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I'm glad to be here, thank you, Kerrie, for the invite!
A little about myself: I'm a 57-year-old granny, with 3 grandchildren. My work history is as a secretary in banking, and construction, and I attended the Univ. of Toronto with a view to study criminology. I had a car accident, which disabled me. The up-side of this, is that I have a lot of time to study, and enrich my spiritual life, and this gives me joy, as well as connecting with others in this grand time on earth.
LOVE your caption: "It's Our Time Now!"...yes, it's a little shocking and overwhelming what's going on in the world...and the responsibility lies with us!!! We need to join and create more positive 'think-tanks' here, on this site.
We've been 'handed-down' a world that is lacking and unstable in certain aspects. But my hope and true heart-belief is that things ARE changing...THERE IS a Better World ahead! "WE are the ONES we've beein waiting for" !! (to coin a popular expression) lol
I'm sure I'll enjoy browsing the site, today....

Love To All

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Merry Christmas lovely friend Debora :):):) Much love to you.
..You are so very welcome here at SoE .Namaste.

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