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There is a buzz on the internet after the history channel aired an ad claiming they are going to present some world changing information which will shock the world.
Here are the youtube vids showing the ads

Come on ET disclosure :D

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Maybe its only a add or a teaser for a new documantary they made
Dont think so, how would that shock teh world?
This is what their schedule shows:


12:00 AM MonsterQuest: Gators in the Sewers
What if one of the most famous and terrifying urban legends was not a legend but a frightening fact? History tells us that Alligators lurking around in the sewers of New York City is based in truth. In the mid 1930s three teenagers pulled an eight-foot alligator from a storm drain. Reports persisted until a skeptical Superintendant of Sewers, Teddy May, was forced to investigate for himself. What May found shocked even him--swarms of alligators alive beneath the busy main street of America's biggest city. Crews were sent in to kill the deadly reptiles, but the stories of the gators in the sewers lived on. Experts, however, are divided over whether it is scientifically possible for alligators to continue to exist in the sewers, so a MonsterQuest team sets out to search for modern evidence of these monsters and prove that they could not only survive but also thrive.
01:00 AM MonsterQuest: Monster Close Encounters
The most compelling evidence for the creature known as Bigfoot may be the increasing close encounters that are frightening witnesses in rural America. Historic stories have told of violent interactions that range from objects being thrown to frightening abductions by hairy beasts. As extraordinary as these stories sound, people continue to recount physical interactions with creatures that they cannot explain. Witnesses from Minnesota and Washington State have all had frightening run-ins with the monsters while driving; another witness in rural Indiana talks with terror of the night that he was grabbed by something very powerful out in a forest. MonsterQuest will investigate whether witness are seeing known animal or the same Bigfoot creature that has been spoken of throughout history. MonsterQuest employs polygraph examinations, DNA analysis and bite force tests to discover what monster is turning up its aggression.
02:00 AM MonsterQuest: Snowbeast Slaughter
High in the rugged wilderness of Colorado's Rocky Mountains a large hairy creature is said to be preying on the elk and frightening residents. The stories date back centuries with the earliest settlers describing terrifying encounters with a large beast whose scream bellows across the hills. Even today ranchers and hikers report a monster they can't explain that may be attacking their horses. MonsterQuest will sift through the evidence and determine what may be killing the elk. The aerial search ascends to 11,000 ft in search of fresh evidence that could lead to the creature; as the ground team scales the side of Pikes Peak to hunt for the legendary Snowbeast.
03:00 AM MonsterQuest: Mega Jaws
Sharks have terrified people for centuries and deep within the forbidding waters of Mexico's Baja Peninsula may lurk a mammoth sixty foot monster. Could it be a new giant species or some living relic, hidden in the sea? In prehistoric times, huge carnivorous sharks, more than twice the size of a great white, ruled the waves. Marine experts claim these giants went extinct, but evidence may challenge that. Meanwhile, frightened Mexican fisherman talk of being stalked by a "Black Demon"; and sailors report close collisions with a shark unlike anything that they have encountered before. In a search for answers, MonsterQuest uses a combined air and sea search for this monster shark that may be prowling the last unexplored frontier of our planet.
04:00 AM Informational Programming: Info-Documentaries.
Informational programming.
04:30 AM Informational Programming: Info-Documentaries.
Informational programming.
05:00 AM Informational Programming: Info-Documentaries.
Informational programming.
05:30 AM Informational Programming: Info-Documentaries.
Informational programming.
06:00 AM THC Classroom: Egypt: Engineering an Empire, Part 1
Twenty-five hundred years before the reign of Julius Caesar, the ancient Egyptians were deftly harnessing the power of engineering on an unprecedented scale. Egyptian temples, fortresses, pyramids and palaces forever redefined the limits of architectural possibility. They also served as a warning to all of Egypt's enemies-that the world's most advanced civilization could accomplish anything. This two-part special uses cinematic recreations and cutting-edge CGI to profile the greatest engineering achievements of ancient Egypt, and the pharaohs and architects who were behind them.
07:00 AM The Real West: The Johnson County War.
The bloody saga of the battle between the cattle barons and the homesteaders that raged in Wyoming in 1892. The cattle ranchers went on a rampage and hired mercenaries to kill anyone who stood in their way before the army was called in to restore order.
08:00 PM Decoding The Past: Mayan Doomsday Prophecy
The world is coming to an end on December 21, 2012! The ancient Maya made this stunning prediction more than 2,000 years ago. We'll peel back the layers of mystery and examine in detail how the Maya calculated the exact date of doomsday. Journey back to the ancient city of Chichen Itza, the hub of Maya civilization deep in the heart of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, to uncover the truth about this prophecy. The Maya were legendary astronomers and timekeepers--their calendar is more accurate than our own. By tracking the stars and planets they assigned great meaning to astronomical phenomena and made extraordinary predictions based on them--many of which have come true. Could their doomsday prophecy be one of them? In insightful interviews archaeologists, astrologers, and historians speculate on the meaning of the 2012 prophecy. Their answers are as intriguing as the questions.
11:00 PM Life After People: The Invaders
In a life after people, invasive animals and vines spread: pythons battle alligators, plants strip oxygen from lakes, and sandstorms invade Phoenix. Also, Shanghai sinks and Miami is submerged.

just seen an advertisment on bbc1 (20:00 18.05.09) saying they are airing the same thing, a major gloabal event on 25.05.09.
I have been through all the channel listings for all bbc channels on that day and there is nothing listed, getting stranger, why not list it?

so all you uk guys who dont have cable or sky, it will be aired on bbc????
even been through the sky planner for that day, nothing, but advert was just on before eastenders started, monday 18.05.09

if its nothing, then it is working, they got me intrigued, so i will be watching whatever it is
trawling through the bbc website, cant find anything?
this is the pic they were showing on bbc
they said
this would “Change how we think about ourselves”
I got given this info by a friend that got it from guidance.

I have a feeling that it’s a discovery that they are going to say is a old bible or something like a documentary, like the da vinci code style piece. I have a feeling that the information they found was ancient. I feel that it’s been verified scientifically. Something about.

Ice (discovered a book)
A book
civilisation - information on civilisation
trickster entities - working for the NWO

Something that gives proof over one religion over others. Brings destruction.

Demon entity - Christian believe system

If this is all true what was picked up from my friend then this is not good.
I wont make it too mutch of it! coming the BS mainstream

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