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History has talked about the Mer-Ka-Ba mostly as the vehicle that allows a person to ascend or descend into the higher or lower worlds. But actually the Mer-Ka-Ba is much more than just a vehicle of ascension. It can be, really, anything — since it is the primal pattern that created all things and all universes, both visible and invisible

What actually is the Mer-Ka-Ba? Technically, it is an electro-magnetic field sitting at about four degrees Kelvin, found primarily within the microwave range — at least in the third dimension — that is entirely geometric in nature. Specifically, the geometry used is called ''Sacred Geometry,'' as this particular geometry is found in the creation patterns of all things in Creation.

The Mer-Ka-Ba field is extremely complex, involving the five Platonic solids and other sacred polyhedrons. It is believed to extend through all possible dimensional and parallel universes, and can possibly change its nature from electro-magnetic to whatever is appropriate.

The blueprint of the Mer-Ka-Ba is found throughout nature.

One of the functions of the Mer-Ka-Ba, as said, is to act as the vehicle to take the spirit and the body into the next world. However, this function — and most of the other possibilities — is impossible to obtain until something changes within the person. The Mer-Ka-Ba is situated around the human body like a three-dimensional geometric web that is dormant and nonfunctional, waiting for the right moment. When the spirit that inhabits the body remembers that it is there and begins to change certain aspects of itself, an incredible transformation begins to grow.

And yet it is clear that the Mer-Ka-Ba can also be ''activated,'' as the New Agers say, by other methods beside the male-style instructions using the breathing changes mentioned above. It can also become functional through methods that are purely female. Through the true living of qualities such as love, faith, trust, truth, and compassion, the Mer-Ka-Ba can spontaneously become alive. In other words, very pure human character can translate into a living Mer-Ka-Ba field around the person, even if that person doesn't initially know it is there.

And yes, absolutely, the Mer-Ka-Ba is alive. It is a living field, not a purely mechanical field of energy. Because it is a living field, it responds to human thought and feeling, which is the way to connect to the field. So the ''computer'' that guides the Mer-Ka-Ba is the human mind and heart. The possibilities are endless.

At a certain and specific moment (not necessarily in this lifetime), a person's Mer-Ka-Ba field can become alive. When this happens, an electro-magnetic change occurs which results in a disc of energy that comes out from a tiny place near the base of the spine and quickly expands to about 27 to 30 feet in radius around the body. This disc can easily be perceived by scientific means, and if the United States Airforce is correct it can be put up on their computer screens via satellite. In other words, the military can see people who activate their Mer-Ka-Bas, and watch as they move around the surface of the Earth.

Since the number of people who have done this is now in the millions, it is a fairly common sight now. It is the enormous magnetic burst that results from the disc expanding that brings attention to itself. This can easily be made invisible by people who activate their Mer-ka-Bas, if they so desire.

The knowledge of the Mer-Ka-Ba is well known by most of the more powerful governments of the world. I am certain that the US government used the Mer-Ka-Ba in the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment and the 1983 Montoc Experiments — in their mind-control experiments and dimensional explorations, and in controlling weather. And I am equally certain that Russia is using the Mer-Ka-Ba in their spy programs and defense systems.

But regardless of government experimentation, Mother Earth, the human race, and we as individuals can profit from this understanding and knowledge. The remembering of the Mer-Ka-Ba is unfolding all over the world. From my point of view, this unfoldment is all part of the evolving cosmic DNA. The Mer-Ka-Ba will be remembered now because this is the time to remember.

I truly feel that we have arrived at another one of these grand moments of human history where brilliant light expands around the world, and another huge leap in human consciousness appears. And, my friends, I truly believe, that the Mer-Ka-Ba is a doorway or a dimensional window into a higher level of consciousness that could be the catalyst for this great change called ascension.

So, to close, I will say again: Your character is the key to your ascension. Regardless of who you are at this moment, good or bad, you can change your character. Like losing weight, it is completely within your control if you focus.

In changing yourself, your Mer-Ka-Ba can become alive. And once it is alive, everything is possible.


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Awesome Ravi... wonderful info... I've been visualizing my merkaba and haven't noticed any shift in energy, but I know it's there... lol but since it was you that brought the subject up, I'll beat you to the punch and I'll give it a shot visualizing while listening to my solfeggio :) much gratitude Ravi

SWL... I think the video you linked is awesome, but I view that info more as a vehicle with regard to the law of attraction, however, with an activated merkaba, then I would imagine that the potential for resources through the crystaline field would grow exponentially to almost unlimited possibilities.

Much love to you... D
Hi Kerrie,

The vortex and the pyramid you noticed could be a portal / stargate .. to a higher dimension than where you were at that moment!! and it was probably your invitation to enter through that or you shouldn't have been able to see that! next time you see it just ask permission if you could enter it and be safe by creating a light shield around you before you go through.

.. did you know which dimension you were in when you saw this?? looks like youre being invited to ascend to higher dimensions !

Let me know if you saw something like the one in the picture below:


Kerrie said:
A few weeks ago when I was getting alot of strong frequencies hits, I went to a medium and I got a hit while I was there I said I needed to ground I felt very emotional he told me that I am safe and to fly, where I went was so filled with love, I felt like I was home, when the medium was bringing me back I saw a dark burgundy vortex that I was coming from then a being descending behind me he stopped as I continued down, then I saw a electric blue pyramid I've seen this before it was not a merkaba though any thoughts of what this pyamid is Ravi? It took 3 attempts at sitting up and my hands felt like electricity.
Love,light and gratitude
Hi S W L,

I think what he's taking about is bringing a change or interacting with the collective consciousness. Its not related to Merkaba but gives an insight into how you can actually visualize and interact with the collective consciousness which inturn affects our reality.


Spiritual Warrior of Light said:
thank you ravi, i am wondering if this is a better explanation of it:

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