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November 8 – 15, 2009

Hello again, Beloved Lightworkers,

This week I want to talk about the need to stay centered within yourselves. There is a lot of information that is coming forth at this time that is creating a feeling of hopeful expectation amongst the Awakened Ones of the World. Know that your high state of expectation is creating a most positive effect upon the energies being played out upon the Earth. Every time one of you raises your frequency level in your disciplines, in the feelings of joy that you are experiencing, it creates a like energy that goes forth into your World and it is helping to awaken the people around you. There are more people now who are taking back their own power and sovereignty and questioning all that they hear or read and in order to do this, they must connect within themselves and as they do this, more Light is turned on within them! This is a very positive and exciting turn of events from our perspective.

Many people who would not even give a thought to the events that are occurring around them before and who did not question what they were told on the news media, are now feeling incredulous that they have been listening to stories that are not in fact true. People are becoming impatient with the coverage of the news that is being presented at this time. They are becoming more discerning and seeing the patterns of why and how these stories are presented. When they see their neighbor or relative forwarding emails to them questioning the necessity of being vaccinated for an illness that is not nearly as epidemic as touted by the media and even sending links to the so called ‘conspiracy’ websites, then Dear Ones, you know that a great Awakening is occurring all around you.

You it is who have walked that Path before them. Each of you went through a period of seeing past the illusions that were and still are, being constantly bombarded upon you, and you discovered a different story, a different perspective that made you feel very uncomfortable at first, as you began to realize that there has been so much happening in the World that is an entirely different scenario from what you had been able to perceive before. And you went through a process of denial at first, but finally you saw the new perspective as having some validity and you became adept at seeing this at work in the World around you to the point where you then had a choice…did you choose to lose yourself in the new thoughts and revelations and walk upon that Path, valiantly fighting against what you had discovered, or did you wisely understand that it is through a totally different way that the Light of understanding must be brought to the Earth and all Her people? I think each of you knows the answer to that question, for here you are at the forefront of Humanity, blazing trails of Light, of Love, of goodness and overcoming all that needs changing in this World through the power and intent of Love, of will to bring the Creator back into your lives and in this way, have done the greatest of Service to Humanity as well.

For many of you cannot even watch a movie without cringing at the violence and grossness depicted. You have moved so far into the Higher frequencies that it is difficult to partake or participate in these ‘entertainments’, for you see and understand that at their core, these ‘entertainments’ are really ‘entrainments’ that are conditioning you and your Brothers and Sisters to believe in a World of the lack of goodness, of decency, of integrity and you are making a choice to stay in the Higher frequencies by not partaking of these. In this way, Dear Ones, you have been standing in your Light and grounding it into the Earth, and creating the template of a better way, a better World, where Humanity is in touch with the goodness that they truly are within their hearts and Souls. By making this choice, you are creating powerful energies for change and Awakening those around you by not accepting what is presented for you as the truth, for you know the truth and it is setting you free and your Brothers and Sisters as well. You are powerful Creators and you are creating with Love and in a peaceful way.

This is how profound changes are occurring in your everyday World. By the choices each of you make each day, in each moment, knowing that your choice must always be in honor of the Divine Spark within you. Each of you have discovered the joy and simplicity that comes to you by always honoring your Higher Self, for in reality, there is nothing complex about being the Light that you truly are and always have been, all that is required is KNOWING YOURSELF. When One knows Oneself, there is no room for confusion or doubt. You simply do what must be done, and we see this in each of you. Each day, you know that you must align with the Light that you are to fortify you throughout your day as you go about the business of living in the World you have left behind in your consciousness. What is happening now, Beloved Ones, is that now, you are no longer walking a lonely Path, your Brothers and Sisters are starting upon their own Paths of awareness and Awakening and the torch you have carried for lifetimes is beginning to grow ever brighter now. Know that you are not alone. Each of you have a myriad of comrades walking with you and you have but to call upon them and they will be at your side in answer to your call.

We from the Higher realms of Light walk proudly with you for it is you who are now taking up the torch for a better way, a better World. And so it is, Beloved Ones.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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As usual, brilliant, Madaleine. See You at HOME Love, Virginia


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