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"I am Atmos from Sirius, and very soon many of you will be invited to meet us on board our Federation ships. There are many different types, and you will be amazed at the cities that are created on our Motherships. Some of you will also be overwhelmed by the tranquil energies and upliftment given by them. It is a taste of what you will find everywhere in the higher dimensions. " (as channeled by Mike Quinsy)

I sincerely hope that one of the Saviors of Earth members will have the honour of walking and talking with the Federation, so that he/she can tell us all about it and thrill us with words full of energy! I hope they aren't talking in years or months but HOURS!!! (patience has never been my best friend so I admire the patience they have with us "humanoids" ;-))
Hope they will give the invitees the strength to help those on earth who still haven't found the light but deserve to find it.

....Hhhmmm...., maybe I'm being selfish here. Perhaps first they should have to invite those hungry little children, war victims, the people that have suffered immensely because of the behaviour of the dark forces. Maybe they deserve it more than we in our more priveledged positions.

But probably They already know who to invite.

Anyways, can't wait!!! So curious!! Time seems to go fast and slow at the same time now!!! Hope it will reach the news when it happens or has happened.


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Oh pick me!!! pick me!!! LOL..j/k... That would be truly amazing to be able to board one of their ships.. I too have a hard time being patient... especially with something so exciting!!!

Thank you for sharing!!!!
I have been following Mike Quinsey's channellings for some time. They always ring of Truth. I am ready for the invitation and have been for some time. It seems we are all where we need to be, and whoever is selected it will be for the highest and best. I am curious, excited and anticipating this glorious arrival. With Love and Light.
Awesom :) That would be realy a good experience and yes first should go those up who are in the dark so that they can see the full picture ;) and yes i realy want to be invited just like everyone else :)

Love & Light

By jure
take all the starving from africa 1st, feed them, nurse them all to health, agriculturally fix their land.
then and only then come back for us :)

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