if it would be for the greater good of humankind.  Community service is a time-honored way to provide for both atonement and reparations to society. 

Truth and Reconciliation must be kept in Divine balance in the months to come.  Do not allow yourselves to be swept up in rabble-rousing or propagandizing for any side.  This was the way of the cabal, and it must not be reestablished as the order of the day after they are gone.  Now is not the time for lynch-mobs or character assassination.  The worst danger is that the wrong people would be persecuted as a result of the passionate and ill-formed opinions of "experts" about who was right and who was wrong in the intricate web of the past.

You were told this week that Lucifer was portrayed by Archangel Gabriel.  This does not mean that Gabriel "fell" or turned dark.  He portrayed Lucifer, the Dark One, in order to infiltrate the dark forces.  The idea of "fallen angel" was his cover story to allow him entrance to the inner workings of Archon (4th dimensional) darkness.  They saw him as their leader, Satan, even though he was simultaneously carrying out undercover operations for the Great One.   Given the current misunderstandings, Gabriel would be sent to the guillotine or the death chair for crimes against humanity, when in fact he was your greatest "asset."  The same could be said for Barack Obama.

BEWARE WHO YOU BLAME for the past travesties.  Look instead to understand more deeply, and then more deeply yet.  The Truth will reveal itself in waves, as you search your intuition, consult with your HIgher Self, and converse with us at length on every issue.  Use our invitation to speak with you on the radio show  every Wednesday evening.  We will answer your questions and offer support gladly.  Click "follow" near Kathryn's picture on the BlogTalk internet page to be informed of upcoming shows.

Please, we beg you to pass this information on now.  We must reach larger numbers of people, and we must teach the removal of the dark sleeper cell to help all move into the new era with grace, in a state of inner peace.  Be resourceful and daring. Reach out to others who are still asleep. Connect with each other, and stay balanced as you step into your leadership positions in preparation for the challenges to come.

In the name of the Company of Heaven, I am your Sananda/Jesus.  I love you without end, and I will be with you to the end of this road.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, February 9, 2015, New York

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