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There is a buzz on the internet after the history channel aired an ad claiming they are going to present some world changing information which will shock the world.
Here are the youtube vids showing the ads

Come on ET disclosure :D

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Liked the following comment on Andy's last link..

Evolution does NOT work for so many reasons!

God or no God, Intelligent design DOES provide a start to the mystery.

For example, cells cannot reproduce without DNA which came afterwards!

Therefore how could they have 'evolved' as claimed?

Evolution has become an illogical (bigoted) 'religion' for athiests!
- Paul, UK, 10/5/2009 23:04
Not sure if you all knew this but the program has to do with a primate fossil that was found that helps support the theories of evolution. The History channel plans on airing a documentary called "The Link" helping to tie primates and humans together once and for all. Here is a link about it and it can also be found on ABC News' website.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news - I was kind of hoping this has something to do with disclosure.

I think Qlove is right!
Here is the Sky News link:
ughhhh; a lot to do over nothing, What ever they air on the HISTORY CHANNEL won't be that ground braking, I mean come on it's the history channel. If it was UFO disclosure I would really hope that the president were to announce it or the news reports it then hear about it on some documentary style cable t.v. show. Where would be the drama in that, UFO disclosure should be something that's treated with importance so I really HOPE that the history channel isn't the first to break that story..... That being said the rumors about the ape missing link seem far more likely but I would think national geographic and the discovery channel deserve it more.
proimate fossil made in china lol...
hi folks

i watched the documentary last night, and to be honest it was just another primate fossill

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